Episode 10.23.2023 - Healthy Lung Month


In this episode, Dr. Ardis covers a wide range of topics related to lung health. He discusses common lung diseases and their diagnosis, with a focus on promoting Healthy Lung Awareness Month in October.

Dr. Ardis shares a personal experience of successfully treating his daughter's asthma using alternative methods. He emphasizes that asthma can be cured and discusses various lung diseases, including asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and their differences.

He goes on to talk about the causes and effects of lung diseases, mentioning drug-related causes and warning about a medication called symbicort. Dr. Ardis suggests alternative treatments for asthma and recommends supplementing copper to prevent COPD.

Essential oils for lung health, like eucalyptus and lavender, are discussed as beneficial options. He introduces a supplement he created called "Breathe Free" for lung health and discusses the potential link between parasitic infections and lung issues. Dr. Ardis emphasizes the importance of considering parasitic diseases in diagnosing lung conditions, particularly in immunocompromised patients.

He also touches on tapeworm infections causing lung symptoms and recommends parasite testing for those with lung cysts, offering a discount for podcast listeners. Dr. Ardis encourages sharing the podcast with healthcare professionals to raise awareness of the potential connection between parasites and lung symptoms.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Ardis highlights the significance of parasite testing and treatment for maintaining lung health.


lungs, parasites, asthma, lung diseases, symptoms, cysts, pneumonia, cough, lesions, eggs, infections, stool test, pulmonary edema


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Hi, everybody, welcome back to the Doctor Ardis Show. I'm your host, Dr. Brian Ardis. And for the first time ever, I think I'm actually going to do a show where you just get to listen to me. So both segments today, full podcast is going to be me talking and reading and sharing information with the audiences. Why? Because there's stuff I want to share with you. All right. So in lieu of the fact that this is healthy lung Awareness Month, in the in the world of national health holidays, I decided, let's do a presentation and talk about lung conditions that are currently being diagnosed around the world. And what my take is on many of these to help you stay as healthy as possible, as least drugged as possible, and living a symptom free life as much as possible. If you're struggling with lung diseases, we're gonna go through a whole bunch of them, I'm gonna go through my perspective and takes on those if any of these apply to you or loved ones that you have. There's a bunch of lung diseases. So we're going to talk about all of this here. Our goal in this podcast is actually discussed as many lung conditions that they talk about medically and diagnose medically, and give you hope, and solutions and answers to why those scenarios are happening. And yes, we have answers to many of those, if not all of them to some degree. Even if we can't cure them all. The goal is to try to improve your life, vitality, breathing, you name it. So in lieu of healthy lung Awareness Month, which is October of any year, we're going to actually do this conversation. So the sponsors for this show today are mypillow.com. Go to mypillow.com Use the promo code DOCTOR at checkout, it'll save you additional up to 60% Sometimes on different products there. And we're getting into the holiday season. If there's anything you're going to be purchasing for your home or loved ones that can be purchased at mypillow. Go do it. 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If you want my video consults, you sign up for the AAA option there. The promo code for a discount on 10% of their membership to have an advocate be on your side health wise, you can save 10% off with my last name ARDIS at checkout. Alright, let's get into lung diseases. This is healthy lung month, October 2023. Alright, so let's go into it. And even though this is being recorded, and October 2023 is going to apply for all years moving forward in relationship to lung diseases. Alright, so what types of lung diseases are they let's let's do a general overview here. I'm going to take you through what are the most common lung diseases. Alright, so there's four major types. You have lung diseases that are considered those that affect your airways. You have lung diseases that affect the air sacs in your lungs and those are called alveoli. Then you have what are called lung diseases that affect the interstitium then you have what are called lung diseases that affect the blood vessels in your lungs. So in order for you to know which ones are yours, I'm gonna actually read you what diseases of these four categories summarize those that are inside of those different categories. So the lung diseases that affect the airways, for those of you many of you are probably thinking asthma. Well, asthma affects millions of people around the world. And I find this very interesting. I was born in 1976. So by the time I was eight years old, I was 1984. Eight years old, I'd have been in like third grade of elementary school. So in the early 80s, I would have started school in 1981. Just so y'all know, in elementary school, I don't think I ever saw a kid in 1981 through 1987 or so ever have an inhaler? In my school. I mean, almost 90% of the peers of all kids in America have asthma inhalers now, but I've never I never saw one as a kid in elementary school. I think by the time I got to middle school, there was one or two kids I saw that had asthma inhalers. But it is ridiculous, in my opinion, how many asthmatics there are in this country? I mean, every human, not every human, every, every. Everything in nature that's created on this Earth requires oxygen. How come so many humans are struggling to breathe? Just the basic nature of life. So how come we're having so many asthma issues? Well, we'll talk about that. Alright, so lung diseases affecting the airways, I don't want to get off on a tangent on asthma I can because I had a daughter named Savannah, who actually was diagnosed with asthma right when she was born. And we were told she would have asthma for the rest of her life. And we were able to help her cure herself of asthma at the age of three and a half years old. And she has never had an asthma inhaler that she's ever owned since she was three years old. She's now 19 years old. She's never needed a nebulizer. She's never needed to use a humidifier, she's never had to have treatment for asthma of any kind. Whether it's allopathic medicine or alternative medicine, we don't have to treat her and we don't have to give her supplements to treat her whatsoever since he was three and a half years old. And it took one year to reverse her asthma completely to where she never had to do anything to try to manage it, manage it ever again. But before that she was actually had 1212 asthma attacks a day on average, from the time she was born till she was two and a half years old. And we did we tried all the albuterol inhalers and nebulizers The only thing that actually worked to calm down her asthma attack was acupuncture and had this little device that could do stimulation of acupuncture points on the skin with a little kid. And it was brilliant at sedating or stopping her asthma attack, but it never stopped the future ones from coming. And that's what I set out for three years to find with someone who could help me do that. And we found them. So there is a cure for asthma. I've already done it with my own kid. That is a no brainer. Alright. And we'll talk more about these things as we go today in this actual interview, or in the show, all right, and then another lung disease of the airways is one everyone's heard of called COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. What is different about this with asthma is asthma as your airways are inflamed, they may spasm causing wheezing and shortness of breath. They say allergies, infections or pollution can trigger these symptoms. In chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. You can't exhale the way you usually wood, which causes trouble breathing, so you can take a deep breath in but you can't exhale as deep as you used to. And this is what you're seeing a lot with post COVID syndrome, the inability to take a deep breath and be able to exhale out. Chronic bronchitis is another form of an airway lung disease. This is a form of COPD that brings a long term wet, cough, productive, you can hear it their spit saliva mucus coming up. The other lung disease is emphysema, which is lung damage to the airways, which is trapped in your lungs is also a form of COPD. And these people have a trouble blowing air out is its hallmark.

