Episode 10.30.2023 - Healthy Skin


In this episode, Dr. Ardis discusses various skin conditions and their treatments during National Healthy Skin Month. He mentions that 1 in 4 Americans has a medically diagnosed skin disorder, and he plans to provide suggestions and hope for those struggling with skin disorders.

Dr. Ardis discusses the possible underlying causes of skin conditions, such as Candida overgrowth in the bowels. He provides recommendations for treating common skin disorders through topical treatments and dietary changes. Additionally, Dr. Ardis talks about parasite testing and treatment for dermatitis and advises avoiding alcohol and restricting sugar intake. He believes that conditions like rosacea and lupus are caused by infections in the spleen, which detox parasites and toxins.For lupus and rosacea patients, Dr. Ardis recommends an anti-Candida diet and offers a discount code for a parasite stool test. He also suggests natural remedies for psoriasis and eczema, such as anti-parasitic methods, tea tree oil-based soap, and dietary changes.

The video also covers natural remedies for acne and hormonal balance, hives, fungal nail infections, warts, and cold sores. Dr. Ardis recommends specific treatments and dietary changes for each of these conditions.

Throughout the video, Dr. Ardis emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing underlying causes and offers various natural remedies for various skin conditions.


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Hi everybody. I'm Dr. Bryan Ardis. This is the Doctor Ardis show. Did you guys know this is National Healthy Skin month full. I'm gonna do a whole presentation here today on all the various most common skin conditions. If you know anybody or love anybody that has skin conditions, you should pay attention to the show. After the commercial break. We'll get into all that. However, I hope you guys have had a great weekend. Hope you had a great week. I've actually been in Toronto, Canada, I've been in Washington State. I've been in Chicago at the Trinity Health Expo, Washington State at the Great Awakening Northwest awakening event there was Mike Terry and others like to thank all those organizations for having us there. If you're able to tune into those events that was phenomenal. If not go back and actually find those. Anyway, I hope you guys are all blessed. And I hope you're having a great week. And let's see if we can bring some answers, excitement, reality and hope to those struggling with skin conditions and national Skin Health Month. We'll be right back after these messages.

Hi, everybody. I'm Dr. Ardis as the Dr. Ardis show we're so excited to have you here. Like I mentioned before the break we are today doing a presentation on National Healthy Skin month. Did you know as National Healthy Skin month, I didn't either. Alright, so what we did is put together a presentation showcasing the most common skin conditions that Americans deal with. And before I even get into that, did you know that skin disorders only represent 1.7% of all medical conditions and diseases worldwide. Many believe that skin conditions only represent 1.7% of the whole world's medical diagnosis and conditions. You know what I find staggering.

One out of every four Americans have a skin disorder. I don't know if you guys know how to do the math, but one in four is 25%. So 25% of all United States citizens born in this illustrious country, the least healthy country in the world, by the way, has 25% of our citizens with a medically diagnosed skin disorder. So this represents 25% of the people in America. There's 330 million supposedly Americans right now. And if that is true, that would mean there's about 80 million skin disorders in this country, individuals struggling with it. Alright, so if you don't have skin disorders, you better pay attention to the show because you gotta go share it with other people. Because we're gonna give you some really cool suggestions, I believe in real hope in relationship to these disorders. So this 22 minute segment is being brought to you by mypillow.com Go to mypillow.com Put in the promo code or discount code, DOCTOR. At checkout, it's becoming the holiday periods. It's fall to get some blankets, pillows, mattress toppers, you name it, go to mypillow.com Get those and use the discount code DOCTOR at checkout you'll get additional savings for these gifts you're looking to buy. And they have everything slippers towels, my favorite thing to use from them as towels. I use them every single day I love. Alright, and then also brighteonstore.com Mike Adams is platform use the same discount code DOCTOR at checkout at brighteonstore.com. And then also graithcare.com I just have to share with you is a pretty phenomenal testimonial that was given to me this week by Priscilla Romans, the CEO of Graith Care. I do triple A consults, which stands for Ardis advocacy advice. Each week I do about four video consults, where I read through the medical histories and take forms and medical diagnosis and medical histories. And then I give my recommendations for a three to six month action plan of how to restore your health. Well this week we got an incredible testimonial back within just three or four months of my actual video consult. There was a husband who was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. This is cartilage and hardening of their lungs. That per the medical profession states these individuals have to have a lung transplant eventually there is no cure. Even with medical scans and tests. Their medical doctors have confirmed their pulmonologist have confirmed this pulmonary fibrosis has been completely reversed. He's been cured. And it is a miraculous event for the family. The