ArdisLabs is becoming Nature Wins

After years of carrying the Ardis Labs brand name, we've decided to update our brand to better reflect our mission and values.

Moving forward, all our products will feature the new Nature Wins branding, starting with our Taurine supplement.


The All- Natural Candida, Bacteria, & Parasite Cleanse, All-In-One Formula!

Experience the ultimate restoration of your gut health with Bio-Defense, Crafted to alleviate bacteria, parasites, and candida.

The Other "N" Word - The Complete 3hr Nicotine Expose

In this complete 3-hour Nicotine expose, I explore the controversial topic of nicotine, challenging commonly held beliefs about its addictiveness and highlighting its potential benefits for health. I discuss the history of misinformation surrounding nicotine addiction and presents evidence suggesting that nicotine may have therapeutic effects.

Healing For The A.G.E.S. Conference

Get the full celebration of solutions that happened at Healing For The A.G.E.S. Over 20 hours of ground-breaking, life-changing, information you’ve never heard before, and can’t get anywhere else! Get access to all the session recordings, Q&As, and downloadable supporting assets!

Use promocode ARDIS at checkout for $50 off!

Join The Ardis Club Experience

ACE members get a 15% discount on most Nature Wins products (EDTA, Foreign Protein Cleanse, Copper and BioDefense are 5%) and FREE returns!

But that's not all. You will also get access to exclusive monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. and so much more! As a member, you'll be entitled to exclusive members only benefits and get access to exclusive members only content!  

Dr Ardis Speaking Schedule

If you have been wondering where Dr Ardis will be speaking at next, then this page is for you! We are excited to launch the official Dr Ardis Speaking Schedule page!

This new schedule page will help you keep up with when and where Dr Ardis will be speaking at next!

Looking For Healing Radio Show

Join Dr. Bryan Ardis and the Looking For Healing Radio hosts Nichola Burnett, Dr. Jana Schmidt, and Dr. Henry Ealy as they unapologetically promote medicine as God intended, 100% natural, and with a whole lot of love! Weekdays at 11a ET!!

Listen to, Laugh with, and Learn from experts in the practice of Natural Medicine.

Foreign Protein Cleanse

Welcome to the future of advanced nutraceuticals!

Formulated by Dr. Ed Group and Dr. Bryan Ardis, Foreign Protein Cleanse is a potent cleansing formula containing advanced ingredients. This product targets and detoxes spike proteins in the body, which can disrupt the body's natural inflammatory response.

The Explosive Truth, Origin, and Antidote for C19

Watch this explosive interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis and Jason Shurka exposing the truth, origin, and unexpected antidote for C19 that ravaged the world.

 Share this interview far and wide to reach the world.

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