And then there's what's called acute bronchitis usually caused by some infection you've gotten in your lungs, for example, like viruses they would say or bacteria. Then you have something called cystic fibrosis. Now cystic fibrosis is a condition where you have trouble clearing mucus out of your lungs out of your bronchial tubes that bring in air and this leads to repeated lung infections. So to review, lung diseases of the airways are asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, which means longer than a short term, emphysema, acute bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. When you get to lung diseases that affect the air sacs and your lungs that are called alveoli. This These are little bitty bubbles, little bitty gas bubbles that exchange air and carbon dioxide in and out of your blood in your lungs. These little bitty sacs are where the exchange of oxygen you're breathing in goes into the lungs. Carbon dioxide comes out of the blood you exhale it. Alright, these little bitty sacs, the diseases of the lungs that cause air sac disease Is would be pneumonia for example, pneumonia is an infection of the alveoli sacs, usually caused by bacteria or viruses, such as COVID-19. All right, now, that pneumonia will show up on an x ray looking like cauliflower because the branches of the air pathways into the lungs branch out in these little bitty stems and branches into these little bitty alveoli sacs and it looks like trees or cauliflower or broccoli. And when you look at an x ray, they'll show up white, and these this, this visual that you see with pneumonia is very classic. They call it looks like a cauliflower appearance on an x ray. Your lung should be black on X ray. The cauliflower branches look white, they shouldn't be there on an x ray. Alright, another disease affecting the air sacs of the lungs is tuberculosis or TB. This is usually caused by bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. And then there's what's called emphysema is another form of, of air SAC, alveoli diseases and then you have what's called pulmonary edema. Now I have talked about pulmonary edema, which pulmonary means lungs and Latin. Dima is a Latin word for water. So water in the lungs. This is fluids are leaking out of small blood vessels in your lungs and filling up your lungs with water pulmonary edema. The reason why it's been such a hot topic for me is remdesivir. The drug for COVID was published to cause acute kidney failure that led to pulmonary edema and neighbor drowning people to death in the hospital beds and calling it pneumonia wasn't pneumonia, they didn't have the cauliflower branching and their X rays. No, they just had water showing up in their X rays filling up like a glass of water day by day getting worse until they drowned to death. And they had to put these people on event supposedly because they were drowning them to death with a drug like remdesivir. Same thing they did with my father in law. With the drug vancomycin shut down his kidneys flooded his lungs with water filled his body up with water when they shut down his kidneys. Alright, so that's pulmonary edema. Another one affecting the alveoli sex is lung cancer. Another is an almost is abbreviated My name AR d s, called ARDS. Short for acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is an example of what they said was the serious illness in COVID-19 patients where they couldn't breathe, when in reality, it was actually a nervous system paralyzation by Venom's, and then you have what's called pneumoconiosis. This These are conditions in which you're inhaling something that injures your lungs. For example, black lung disease came from his bestest inhalation or asbestos dust. Alright, so for review lung diseases affecting your air sacs include pneumonia, TB, emphysema, pulmonary edema, lung cancer, acute respiratory distress syndrome, abbreviated Ardis, pneumoconiosis, and then lung diseases that affect the inner Steinem. The inner Steinem are these thin delicate linings between your alveoli sacs, there's tiny little blood flow via blood vessels that run through them and let gas transfer between the alveoli and your blood. Examples of enter Steinem enter Steinem diseases is interstitial lung disease. This includes sarcoidosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and autoimmune diseases. Also pneumonia or pulmonary edema can also affect because you're full of water can affect the interstate. Interstate Tama interstitium. Sorry, I was saying they're wrong the whole time. interstitium Alright, then you got the lung diseases that affect the blood vessels in your lungs. Remember, your the blood goes out of the lungs back into the heart, heart pumps it back into the lungs to get oxygen, lung diseases affecting your blood vessels. Our pulmonary embolism that's a blood clot. Pulmonary Hypertension, that's increasing blood pressure inside those pulmonary arteries. Lung direct lung diseases that affect the pleura pleura is the lining that surrounds your lungs. I don't know if you ever took out a set of lungs I have because I've dissected