CEO Priscilla Romans of graithcare.com was super excited to share that back with me. As these reports keep coming in of the amazing successes and miracles that are coming. These reinforces the miraculous healing ability of the immune system which God gave us. God is all knowing all powerful and you put all that knowingness and knowledge into our bodies he created and they self govern. They actually know how to heal themselves just gotta get out of the way. Get the crap out of Body, get the crap out of your environment, cut the crap that you're eating out of your diet and watch the body heal. You haven't been convinced yet that we're being lied to medically all around the world, you soon will be most likely. That's alright. Alright, so those are the sponsors for this segment, it's time to get into our my presentation. Alright, so I hope you didn't just eat some of these pictures. This is going to be like a pop up picture book presentation. And as I go through each of these most common, there's 30 of them. Most common skin disorders, I'm going to show the names and I'm gonna show images of what they look like. While they're on the screen. I'm going to talk you through what I would do to actually reverse those conditions and start healing from those conditions. If there's any of these that I don't think I know an answer, I will tell you what I would do anyway, just to start the process to see if we can make improvements to have healthy skin by Dr. Brian Ardis. All right, what you see on the screen is a baby and a grown man. And they have a skin condition called seborrhoeic. dermatitis poor baby, obviously, this poor guy. All right, so boric dermatitis, what do we know about seborrhoeic dermatitis? We know it looks like that. We also know it's considered an autoimmune disease. And I know they even say they're not sure there's a cure for this, nor do they know what causes it. Now, I will just speak to this. If a person now just say no, I'm gonna go through 30 skin diseases, you are going to hear very similar recommendations for many of them. That's because the skin can only have so many symptoms. There's not a billion different things that can go wrong with the skin. There's only so many things, it can get sweaty, it can create a blister, it can actually burn, it can actually create a rash, dryness, who's sebum, acne. I mean, there's only so many things you could do, right, red pustules, scaly blisters, I mean, there's only so many things that can do. So a lot of these look identical, actually, when you look at these diseases, and I find it amazing that medical doctors can actually come up with a diagnosis to differentiate some of these. Alright, so if I had a loved one had any of these conditions 100% I already know they have Candida overgrowth in their bowels. Candida as a type of fungus. What would I recommend for these individuals, even the baby just you know the baby, there's a little bitty baby that baby's either drinking formula or breastfeeding. In any regard. If that baby's on dairy way formula, you need to get off of it. If the baby is on soy, you got to take them off of it. It needs to be a vegetable based pea based basically PE A based protein powder source for this kid or protein formula. The mothers breastfeeding and this kid's got this condition she's the baby's getting it from the mom, I cannot tell you almost every skin condition inside of a baby is actually caused by the infection being spread from the mom through her breast milk into the baby or out of her sweat glands to the baby. That includes some of the things you're gonna see here. If you or anyone you know, struggles with dermatitis of any kind, they most likely have a underlying yeast infection that is systemic meaning it's in their bowels and all over their body. And it's coming out through their skin forming a rash. The skin is the largest detoxing organ in the body, the body sweats out infections and poisons and toxins. And you get rashes. As a result, you also get blisters. As a result, you get all kinds of stuff. So if a loved one of yours has seborrhoeic dermatitis, I would first ask you to do a parasite test. For each of these. If it's a baby, you're going to you're going to do a test on the mom and the dad, the doctor to show.com Pull up the parasite test kit order it, use the discount code for 10% off capital A capital RD is it's all capitals. My last name ARD is the number 10 Exclamation point at checkout, you'll get 10% off of that $286 kit, there's no reason why you shouldn't do it. And there are lots of babies who have symptoms like this, that when I actually just treat the mom and don't even treat the baby, the baby clears up. And I'm not joking. I never even treated the babies and oftentimes they would clear up completely. So individuals with this I would do the parasite test kit is going to tell you to parasites, bacteria, or yeast and if you do have any of those, they're going to tell you in the report how to clean them up and get them out of your body. There's a parasite treatment kit at the doctor to show.com Also, if any of those things come back positive parasites, bacteria, yeast, in any of these scenarios, you have the treatment the treatment is the freedom cleanse, restore three combo kit supplement kit at the DR Arthur show.com. Alright, let's go to the next condition. That's what I would do first. Also these individuals need to get off of all Candida, you should stop drinking alcohol. Mom, Dad, this guy. Anybody with dermatitis you need to be off of alcohol of all kinds. Why? There's yeast and beer we Eastern wines alcohol converts to sugar, sugar feeds yeast, you should be off of alcohol. What about dietary wise diets? You absolutely should restrict all sugar intake. You also