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ArdisLabs Magnesium Complex (120 Count)

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Ingredients - What is in it?

Ingredient List:

    • Magnesium 400 mg (as magnesium citrate, magnesium aspartate, and magnesium malate)

Why does Dr. Ardis, D.C. recommend Magnesium?

Magnesium (Mg) is a mineral found in the soil and in many plants, and magnesium plays a part in over 300 crucial roles in the human body. Such as supporting muscles (including the heart), nerve function and energy production. Here are just a few of the health benefits from supplementing Magnesium daily and a few of the scientifically backed reasons why Dr. Ardis recommends supplementing Magnesium daily for life!

Research Links

The proof - read some of what Dr. Ardis, D.C. has studied to come to this recommendation.


Studies show that 48% of people with type 2 Diabetes have low blood levels of magnesium, which impairs the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels effectively.

Research also indicates that people who consume more magnesium have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Magnesium supplementation significantly reduces the fasting plasma glucose.

Another Study found that magnesium supplementation helps enhance insulin sensitivity which is a key factor involved in blood sugar control. Insulin helps control the amount of sugar in the blood. With insulin resistance, the body's cells don't respond normally to insulin. Glucose can't enter the cells as easily, so it builds up in the blood. This can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. Magnesium helps maintain healthy insulin production!


Magnesium plays an important role in keeping your heart healthy and strong!

Studies show that magnesium supplements can help lower high blood pressure levels, which may be a risk factor for heart disease. A review found that magnesium supplements improved multiple risk factors for heart disease, including triglyceride, LDL (bad) cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol, and systolic blood pressure levels.

Another review linked high magnesium intake to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure!


Migraine headaches often cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Researchers believe that people with migraines are more likely than others to have a magnesium deficiency. One of the main roles of Mg is to conserve neurons' electric potential. Therefore, magnesium deficiency can cause neurological complications. Migraines are usually related to low amounts of Mg in blood and cerebrospinal fluid.

An experiment was conducted on people with migraines using magnesium. The study showed that magnesium supplementation significantly decreased the severity of the pain at three intervals.


Magnesium has been shown to help fight inflammation by reducing inflammatory markers such as CRP and interleukin-6.

11 studies concluded that magnesium supplements decreased levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, in people with chronic inflammation. Magnesium supplements have a beneficial role as an adjuvant for the management of low-grade chronic systemic inflammation.

Other studies report similar findings, showing that magnesium supplements may reduce CRP and other markers of inflammation, such as interleukin-6. This meta-analysis suggests that Mg supplementation significantly reduces serum CRP level.,76483,0,2.html


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is one of the most common conditions in female-bodied people of childbearing age. It often causes symptoms such as water retention, abdominal cramps, tiredness, and irritability

One study found that taking 250 mg of magnesium per day helped decrease bloating, depression, and anxiety in 126 women with PMS compared with a control group


Two studies found magnesium's effect on anxiety. The first study done on 3,172 adults found increased magnesium daily intake was associated with a lower risk of depression and anxiety. Another study found that taking 248 mg of magnesium per day, for just 6 weeks, significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety!

Research suggests that magnesium deficiency may increase your body’s susceptibility to stress, which may amplify symptoms of anxiety.


Magnesium plays a critical role in brain function and mood, and low levels of mg are linked to an increased risk of depression. In fact, an analysis of data from more than 8,800 people found that those under age 65 with the lowest magnesium intake had a 22% greater risk of depression.

Another magnesium study showed that taking 500 mg of magnesium daily led to significant improvements in symptoms of depression in people with a deficiency in this mineral!

Dr. Ardis’s Personal Note:

I have a personal formula I use to determine my own Magnesium intake daily. This is the formula I believe every human should consider to determine daily Magnesium intake daily, forever.  

Take your weight in pounds= __?__

Divide your weight in pounds, by 2.2 lbs =__?__

Multiply that number by 10.6 mg= __?__ (This is the total mg of Magnesium you should consume daily for life…)

Example formulation: If my weight in pounds is 200 pounds.

Then: 200 lbs/2.2 lbs X 10.6 mg = 963 mg of Mg /Day

Where does ArdisLabs source its ingredients?

At ArdisLabs we are committed to healing the body naturally. True to that mission we only use sources in each of our supplements that meet our high standards for purity. We use sources from around the world. Depending on the ingredient these can be sourced from Asia, Europe, and even Africa. We bring these bulk ingredients to our facility in Texas where they are mixed into specific formulas developed by Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C.. Each formula must earn his approval before it is processed and made ready to be sold.

We use non-gmo ingredients. We use vegan, kosher and sustainably sourced ingredients. Rest assured that every supplement we offer has been tested, scrutinized, and used by our team. We believe in it so much that we use them ourselves. Our children, our families use these products. We know they are safe.

If you have specific questions about a particular supplement, look for the icons on each product page that will let you know if the supplement is non-gmo, vegan, gluten free, or kosher. If you have questions please reach out to our team at


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  • 5
    Very good product

    Posted by C Watson on Sep 13th 2022

    I’ve been taking for a little over 1 month and am starting to notice a difference in sleep and restless legs.

  • 5
    Magnesium Complex

    Posted by Mary Noon on Aug 27th 2022

    Best Magnesium I've come across. Thank you.

  • 3
    Magnesium Complex

    Posted by Carolyn Hecker on May 27th 2022

    I’ve been taking Ardis Mag Complex for roughly 2 years, I couldn’t tell you if it’s helped me or not.

  • 5

    Posted by Bridget Baert on May 10th 2022

    This product is the best I have ever bought of this kind. Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Susan Renkes on May 4th 2022

    Love all your products and all you are doing for all the people!!! Thank you

  • 5
    Magnesium Complex

    Posted by Leslie on Apr 21st 2022

    Very happy with this product. Wish I knew about the benefits of magnesium earlier in life.

  • 5

    Posted by Bridget Baert on Apr 7th 2022

    I was looking for a good product and found a great product in Dr Ardis's magnesium. Thank you.

  • 5
    Magnesium Comples

    Posted by Polly on Mar 23rd 2022

    I have taken this every day for restless legs and muscle cramps for the past 3 months. Works wonderfully! This is the best solution I have found!

  • 5
    Magnesium Complex

    Posted by Ce on Mar 22nd 2022

    Feel confident with quality of product.