Episode 06.19.2024 - Healing the whole person with Dr. Margaret Christensen


In this week's episode of The Dr. Ardis Show, Dr. Bryan Ardis sits down with Dr. Margaret Christensen who is passionate about helping her clients create health through treating the root cause of illness and hormone imbalance. A challenging personal health journey led her to the science based, whole systems approach of Functional Medicine where she is passionate about educating clients on how to heal the whole person.

Dr Christensen is also hosting an online event this week. Designed to empower you to take control of your own body, awaken your inner healer, and make informed decisions about your health, this event offers a comprehensive view of hormones and the direct link between hormonal dysregulation, neurologic and autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular conditions, anxiety, depression, severe stress, brain fog, fatigue and more.

Expert speakers at this event will be sharing the latest findings on the damage caused by the spike protein – not just from the coronavirus itself but also from the vaccine – and provide strategies for reversal through detoxification, gut healing, anti-inflammatory diets and advanced therapeutics. They will also dive into the crucial role of mindset, mindfulness and brain retraining in balancing and restoring the gut-brain axis and its hormone/immune connections.

Hormonal Havoc: The COVID Fallout and How to Fix It is online and FREE from June 17 - June 23, 2024. Sign up here:


Find out more about Dr. Margaret Christensen here: https://carpathiacollaborative.com/team/dr-margaret-christensen/


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