should get dairy out of your life completely. If a mom is breastfeeding a baby and has these conditions you should not be drinking milk these recommendations. Real simply do the parasite test kit. Do the parasite treatment kit and you need to live in anti Candida diet. Go on I download an anti Candida diet. Dr. Oz doesn't have to do everything for everybody. Go download an anti Candida diet, print it out, follow it, and you will see miraculous results if you follow those recommendations. The healing is actually up to you. And only to you this is rosacea typically is just red blotches on the face. That also looks very similar to another condition called lupus. In fact, anybody diagnosed with rosacea. rosacea does not have to look this extensive, as you see on the screen, it can be little red circles on the cheeks that eventually it will become like this. These two conditions actually have the same cause. So rosacea has a cause, even though the medical profession right now says there is no known cause for rosacea. There is 100% a cause for rosacea and a cure for rosacea. They just don't tell you. And by cure, I mean, you fix it, and it goes away for good, you don't have to keep taking something a cure is a treat the problem, problem goes away. It doesn't return unless the same problem comes back. Alright, so I'm going to show you the next skin condition. This is lupus. I just want you to see how similar rosacea and lupus looks. And the reason why I want you to see this. In lupus, they call this a butterfly rash. In rosacea, they just call it red cheeks, or red forehead, read facial expressions, okay? These are very similar. Very similar, in fact, in fact, rosacea 100% of the time, anybody you know or love who has rosacea, they have lupus, they just don't know it yet. Rosacea is the precursor. The redness on the cheeks is a precursor to the worse butterfly rash that will show up later on in their life. Anybody who's being treated for rosacea, your dermatologist is completely covering up your future lupus diagnosis. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune diseases, rosacea is not considered to be so they are both caused by the same thing. Lupus even extends to rashes all over the body like this. So you'll see lupus rash on the hands, lupus rash on the body, lupus rash all over the body, actually, it can be anywhere. These are what you experienced with rosacea and lupus, rosacea and lupus are caused by the same thing. They have an infection inside of their spleens. 100% of these people do. The spleen is the largest lymph node in your body sits on the left side underneath your ribs underneath your heart and running with your diaphragm. The spleen is responsible for detoxing parasites, toxins, breaking down red blood cells. So the as your bone marrow replaces your body with new ones, you have new ones. spleen has a huge job and when there is a parasite living in the spleen, you have rosacea and you have lupus. So what do I do for these guys? Anybody with lupus or rosacea, you need to get on a you need to do a parasite stool test at the Dr. Oz show.com. Order it use the discount code capital AR di s 10 Exclamation point saves 10% off. When you get your reports back. Within one week of submitting your stool sample, you'll get the parasite test results in the second and third week you get the bacteria nice results. When it when all of those come in total of three weeks after submission, you're going to know exactly what's in your body causing your rosacea and your lupus. In the report, it's going to tell you where you're being exposed to of those bugs, either parasites, bacteria, or yeast. And then then you will know and how to take actions to prevent continuing to be exposed to these bugs. Because if you have for example bacteria causing your rosacea and lupus, or parasites or yeast, it doesn't matter when you clear them up and get them out of your life and out of your body and all your symptoms disappear a year from now you could go back to eating the way you were before and introduce those things right back into your body and develop lupus or rosacea again, and yes, you cured yourself once you got it again, this isn't a remission, you actually fix the problem. If you do not know where you're getting exposed to it from and you get the symptoms again later it's because you ignored the fact that you never learned where you're getting it from in the first place. This is why the parasite test kit at the Dr. Oz Show is so vital. Do the test it will tell you where you're being exposed to what bacteria yeast most likely parasite in the form of organization lupus symptoms. And when you get the test results back by the freedom cleanse restore test kit, the parasite treatment kit at the Dr. Oz show.com. Use the same discount code capitals ARD is 10 Exclamation point save 10% Off you need to do that for 30 days. After 30 days you're going to stop taking the supplements and then you are going to do a break for two weeks and then you're going to do Redo the test the stool sample test to see did all the bugs go away you're going to see massive improvements in your overall skin anyway in the meantime, also lupus rosacea patients you need to be on an anti Candida also diet. Why? Parasites bacteria and yeast all live off of sugar. So stop feeding them the sugar and they will die off. It's about as simple as it gets. Alright, psoriasis, this poor baby on the right breaks my heart seeing that you'll see psoriasis plus Next, they typically have scaling on the body, like the gray silvery scales you see on the left elbow there and the image that's on a baby. This is other examples of psoriasis. You'll see it all over the scalp on this one individual. And then all over the back on the right.

