Episode 12.27.2023 - New Zealand Attorney Sue Grey and Dr Ardis Talk NZ Excess Deaths


In this video, Dr. Ardis interviews New Zealand attorney and freedom fighter, Sue Grey, discussing various aspects related to the COVID-19 pandemic, government corruption, and their efforts to fight for freedom in New Zealand.

They start by talking about the real target of the pandemic and shocking statistics related to COVID-19's impact. Sue Grey shares her experiences, including suing the Prime Minister of New Zealand and working with Dr. Ardis on lawsuits against other world leaders. They also discuss peaceful protests and police brutality in New Zealand, particularly a violent police attack on peaceful protesters and the success of the "River Freedom" event in ending a job mandate.

The conversation shifts to vaccine injuries and government secrecy in New Zealand, including a whistleblower collecting vaccine records. Dr. Ardis questions the government's motives for keeping this information secret.

They discuss government secrecy and whistleblower arrests in New Zealand, highlighting transparency issues and a man's arrest for releasing data on excess mortality rates.

The video then delves into COVID-19 vaccine injuries and suppression of medical professionals in New Zealand, discussing how doctors are silenced for discussing COVID-19 treatments.

They also touch upon COVID-19's impact on different racial groups in New Zealand and the US, discussing disparities in hospitalization and death rates.

Dr. Ardis raises questions about data discrepancies and audience reactions when discussing race-related statistics. The conversation continues with discussions on COVID-19, diabetes, and pandemics, highlighting the higher risk for diabetics and certain racial groups.

Finally, they talk about COVID-19 vaccine safety, personal experiences, a petition in Parliament, and their commitment to supporting the Maori people and fighting government tyranny. Sue Gray expresses her willingness to help strategize and support causes without becoming a politician.


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