bodies before. But when you take out the lungs, there's this thin coating around your lungs, then skin called pleura that gets inflamed between from injury usually from if the pleura sticks to your ribcage or gets injured trauma gets there to get an adhesion there. It is super painful. I actually thought I was going to die when I was about 14 years old. When I had this happen to me when I took a deep breath in first thing in the morning after throwing an axe for hours the day before cutting up trees from a tornado that came through our neighborhood. And I was doing that for several days in a row. And then I had pleural, what was called pneumothorax. Actually, so lung diseases affecting your player is what called pleural effusion. Fluid collects in the space between your lung in your chest wall. And then pneumothorax is air may get into the space between your chest wall in the lung, collapsing the lung. And that's what had happened to me when I was 14. And then mesothelioma, which y'all have heard about with asbestos poisoning and drug poisoning. There's certain prescription drugs that have that listed as a side effect. And then there are lung diseases that affect the chest wall. You have OB City hypoventilation syndrome, which you can just figure out what that is people that are obese can't breathe. And then neuromuscular disorders, such as ALS or myasthenia gravis actually reduce the lungs ability to function to draw an air and breathe. I'm gonna continue, I'm gonna keep going. Sorry, I've got a whole bunch of documents here I'm wanting to reference and not forget. All right, first thing I'm going to talk about is asthma. I know you inhale the asthma drug albuterol. And then or a corticosteroid of any kind. I know you inhale that, and then it relieves some of your sentence, but you do not have asthma because you're deficient in a corticosteroid. I know it helps. But that is not why you're sick and why you have asthma. The majority of people that have asthma have asthma, because they have a heart problem. The heart and the lungs are basically one organ. If the heart's in spasm, the lungs, blood vessels are going to be in spasm, and then the whole lungs are going to go into spasm. This is what we found with my daughter to reverse her asthma that she had since birth, they told us, which it was not called. Now from birth. Actually, rather she was born they injected her because she was six minutes early, they inject her with a drug in the NICU, in ICU without my permission. And that drug has a side effect to damage heart muscle cells, and create a scenario like myocarditis, or scarring on the heart. And when the heart struggles from then on out these, there's a published side effect of the drug they use to inflate the lungs of newborns in hospitals. When babies are born premature, like my daughter was six weeks early, they often will tell you, the lungs are the last things to develop. So if they come early, sometimes their lungs aren't fully inflated, you'll know it because the baby will come up and won't be able to breathe, or half the lungs breathing one lung over the other, and they'll turn purple, no rest of them off to the to the NICU to give them a shot of a drug that makes the heartbeat harder and faster to inflate the lungs with blood flow. That drug works, but the drug damages heart muscle tissue to cause asthma and yes, the drug and NICU that they're giving to every child in America born premature, which America has more premature babies than any other country in the world. When that happens, and they inject your baby with that drug. It damages the heart as a side effect and they will have forever unless you fix it. asthma or upper respiratory problems. rece reoccurring pneumonia or RSV symptoms, respiratory syncytial virus symptoms over and over and over and their childhood and there are products that heal the heart from the damage of this drug to reverse asthma. I have found nothing more powerful at getting rid of asthma attacks than treating the heart. What is the heart typically need B vitamins, organic B vitamins, what else is the heart need? Things like Ubiquinol or CO q 10. That also needs healthy fats like fatty acids, omega threes are a great source for the heart. The heart also becomes deficient in copper as a result of the trauma of the drug. So a copper deficiency leads to a weak heart also. So these are some of the things you should consider if you are live on have asthma. And then I want to talk about a drug that's been prescribed since Obama was in office. It's called symbicort. Symbicort is a combination drug inhaler for asthmatics. And if you know anybody who is on symbicort, you should know it is published that that inhaler is two different asthma drugs. One is abbreviated a lava. L A, B A. Do you know that lavas from the time they introduced symbicort. Is is published lava is before symbicort came out? Did you know lavas were banned in the United States for causing death to asthmatics. Do you know that symbicort has two drugs and one of them is lavas. They figured out a way to how to put it back in circulation.