Now I want to speak to this because it's a big deal psoriasis and eczema. I am 100% Convinced that glyphosate which, which actually mimics all of the actions of Venom's and the use of Venom's worldwide for medications and vaccines, I am convinced they are creating psoriasis with those Venom's and with glyphosate glyphosate is in operates just like synthetic venom. So it has the same biological action on the body. So as we eat it, consume it, get in our body shower in it, because it's in our water systems. Or if we've ever been vaccinated or use drugs made from Venom's, you will get psoriasis as a result. So I have a couple recommendations for psoriasis psoriasis Absolutely. I have cleared people psoriasis on their body physically, by just having them put ivermectin right on the rashes topically every day for months, and they all clear it. So we know there's a parasitic connection also. However, ivermectin also works on Venom's. It is not as powerful as nicotine is, but it does have the same action on nicotine receptors that Venom's and glyphosate does. So this could be implicated in why it works. So with psoriasis patients, I would recommend this also, in my practice for 20 years, I found most psoriasis patients were actually caused by parasitic infections, and Candida or yeast. So as you heard already, just say, No, I had a patient one time who had their body was exactly covered head to toe with the rashes you see on the right, that right image, it was a young teenage girl had all over her body. It took two months to clear it all up. We put her on an anti Candida diet. I gave her a soap called defense soap to use everyday and shower in. That's a tea tree oil based soap. I'd have her wash her body with it, lather with it, and then stand in the shower for 10 minutes before rinsing off the soap. How to do this twice a day, how to remove sugar from her diet and breads because breads was the only place she was getting fungus from and within two months her entire body was cleared. I did treat her for the antifungal stuff and I'll tell you what I would use if I were you. But for psoriasis patients, I would absolutely do the parasite test kit, get the parasite treatment kit when anything comes back positive. You need to be on an anti Candida diet. If it comes back positive for fungus, you have yeast outbreak causing your psoriasis you need to get a product called Bio purity extract. Go to bio purity extract just look it up online Google bio purity extract and oh pull up a little green bottle liquid and you're gonna take eight to 10 drops everyday twice a day. I would put it in an empty vegetable capsule and take that twice a day. Eight to 10 ounces and an empty vegetable capsule swallow it twice a day. On top of doing your anti Candida diet and your freedom cleanse restore treatment kit. And you should see miraculous results with your psoriasis. Oh interesting. I've met people who've cured psoriasis and the next thing we're going to show eczema just using ivermectin actually, alright, here's eczema, eczema and kids hate this stuff, eczema in adults. Alright, so Eczema is very common in children just you know, this is 1% implicated by two things vaccines and children. And number two, by far, absolutely. It's caused by yeast infections that the mom carries and the baby got in utero, most likely, Candida and yeast are a huge issue. So this has eczema in the hands. It's just extremely dry skin. And then on the ankles you see there too. This is on the face of some children. Just just horrible and sad to see. If a mom has a baby with eczema and you are breastfeeding that kid you have Candida, you have got to clean up your diet, you have to kill off the candy to go on an antifungal or anti Candida diet, you need to take the bio purity product eight to 10 drops twice a day. In an empty capsule. You need to take it every single day. You need to also use defense soap I would suggest which is a tutorial based soap and wash you and your baby's body everyday with it. You've got to get the Candida and yeast out of their bodies. Secondly, look at the Diet of the mom and the babies look at their formulas. Look at the mom. If the mom or the baby are consuming foods that are that have corn, wheat, soy or dairy. These four foods are the most common allergy creating foods to lead to eczema and kids. You can do what's called a a Food Allergy Elimination Diet. Just look it up how you do it. You remove one of these food items for two weeks. See if any improvements happen. If they don't, that's not the food you go to the next food and eliminate that one from your diet. So if you first pick corn for the first two weeks, there's no improvement in your eczema or your baby's eczema, then it's not corn. If after two weeks though, you see massive improvements in their eczema you know it's corn. If you see it improve like 50 per sent. Good now pick another food and remove corn and dairy, for example, and if corn and dairy after four weeks eliminates 100% of the eczema, why would you even look for the third and fourth food just keep those two out of the diet and watch your baby's health improve. By far yeast, sugar candies, pop tarts, candies, donuts, sugar sodas, are super implicated in an all eczema we're going to actually have to take a break. We'll be right back after this commercial break. We've got many more skin conditions to show you here and what my solutions would be for those we will be right back after these messages everybody I'm Dr. Brian Ardis, this is Dr. Ardis show continuing our National Healthy Skin month presentation. Hope you enjoyed it so far. All right. The actual sponsors for this segment are Kirk Elliot phd.com You know, they're trying to steal your money, you might as well try to preserve some of that stuff. Getting into precious metals, like my wife and I have got a Kirk Elliot phd.com Tell him Dr. Ardis sent you are going to Kirk