Episode 06.26.2024 - National Black Cancer Awareness Week with Silk of the Dynamic Duo Diamond and Silk


In this episode of The Dr. Ardis Show, Dr. Bryan Ardis is joined by the incredible Silk of the dynamic duo Diamond and Silk. Known for their outspoken advocacy and unwavering commitment to truth, Diamond and Silk have made a significant impact with their bold voices in the realm of political and social issues. Silk continues to carry the torch following her sister Diamond's passing, staying true to their mission of saving America.

Silk shares insights into her journey, the origins of the Diamond and Silk Show, and the passionate dedication they have for their cause. She discusses her ongoing work on the Diamond and Silk Chit Chat Live Show, airing on Lindell TV, and her determination to honor Diamond's legacy.

In this special episode, recorded during Black Cancer Awareness Week, Dr. Ardis and Silk delve into the critical topic of cancer within the African-American community. They explore recent FDA announcements and present statistical data, aiming to educate and raise awareness about this pressing health issue. Dr. Ardis discusses the immense funding received by organizations like the American Cancer Society, yet their ongoing inability to pinpoint cancer causes or cures. Silk emphasizes the importance of exploring alternative treatments and the need to move beyond perpetual studies, particularly focusing on how the black community is disproportionately affected by cancer.

Dr. Ardis and Silk also highlight the staggering statistics showing higher cancer death rates among African-Americans and the systemic issues contributing to these disparities. They call out the exploitation of the black community for studies while pointing to effective existing treatments being censored or ignored.

Tune in for an engaging and heartfelt conversation as Dr. Ardis and Silk tackle important health and political topics, offering a blend of personal anecdotes, expert insights, and a shared commitment to making a difference.


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