Why would they do that? Well, when they released symbicort, during the Obama administration, like in 2008, when they actually put it into the media and put it in magazines to promote it. There was actually as they actually had this warning, it's actually used to say this right at the top of any symbicort. What's the most important thing people need to know about symbicort? Number one symbicort has a drug inside of it called a lava. And lava does have an increased risk of causing death caused from asthma. So this drug Lamas increase the risk of death from an asthma attack. And it's proven to do that, which is why that drug was banned decades earlier from when it was put into symbicort. And now you're inhaling. So you do not have a similar CT deficiency that is not causing asthma. And I don't know why in the world anybody wants they knew they would continue to give their child symbicort their mom's symbicort their aerobics instructor symbicort. Why would you ever let them take that drug? It's it actually has a public side effect to increase your risk of death caused by an asthma attack. It's in their documents. Go look it up if you want to. Alright, so get off of that. Alright, did you also know that copper deficiency is also implicated in COPD disease? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Yes it is. And yes, you should supplement copper, what kind of copper I would go to global healing.com and use their bioactive copper is what I would do. That's just an example. Alright, so we're gonna keep going. I'm not done. Oh, all right, let's keep going. All right now, what are some essential oils, for example that are proven beneficial to help combat all help lung conditions, or health conditions related to your lungs? Well, I'm gonna read through these because it's very, very exciting. Did you know that there's a plant called the eucalyptus tree and that it has an oil called eucalyptus oil that has been proven to actually rid the lungs of microbes like bacteria, fungi that cause respiratory illnesses, which are implicated in all for the major diseases I just mentioned, but into the lungs. It's also used widely for centuries around the world. They have found that eucalyptus oil sorry, has been beneficial long term therapy for asthma control and COPD. Met you didn't know that. They also found that in a study 200 People with acute bronchitis they treated with oral doses of cineole cineole, which is in eucalyptus oil, and they saw significant improvements in simply four days after giving it to them. This is acute bronchitis patients, speaks to how powerful eucalyptus oil can be. What other oils have they found are beneficial to reverse asthma and all lung conditions, lavender oil. In fact, they did a study with mice with lavender oil and found that lavender oil suppresses inflammation of mucous in the respiratory system. So wet, productive coughs, pneumonia, you name it. If you're coughing up mucus, that is a wet, productive cough. Lavender oil has been proven to help with bronchial asthma also and reduce mucus in the lungs, which would make it great for COPD as well. Sweet Orange oil is another one that has been found to actually reduce expectorant and COPD patients and to calm anxiety. Bergamot spelled the ER G A mot oil has also been found and is very popular at reducing and soothing the nervous system and lung symptoms related to infections and COPD flare ups. And then we get to the ones Jesus was brought himself as a baby, frankincense and myrrh. Did you know that these two demonstrate anti inflammatory effects. And they have also been shown in studies to actually reverse COPD symptoms, and that they might work to improve or reverse asthma, RSV, and TB. This is the power of frankincense and myrrh. So these are just examples of some of the essential oils that you can consider that God put on this earth that you could apply to the chest, diffuse in your home, or put on the body, anywhere on the body. But diffusing would be really great because you're breathing it right into the lungs. These are some of the basic things you can do to help improve and prevent worse outcomes in lung diseases. We'll be right back after these messages.