Elliot phd.com forward slash Ardis, and they'll help you out. And then also gromacs Water hydro.com is a water filtering company. Discount Code Ardis ARDS will save you 10% off or try the doctor code if you want to 10% off I actually have this filters here for our plants and our water for watering our gardens. Our flower gardens that we have in our backyard, couldn't be more grateful for the filters that they sent us. And you can benefit from that too. Removing glyphosate chlorine fluoride Venom's from your water, DNA plasmids get that crap out of your water. And by that, alright, and then number three is hydro shots. Hydro shot, go to h2 beb.com. This is a nitric oxide hydrogen infused product that I drink every day. My wife when everyday gives us eight hours of energy and oxygenation to our brain so we can focus and keep researching and bring you this information you need to keep you safe from these medical tyrants. All right, and then the final one will be let's do healing for the ages.com man if you guys didn't get it yet, you better go to healing village.com put in my last name ARD is you'll save 50 bucks off the $199 value. There's so much work there that we did. And for all the skin conditions I'm showing you right now you need to start with detoxing and dietary principles to fix all skin conditions. Alright, so let's continue our presentation here. We we've wrapped up with eczema and the last one. And now we're going to continue and now we're going to be into vitiligo. Alright, so vitiligo, you guys have seen vitiligo is losing the ability to produce melanin. Melanin is a hormone that provides pigment to our hair, and to our nails and to our skin. So people that lose the ability to make melanin, you lose the pigment in your skin. As you see in the Caucasian guy there. He's losing his skin. It's not as obvious in the African American person just because of the contrast of darker skin to the white loss of pigment. But all of us have seen people with vitiligo just so you know, the fact that all of us have seen people with vitiligo tells you this is not an accident. 100% I am confident they are creating this problem. What do I think they're doing it with? I don't know if you know this. Did you know glyphosate is proven to destroy melanin? Did you know that it stops melanin Genesis, which is the production of melatonin in the body or melanin in the body? Did you know glyphosate does that. So if you have vitiligo and you want to hopefully try to stop it, reverse it. First thing you have to do is get on an organic diet and get glyphosate out of your body. Alright, so what would I recommend for these individuals, glyphosate mimics Venom's, I would actually say get on an all organic diet right now. And then also start taking EDTA you can either get our EDTA to start neutralizing the effects of glyphosate on your cells, including the melanin producing cells called Milano sites, or you can use foreign protein cleanse. Also, foreign protein cleanse is a product we have at the Dr. Oz show.com That actually helps to negate neutralize and reverse the protein they call glyphosate. That's what I would do with vitiligo. And I really can only say that because there's not a whole lot else that I have identified yet. That would be the underlying cause of vitiligo, but at least now I can show you constantly and tell you, they have done studies with glyphosate, they know it destroys your cells, manufacturing of melanin, the only thing people are losing that develop vitiligo is their ability to make melanin. So guess what to get out of your body. You need to get on a there's nothing glyphosate creates this scenario. taurine is required t au R I N E. Glyphosate destroys that taurine you need to get on an organic diet then go to the doctor or to show and get the taurine supplement we have there for you wanna make sure I get through all of these. This is acne. Acne. Alright, so I created an all an all natural skincare line called the Ardis labs Clear Skin Complex. Before COVID ever started, so I actually created a a supplement called the Clear Skin complex. It's a combination of herbs, minerals and vitamins from around the world. Plant based extracts that are proven to reverse the hormones that cause acne. So you have what are called androgens. These are hormones like testosterone and others hormones that rise to high levels and they make your skin produce sebum oil that creates acne. Well if you want to reduce that just feed the body what it's deficient in and you won't get access to these hormones and you will clear up acne. And this is a phenomenal product. By the way. It doesn't matter what age you are. If you have acne of any kind pimples, it's anywhere on your body. Use the Ardis labs clear scan complex element to in the morning to in the evening. You'll see that stuff cleared up in no time. I also have a combination kit of an all natural cleanser and an all natural moisturizer cream. That is specifically to help eliminate the causes of acne and pimples and zits and they're all natural no toxins. No endocrine disruptors no cancer causing chemicals in those products. But this is acne, you gotta kill heal acne from the inside out. Also, acne is fed by dairy, sugar and soy foods. So eliminate those and get those out of your diet. You'll do great everybody trying to clear up acne you should be on an anti Candida diet why it's robbing your body of sugar in those diets. Anti Candida diet along with the Ardis labs Clear Skin complex Ardis lads Clear Skin Cleanser and Ardis lads clear skin moisturizer. That's what I would use if I was you. It can be used all over the face all over the body. Acne not only affects the faces, just so you all know this affects 600 million people worldwide every year Acne affects 600 million people worldwide. That's that's 9% of the whole world's population. It's a lot of people. Exactly on the body. It can happen