Episode 11.20.2023 - Premature Births - Leading Cause of Death For Children Under 5


In this episode, Dr. Ardis and Dr. Jim Thorpe discuss various topics related to pregnancy, COVID-19 vaccines, gene editing, and health practices.

Dr. Ardis expresses frustration with the promotion of COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women, while Dr. Jim Thorpe joins to talk about prematurity and fertility, marking World Prematurity Day on November 17. They discuss their concerns about COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy, with Dr. Thorpe being a vocal critic. They also mention a documentary called "Shot Dead" that sheds light on the mistreatment of pregnant women in the sports industry.

Medical freedom and whistleblowing are discussed, along with accusations of medical malpractice and vaccine suppression. Dr. Ardis and a speaker share their personal experiences and emphasize the importance of the documentary "Shot Dead."

Dr. Ardis discusses the dangers of blue light from technology and its impact on gene editing, along with the benefits of red light therapy for various diseases. They discuss COVID-19 vaccine injuries, pregnancy testing, and the FDA's concerns about vaccine injuries. Dr. Ardis questions Pfizer's release of pregnancy outcome data from vaccine trials.

There are accusations of pharmaceutical companies hiding vaccine injury data, criticism of the CDC's vaccine safety monitoring systems, and recommendations for pregnant individuals to focus on restoring their immune system with vitamins and supplements.

Dr. Jim Thorpe recommends preconception consultation with a maternal-fetal medicine doc, creating a living document with pregnancy recommendations, and warns against blindly trusting science and medicine, advocating for natural remedies and faith in God for health and wellness.


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