Episode 11.27.2023 - Nurse Practitioner Month


In this episode, Dr. Ardis and guest Priscilla Romans discuss various topics related to nursing, healthcare, vaccines, and patient advocacy. They start by celebrating nurses and their crucial role in healthcare, highlighting different nursing specialties and education levels. They also discuss the challenges in nursing education and the impact of vaccine mandates on nurses' autonomy.

Dr. Ardis expresses concerns about the flu shot and encourages nurses to stand up for their rights regarding vaccination mandates. They delve into the underpayment of nurses and the frustration nurses experience with pediatric vaccination schedules.

A significant part of the conversation focuses on vaccine ingredients and safety concerns, including a discussion on the hepatitis B vaccine and its potential links to autoimmune disorders.

The speakers promote various products and resources related to health and immunity. They also share stories of patients advocating for themselves during childbirth and in the healthcare system, emphasizing the importance of patient advocacy.


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