at any age, it doesn't matter. In fact, it's becoming more common in the 30s and 40s for women after giving children after the children bearing years they have hormonal balance to you need to get on. On Dr. Ardis is clear skin complex supplement at a minimum. That's what I would recommend. Oh, one of the things. Copper also helps so bioactive Kapur from global healing.com Go get it. This is hives. If you are a loved one has hives you either have allergies, you're reacting to food or environmental ones or something you're putting on your skin. You gotta figure out what that crap is. Is it a soap shampoo, a lotion? Is it the water in your home? Is it a food you're eating? With hives, it's almost always an allergy response. And then it also can be parasites, fungus and bacteria. I would 100% of the time with anybody struggling with hives that come and go, you need to do the stool test. Go to the doctor to show the parasite test kit and get the stool sample submitted. It'll come back and tell you exactly what you have. If you have something great, it'll tell you how to fix it. Freedom cleanse, restore that supplement kit, you're gonna buy that ticket for three months to clear it up. Also, you're going to avoid the things that they tell you in that report are the ways in which you're contracting the bug you have in your body leading to your hives. And then also with a dietary recommendation you need to get all you need to start eating all organic vegetables, fruits and nuts, specifically, organic vegetable fruits and nuts. And you need to I would recommend also getting the bio purity extract supplement. But if if this is coming and going there's usually a food you're eating that's exacerbating it. So a, a an allergy, a Food Allergy Elimination Diet I would also recommend in your case, remember you pick one of the four foods read on it online how to do it. Wheat, corn, soy and dairy are the four most common foods that cause hives. start eliminating one of those completely from your diet for for two weeks, pick dairy. If you know you eat a lot of dairy, just pick dairy. Don't eat any ice cream cheese, yogurt, milk, you name it, and see if in two weeks you see your hives improve. If they don't come back at all, you know it's the milk keeping the other foods you're fine for hives anyway. Alright, so that's all I would recommend there. Now this is fungal nail infections if you've ever seen these, alright, so fungus is caused by fungus. If you have fungal nail infections, and you're just treating your nail, you are wasting your time and your money even if it clears it up. The fungus is actually coming out through the nails and out of your skin. This fungus is all around your body in your bloodstream, and gravity is carrying it to your toenails. Gravity's carrying it to the end of your arms, which is your fingernails, and the fungus is growing up underneath your nails. What are you gonna do for this, you're gonna do an anti Candida diet 100% You're going to avoid alcohol, you're gonna avoid sugar, you're gonna avoid bread, you're gonna avoid mushrooms. I recommend that because it's a fungus. Just get all fungus out of your diet and do it for two months. You're gonna see massive improvements in your nails. Remember, the toenail grows slower. So it might take a little longer to see it come out of there. But if you seriously are putting something on your toenail, there's a reason why it's never clearing up. The Candida is in your body, the whole body and you're eating it typically yeast is found in bread. Yeast is found in beer yeast is found in wine. Use is found in every baked goods you can think of. You need to get on an anti Candida diet, I would recommend you take bio purity extract as well to kill off the fungus. And there's a great product from global healing.com called Miko zeal. NYC Oh, Zi L that is specific for Candida. I would take that supplement also, it would not hurt. Also, if you've got this expression of the skin with a fungus, it's systemic. And I would then recommend also if you know or have anybody loved who has this scenario, they need to do a liver detox, go to the global healing.com and do their liver detox. It's phenomenally easy. Do it for two cycles, at least 228 days cycles. You got to see all this clear up while you're adding other things I mentioned bio purity and doing your anti Candida diet. Very, very important. This is not a topical problem. It is an internal problem. Go fix it. Alright, here's warts. Warts, they say are actually caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. Did you know that that's what they say? It is actually triggered by viruses supposedly, well, if you've learned anything from me, if you got warts, first thing I would do is purchase my foreign protein cleanse, I would get a band aid, I'd put a drop of that on the shake it up. But one drop on the middle of a round bandaid and stick it right on the wart and wear it all night long while you're sleeping. But also during the day, I would take EDTA take the liquid EDTA squirt it out and then put it on your body, then I would take it orally why these are antiviral. Alright, so that's what I would do. And then also there are certain oils like clove oil, lemon oil, it's probably hard to use lemon oil on there without cutting it, like with another oil. But you can use other oils like peppermint, clove, and oregano. What's another good one for warts that you could use topically and what I used to do in practice is tell people to put those essential oils on the bandage stick it on the board. But if you apply this everyday to these warts, it should make those things go away. Also just say no, don't forget inside your skin or nicotine receptors. So it's not a bad idea to actually put nicotine patches on these either. That's what I would do in a heartbeat. Alright, so that's topical for warts. Those are the things I would recommend if you're gonna do that every day. So you see that clear up? These are cold sores. Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus and other virus. And so what do we do for for cold sores? Well, there's a few things. There are herbs like lemon balm called Melissa officiant Alice, it has incredible studies confirming you can completely clear cold sores in just a matter of day or two, actually. Alright, so there's a few things. So glyceraldehyde is an acid at a licorice root is a great substance, I will just tell you, these substances, both of them I just mentioned are in my foreign protein cleanse, I would actually take two capsules of that everyday if I had a cold sore, I don't have one. But that's what I would do. If I had one. If I had one, that's what I would do in order to prevent it, I would do one capsule every day just to keep them from ever coming back. Also the EDTA I have the liquid version it is out of stock right now it will be back in stock. But put one one mL of that underneath the tongue and swallow it with water each day. It is also antiviral, you can actually take it and squeeze out one drop of that apply it to your cold sore, it would be miraculous I'm assuming and would expect that cold sores are easy to have the stuff in foreign protein cleanse, I've already created other creams to actually treat cold sores with those ingredients and it works beautifully. So you could take the foreign protein cleanse, just take a drop of it, just put it on your lip, put it on a Q tip, swab it on the cold sore, it'll probably negate the whole thing in no time, especially if you start to feel the tingling and then apply it to your lip. And EDTA also should see a huge improvement. So that is cold sores. Let's go to the next one. candidiasis Candida is I don't know if you know this, but Candida is fungus. So if someone sticks out their tongue and you see a yellow coating, they have Candida they have fungus. I've already talked about Candida in this actual presentation. This is caused by overall systemic fungus. You're eating too much fungus. You're eating breads too often, you're eating beer, drinking beer, drinking wine, there's all have yeast in them, or you're drinking too many sodas doesn't matter. You're getting yeast inside your body, you gotta get it out. You need to be on an anti Candida diet. If you have candidiasis you need to be on bio purity to kill it off and wipe it out. The foreign protein cleanse is not a bad idea, but it's not specific for Candida specific for every kind of infection. But you need to get on an anti Candida diet. I cannot say enough if someone has this systemic of a Candida, you need to do a liver detox the liver cleanse easy Athlete's Foot also caused by fungus. You just need to do the same thing. athlete's foot will be will actually be killed if you actually put a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide and water and soak your feet in it for 30 minutes twice a day or once a day. You'll kill off all of this fungus in no time. But you should be on an anti Candida diet using the bio purity. Do a liver detox cleanse because you have systemic Candida in your body. It's just gravity's carrying it down to your feet. Also you can get it from showers or bathtubs standing there were other people had the fungus on the floor. This stuff is contagious. Okay. All funguses and bacteria are contagious. Athlete's Foot hydrogen peroxide, you can put. I've actually done this before with my own feet. Now with athlete's foot and other stuff, you can put food grade hydrogen peroxide, pour like a cup, not not a cup, do half a cup into a bowl that you can put your feet inside of fill it up with filtered water, pour the extra hydrogen peroxide in there half a cup, and then just stick your feet in there and let it soak. You're going to watch the bubbles come up to the top as hydrogen peroxide kills all the fungus on your toes and feet causing athlete's foot. Alright, now let's get into some cancers. This is basal cell carcinoma. This is what it looks like. I'm going to go through each of these because I'm not going to talk about each one individually. I'm gonna talk about a summary of these when I get done. Here's basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancers. Here's melanoma melanoma, typically you'll see a mole as the mole expands, or starts to fade in color or the color starts to descend into the other tissues is when they tell you to be concerned. It could be cancer spreading. I'm going to talk about both of these at once don't shoot the messenger. But did you know all skin cancers are caused by Venom's? Also, did you know that since 1962, a guy named Dr. Stanley Cohan figured out that venom on the skin of a human or mammal will cause cancer. Yeah, glyphosate. I just told you mimics the actions of all Venom's. In fact, I think it is synthetic venom that acts just like real venom. It's just synthetic, they manufactured in the lab, but it has the exact same actions on everything living as real venom. Alright, so glyphosate is in all of our water supply. It's also in the food reading. We know that venoms cause cancer since 1956 and 1962. The guy that figured it out the venoms cause cancer, they he actually got awarded a Nobel Prize in 1986 for figuring that out. Now, this is important. basal cell carcinomas squamous cell carcinomas, typically melanomas you'll find these on older individuals, typically, yes, I know there's exceptions. Most of these people are elderly, that have these. Now, my problem with that is these people typically are also on high blood pressure medication like Lucinda Pearl, something ending with pearl drawn an ACE inhibitor that's also made from snake venom, you need to get off that crap. Venom causes all kinds of epidermal cancers. Your skin is called epidermis. This is cancers on the skin. Alright, so what are you gonna do about these, even if you