Episode 05.08.2024 - Are you allergic? Food Allergies with Dr. Ealy


In this podcast episode, Dr. Henry Ealy and Dr. Brian Ardis discuss the impact of food allergies on health. Dr. Ealy shares his personal experience with delayed food allergies and the surprising results of a delayed food allergy test. They emphasize the importance of understanding symptoms and making dietary changes based on test results. The episode covers the difference between immediate and delayed food allergies, the symptoms they can cause, and the importance of accurate testing methods like Eliza antibody testing. Dr. Ardis also shares insights into using food logs to identify migraine triggers and the potential link between delayed food allergies and chronic health issues like sinusitis and ear infections. Overall, the episode highlights the significance of recognizing and addressing food allergies for better health outcomes.


food allergies, delayed, seizure, symptoms, food, diet, antibody, test, body, headaches, migraine, food allergy testing


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