Foreign Protein Cleanse (2oz)
Foreign Protein Cleanse (2oz)
Foreign Protein Cleanse (2oz)
Foreign Protein Cleanse (2oz)

Foreign Protein Cleanse (2oz)

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Healthy Spike Response


Welcome to the future of advanced nutraceuticals! We bring you a groundbreaking innovation. We proudly announce the next generation of rapid delivery, enhanced bioavailability supplementation with our raw, energy-enhanced, cold-processed Acoustic BioSomal Technology™! Over 25 years of research and development brings you an advanced technology that is more effective and bioavailable than standard Liposomal products on the market.

Formulated by Dr. Ed Group and Dr. Bryan Ardis, Foreign Protein Cleanse is a potent cleansing formula containing advanced ingredients. This product targets and detoxes spike proteins in the body, which can disrupt the body's natural inflammatory response. This complete blend is particularly useful for individuals experiencing persistent symptoms often linked to bioweapon-based ongoing health challenges. By working from the inside out, Foreign Protein Cleanse aims to enhance immunity, improve respiratory health, and support a balanced inflammatory response.

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Why Did Dr. Ardis Formulate FOREIGN PROTEIN CLEANSE?

This is EXACTLY why!

Summer of 2021, University of Arizona discovered that the number one thing causing deaths to those with COVID-19 was a high amount of a snake venom protein in the patients bloodstream that was 20X higher than they had ever seen in a human before… the snake venom protein is called ‘snake venom Phospholipase A2’, sPLA2 for short. This is the article…

Italy researcher Carlo Brogna et al, published finding 36 different animal venoms in COVID-19 ONLY positive patients blood and feces.. many of which were confirmed with DNA testing to be Phospholipase A2 venom proteins. Here is the study, reference table 1 and the Protein column in each chart.

This venom protein/enzyme is published to be the cause of multiple organ failure and death in COVID-19 patients and sufferers. Each of the ingredients in this FOREIGN PROTEIN CLEANSE are published antidotes to this very dangerous and toxic snake venom protein called Phospholipase A2.

Wildcrafted Lobelia

This plant contains nutrients like nicotine to assist in protecting cells from venom spike proteins from causing injury and harm. Lobelia supports respiratory health by helping airways stay open and promoting optimal lung function. It also enhances breathing and soothes discomfort. Study confirming Nicotine from Tobacco Plants blocks deadly effects of snake venom Phospholipase A2.

Organic Licorice

Licorice has an ingredient in it called Glycyrrhizin Acid which is published to prevent blood clotting caused by venom proteins! Licorice is also known for its immune-supporting properties, contributing to a resilient immune system. Its soothing effects on the digestive system also indirectly boost overall immune health by promoting gut well-being. Here is published study confirming the incredible benefit of Licorice Root and blood clotting and snake venom Phospholipase A2.

Wildcrafted Wormwood

Wormood is an herb that mimicks the exact same action as Ivermectin. It is an antiparasitic herb and also is an herb that helps protect cells from the spike proteins and venoms from attaching to nicotine receptors called alpha 7 nACHR receptors. Wormwood is traditionally used to assist the body's natural response in regulating inflammation. Its properties promote comfort and overall well-being by maintaining a balanced inflammatory equilibrium.

Cinnamon Cassia

Did you know that inside of cinnamon is a substance called Coumarin. And that coumarin was the substance in nature that drug companies isolated from Cinnamon, and other plants like Tonka Beans, and called the substance COUMADIN, the prescription blood thinner. Coumarin is natures antidote to blood thickening and blood clotting, even the blood clotting caused by Foreign Venomous Spike Proteins. Derived from the bark of the Cinnamomum cassia tree, Cinnamon Cassia is a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants support the body's defense against oxidative stress and free radicals. Coumarin in Cinnamon Helps Heal from Snake Venom Phospholipase A2 study:

Mucuna Extract

Mucuna Prureins is a plant whose components have long been known to help bind to and destroy and detox snake venoms and other venoms from the human body including Phospholipase A2! Mucuna Extract supports neurological health by aiding dopamine production. This natural compound promotes mood balance and cognitive function, contributing to overall mental well-being. Here is confirming study of Mucuna Extract positive effects on snake venoms:

Organic Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is published to have antiviral properties, and remember, ALL viruses are by definition, FOREIGN PROTEINS. Either enveloped or non-enveloped proteins. Here is a study confirming Lemon Balm protects even against the flu virus being able to replicate… “the findings of the study showed that lemon balm essential oil could inhibit influenza virus replication through different replication cycle steps”

Organic Turmeric Turmeric has long been known for its published Liver detoxing benefits, but did you know it is a published antidote to snake venoms?! The Gaurdian published this article discussing both Mucuna Prureins and Turmeric as plant based antidotes to snake venom bites!