already have them, you're gonna get an all organic diet from now on stop eating glyphosate laced foods and plants and start eating plants and vegetables that are organic, then you need to start getting on EDTA if you get a a if you have cancer, you need to get on EDTA. If you have these kinds of cancers, I also would recommend personally putting EDTA on it topically and seeing how it reacts. If you listen to Dr. Ed group, he talks about euro therapy, Euro kinase in urine, it's also anti cancer. You can take some of your own urine, put it on there topically you don't have to drink it put it on these things topically several times a day. You can do this stuff. These are just recommendations. But when you get to cancer diagnosis on the skin, it doesn't matter what these are. If you see anything like this on yourself see any changes in a mole on your body. I would recommend Amazon black salve. Sal V. Amazon black salve nose is not from the website, Amazon. This is from South America Amazon. But look up online. Amazon black salve. people diagnosed with these melanomas carcinomas it doesn't matter. You put this black salve stuff on the skin, this substance from nature, will actually start separating the cancer, the cancerous tissue from your healthy skin tissue. You do that several times over a couple of days, the entire cancer just falls out of the skin and I'm not joking. Like that basal cell carcinoma you're seeing on the screen on lip, that whole thing will just fall out like a quarter. And in just a couple days, go watch the videos on YouTube of people using Amazon and black salve to watch how these people reverse their skin cancers. It's it's really phenomenal. Alright, so glyphosate causes cancers. Glyphosate is in our water you should be in a water filtrate you should put a water filtration system on your home to filter out all these all these crap that they're putting in our water to try to reduce our exposure to these types of venom type machinery poisons and an anti Candida diet would be beautiful, obviously. Here's carbuncles, carbuncles shoe, man, if I was if I had a car buckle, I'd want to make sure that I was doing the parasite test kit, find out what's in the body creating these. I know that would take a couple of weeks. But otherwise, these like red hot there's an infection under the skin, you need to do high dose vitamin C. I would recommend copper two to three milligrams in this case from bioactive copper at global healing.com and then my foreign protein cleanse and I would not be shying away from putting EDTA on there topically they have EDTA topical creams would be adding it to that every day. This is cellulitis looks horrific and painful. A liver cleanse would be my number one thing then I'd want to do a parasite test kit to find out as in any bacteria Yeast or bacteria, or parasites causing circular insufficiency, cardiovascular insufficiency. To reverse cellulitis. It's very common in diabetics. Obese people. If any of you have these conditions, you need to read the books, the obesity code and the diabetes code to help you reverse the scenarios. Now, these are hemangiomas and children. I actually don't know what causes these, but I just wanted to show that this is measles. Measles is a reaction to the measles vaccine, just so you know. So don't give them to your kids. Measles does not kill any children on Earth. So don't be afraid of it. There's a couple others, I just only have a few minutes or about a minute left. So I'm going to run through these is impetigo. dermatome myositis. And I'll speak on all these here in just a second. These three inputs, impetigo, measles, and dermatome myositis. I would do the same thing, Parasite test kit, Parasite treatment, get the bio purity product, take that every day. If this is really systemic, I would always recommend a liver detox on top of it. Same time, shingles. There's a super easy cure for shingles. Everybody can go by standard processes calcium lactate tablets, crush them into a fine powder, mix them with a little bit of cold water filtered water, make it into a toothpaste consistency. Put it on the rash twice a day, leave it on for two hours and then rinse it twice a day rinse it off after two hours. within 48 hours. I haven't seen a single shingles not be cured and taken care of within 48 hours. I don't care how systemic how broad it is covering the body. It is miraculous. And yes, I've done it with my own wife. And I've done it with really sick people who have retreated for cancer put on prednisone broke out with shingles all over their body for months to two days. Their whole life was wrecked for months, two days of mixing calcium lactate in a powder, crushed up the tablets, mix it with water applied to the skin. Do that twice a day. Two hours, leave it on then rinse it off. After the first application you're gonna see these miraculous results. It's phenomenal and then sybaritic keratosis this for sure. As something I would absolutely recommend a liver detox cleanse for do a parasite stool test. Also, I would do the parasites test right before I start the liver cleanse and I would do the liver cleanse and the parasite treatments all on top because the parasite test kits are going to treat bacteria, yeast and fungus, sorry, bacteria, yeast and the parasites. So please just know anybody living with skin conditions. You've got to get on an anti Candida diet, reducing the sugar intake inside of your body and then make sure you're looking to see what's the major cause underlying it. Glyphosate is a big problem for the skin. All Venom's are problems for the skin get off of all Venom laced drugs, including ozempic and will go V for diabetes and weight loss you will develop skin cancers and skin conditions as a result guaranteed. I'm Dr. Brian Ardis as the doctor to show I love you and with all the gratitude I have blessed you with an amazing week coming up.