Episode 05.15.2024 - Interview with Melissa Keen and Graith Care


The episode delves into patient advocacy and medical freedom through personal stories. Priscilla Roman and Dr. Ardis share experiences of aiding individuals globally, connecting patients with supportive medical professionals. They discuss alternative medicine, such as using nicotine patches for health benefits and addressing chronic illnesses. There's a focus on the importance of understanding palliative care and advocating for patients' rights within healthcare systems. The discussion extends to vaccine choice, natural birth, and the role of advocacy in navigating medical challenges. Dr. Ardis emphasizes the significance of empowering patients and promoting natural health remedies amidst pharmaceutical industry influences. Overall, the episode advocates for informed decision-making and supportive healthcare practices.


life, hospital, people, palliative care, nicotine, learning, care, lied, protocols, advocate, doctor, individual, research, team, drug


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