Snake venom proteins like Phospholipase A2 bind to our cells and block Acetylcholine from sending signals and information to the next cells in our body. Venomous Spike Proteins bind to nicotine receptors in every cell of our human body and when that happens, the venoms block Acetylcholine from communicating with any other cells. While the Lobelia and Nicotine Agents like patches and gums help to release the venomous spike proteins, Citicoline provides the much-needed nutrient Acetylcholine to improve communication between all cells in your body to keep it functioning optimally! That effects how our brain thinks, operates, remembers, and how the brain controls. Check this out…”A growing body of research shows that the acetylcholine system also participates in modulating inflammatory responses, regulating contraction and mucus secretion of respiratory tracts, and influencing the metastasis and invasion of lung cancer. In addition, the susceptibility and severity of respiratory tract infections caused by pathogens such as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) can also correlate with the regulation of the acetylcholine system.”

Supercharged C60

Both Supercharged C-60TM molecules and the Regular C60 molecules are made up of cyclic (ring) structures that are commonplace throughout the natural world. Supercharged C-60TM “molecules” come in distinct individual molecules populated by “as many as 10 million carbon atoms on each molecule”. This presents a vastly larger number of carbon atoms available vs the mere 60 carbon atoms of the simple Regular C60 molecule. Supercharged C60: Many of those who have been injected report disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. Supercharged C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. Supercharged C60 is recommended to neutralize spike protein, disrupt elicrical circuitry of nanotech, and detoxify graphene oxide.

Cu1 (Cuprous Nicotinic Acid)

Copper is the number one mineral that is chelated or removed from our cells when the cells are exposed to venoms, glyphosate, and viruses. Copper deficiency in our cells creates several major issues: Your cells can no longer manufacture energy called ATP leading to Chronic Fatigue Scenarios, Iron Toxicity in your cells, (incorrectly diagnosed as Anemia), which is the cause of most human diseases today and the cells in your body without copper cannot manufacture Hydrogen Peroxide to fight off venoms, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites! Copper proven, that it “can eliminate pathogenic organisms such as coronavirus, bacterial strains, influenza virus, HIV, and fungi after a short period of exposure.” Snake venoms deplete Copper from cells and flood it into your blood/serum, spike proteins are venom proteins thus have the same effect in the body as if you got bit by a venomous creature.

Super Concentrated Liquid Gold

Studies have proven that when venom is introduced by injection or fang or stinger, that Gold Nanoparticles will bind to the venom proteins and reduce their toxicity and deadly effects and help the human body detox the venoms! Bye Bye venomous spike proteins! Study confirming the protective nature of Nanogold Particles neutralizing Snake Venoms in the body!


  • 5
    excellent product

    Posted by Dee Kranz on Feb 17th 2024

    highly recommend. I felt better when I take this.. Have not had the shots but exposed to those who have and experienced shedding. Works_

  • 5
    Foreign Protein Cleanse

    Posted by Tuesday Lobert on Jan 26th 2024

    Although this is not medicine, the old saying "medicine doesn't have to taste good to work", fits this product very well. It has a strong taste that takes a few minutes to go away. I will continue to take it to make sure any foreign proteins are removed from my blood, cells, body. Thank you Dr. Ardis and team. God bless you all for standing strong and helping us stay healthy.

  • 5
    Foreign Protein Cleanse

    Posted by Kathleen Davis on Jan 25th 2024

    I have used this product every day, and tolerate it well. Since the taste is not good, I followed your suggestion of putting it in a gelatin capsule and that works like a charm. I trust this product will help keep my body clean and free of foreign proteins/contaminants.

  • 5
    Foreign Protein Cleanse

    Posted by Sally Eckert on Jan 24th 2024

    What a wonderful product this is, with all the complements contained in it! I love it for the nutrition and also for the convenience! One of the AGES said that he puts the dropperful into a capsule so he doesn't taste it, but I don't find the flavor objectionable. I wouldn't want to drink a quantity, but a dropperful isn't bad at all. I don't mind a little bitterness, which often adds a nice touch to curry blends. It would be nice to know if the nicotine in the dropper serving is equivalent to 2mg (as with most of the gums).

  • 4
    Foreign Protein Cleanse

    Posted by Ursula on Jan 20th 2024

    The product works! But it’s the worst tasting supplement to date

  • 5
    Excellent Product!

    Posted by Marjorie on Jan 17th 2024

    I take the Foreign Protein Cleanse every day - it gives me a lot of confidence in dealing with the shedding. I was happily surprised at how easy it is to put the drops into an empty capsule to avoid the bitter taste. :) :)

  • 5
    Foreign Protein Cleanse Detox Wonder!

    Posted by Melinda on Jan 13th 2024

    Okay to be honest, the first several days on this I was a train wreck...I couldn't wake up, couldn't get out of bed, and basically felt like I had a horrible flu (except that I didn't). After days 5 and 6, I started feeling a little better. On day 8 or 9 I had a case of night sweats and crazy weird dreams, then woke up feeling like a million bucks. Same thing the next morning. All my energy is back and THEN SOME. I can't remember the last time I felt this good!! I'm definitely staying on this and definitely ordering more. Just prepare yourself for some serious detox herx effects lol.

