Episode 06.05.2024 - EMF's, Bird Flu, and Elon Musk AI Warnings with Clay Clark


This episode is a conversation revolved around the future of humanity and AI, with Dr. Ardis highlighting the importance of understanding the relationship between the human brain and AI. Clay Clark and Dr. Ardis discussed various technological advancements and their potential risks to national security, including artificial intelligence, gene editing, and brain control weapons. Dr. Ardis and Clay Clark discussed the recent bird flu outbreak, emphasizing the effectiveness of natural remedies in curing the virus. The conversation also touched on the potential health risks associated with cell phone radiation and EMFs, with Dr. Ardis emphasizing the importance of grounding oneself to neutralize their deadly effects.


bird flu, cell phone, technology, people, weapons, world economic forum, dna, brain, years, electromagnetic frequencies, birds, audiences, cure, cells, klaus schwab


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