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel Binkley on Jan 4th 2024

    I feel the need to provide some context for how this product has been so beneficial for me. I have been vaccine injured pretty much my entire life, I have had absolutely debilitating migraines ever since I was 3 years old along with other neurological symptoms. I have had countless tests, Image scans, been passed around from one neurologist to the next, was prescribed so many "migraine" medications, anti-seizure medications, blood pressure medications, all with no relief whatsoever from the frequency or level of pain. Actually those toxic medications made me feel worse. the image scans of my brain always said everything was "normal", no abnormalities whatsoever. No doctor could end up helping me, so I stopped going to them because I was tired of them doing the same tests and prescribing me the same meds, never addressing the root cause of the problem or wanting to find it out. Fast forward awhile from my childhood I ended up joining the Army (I was still deceived about vaccines being good for you at that time, I believed the doctors that told me they were safe, and was pumped full of 30 plus "vaccines" over the course of 3 and a half years including anthrax shots among many others) my migraines got even worse which is saying something but I never suspected at that time that it was from "vaccines", I just blindly trusted "medical professionals" that told me that they were safe, no informed consent from those "Army Doctors" as well. Combat MOS's (which I had) were injected like cattle. So much evil has been done to those in our military that have sacrificed so much. Fast forward up to about 3 years ago I knew something horrible was going on in peoples bodies that received the covid shots because I was being EXTREMELY affected by "shedding", I literally couldn't go anywhere without suffering the harmful effects afterwards. I ended up having multiple TIA's, ICU visits, Ambulance rides, and the worst migraines I have ever had in my life (LORD please take me now type of pain). I tried to warn so many people about these bioweapons falsely referred to as "covid vaccines" because I knew for a FACT that they were causing harm because I was suffering greatly from them and I DIDN'T EVEN RECIEVE ANY OF THEM! I haven't received a shot of any kind in over 8 years because, PRAISE GOD! I woke up to the dangers of ALL "vaccines", and I've been trying to detox from them ever since. You cannot inject thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, polysorbate 80, and formaldehyde into loved ones bodies and it not cause harmful effects, and that's just the adjuvants. Anyways, I knew "shedding" was going on right off the bat, for whatever reason I am highly sensitive to it, (probably from all the toxins I was injected with in the Army) I didn't know at the time what was being "shed" but I knew it was causing harm. I have shook hands with people I care about and have had TIA's afterwards. Then by God's Grace, I came across Dr. Ardis a couple years ago and have been following him ever since, and I went to and ordered a lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 and D-Dimer blood test. I tried to get doctors at the ER to order those tests for me after I was stroking out and they refused to order them for me saying "they were not medically necessary" (I didn't realize then I could fire those doctors or I would have been firing doctors left and right and requesting someone else who actually cared ;) I guess they assumed that because I'm only 37 years old there was no way I would be having blood clots or they were told not to request those tests. Anyways, when I got the results back, I had HIGH levels of LP-PLA2 and my D-Dimer was almost high for my age (if I'm interpreting that correctly) but anyways it proved my blood was clotting and breaking down clots and explained the TIA's (I've been trying to detox for years and have taken so many beneficial things, I've gone to chiropractors for years after I got out of the Army and have been getting Vitamin C and Glutathione infusions for months before I got my blood tested and I still had HIGH levels of LP-PLA2). I ordered the foreign protein cleanse as soon as it came out and have been waiting awhile to see how it worked. The first 3 days I took it I felt like death because my body was detoxing HARD! I expected that though, an uncomfortable but necessary process. After that I went about 36 days without a migraine ( I can't remember a 1 month stretch in my entire life that I didn't have a migraine), It was so refreshing to not be in pain for an extended amount of time when I've known pain all my life. When you address the root cause of the problem, then healing takes place. If you are just treating the symptoms then the root cause of the problem never gets fixed, I've learned that the hard way. I can finally go out places now and not suffer debilitating effects as long as I take this product afterwards. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you Dr. Ardis and Dr. Group! There is no doubt in my mind you care about others and want to help people. Thank you for all the time you have sacrificed to try to help educating the world on the evil that has taken place and developing products that are actually beneficial unlike toxic synthetic pharmaceuticals. Thank you for actually providing informed consent on your products unlike most medical doctors that give you prescriptions without even knowing the ingredients of the drugs. I pray this information is helpful in some way to other people, this stuff works! I can't end this without giving Glory to my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ! I thank God for you Dr. Ardis, you are a blessing to me and I know many others as well! God bless you!

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    Amazing Results

    Posted by April H on Jan 4th 2024

    I put 1ml in about 2oz of orange juice and shoot it down, as the taste is pretty intense without something to help camo it. But, I gladly drink it twice daily because of how fantastic I feel after only using it for 3 days now. My sinuses and lungs are clearing of mucous, and I can breath so easily now. My body feels energetic and inflammation is leaving my joints and intestinal area. My mind is becoming settled with an amazing sense of well-being. All brain fog is disappearing, and my mental clarity has sharpened significantly already. This product does exactly what it was made to do. I am beyond grateful for it!