All right, Dr. Ardis fans hope you enjoyed the commercial break. We're back to discuss more about healthy lungs, and healthy lung month. All right, the sponsors for this segment are going to be Kirk Elliot phd.com. Remember, they're trying to destroy your money and take everything you've saved for the last 20 years. Go to Kirk Elliot PhD calm or go to Kirk Elliott phd.com forward slash Ardis, or just tell him Dr. Ardis sent you. Seriously, that's what I expect and who I respect and who I trust. Go to Kirk Elliot bhg.com Now to learn how to save your finances and navigate the crappy waters they're trying to create around the world. And then number two is going to be gromacs Water hydro.com Put in the discount code Ardis AR di s it'll save you 10% off of these incredible water filters for your garden, your plants, you name it. And then number three will be hydro shot at h2 bev.com. I drink one of these every morning, including this morning. Eight hours of nitric oxide and oxygen to prevent blood clotting, improve energy, increased blood circulation improve cognitive function, memory. So I can do these kinds of shows right now from memory. Now just kidding. And then we also have who's our final sponsor, oh, I have a final sponsor. That's going to be this product right here. This product is called let's see, you can see it. It's called breathe free. Breathe free. I created this about two and a half years ago. Because I needed people to know that the lung stress and respiratory failure people were going to see and experience from lung Allah COVID COVID needed to have something they could trust. So what's in breathe free. It's got three ingredients only vitamin A, which just for you guys that don't know this. Vitamin A is the most powerful, immune boosting vitamin. In fact, you can use as much vitamin C as you want. But if you had like the flu, for example, and you took 250 to 400,000 international units of vitamin A within 48 hours, you won't have any symptoms. And I've done that multiple times over my adult life, vitamin A, and then we have vitamin C in there, but at a smaller dose, and then also raw lung extract, why people living with COPD, people living with emphysema, people living with cystic fibrosis, or pulmonary fibrosis, you have an auto immune disease, destroying your lung tissue, in order to get that out, you're going to need some lung tissue that you're going to ingest to direct the antibodies attacking your lungs out of your body. So that's why I created breathe free, you can go to the Dr. Oz show.com and actually purchased that there. Alright, silly lung products specifically that I have. So I wanted to make sure you guys knew about that. Now we're going to open up a dialogue about parasites in lung problems. Why? Because there's a massive amount of information about cysts in the lungs, masses in the lungs, tumors they see in the lungs, or they're being diagnosed in America with all kinds of other issues like cancers, emphysema, pneumonia, and actually, these individuals have parasites living in their lungs. So I'm going to review a document that with all of you, you're not gonna see the document here. I will put it on my website later. Actually, I'm going to link it to this actual podcast. So you will have it below there, you can click that and download because I thought it was impressive to know just how many lung problems are being created by parasites, because nobody typically talks about parasites but me or parasitology Alright, so this is actually parasitic infections of the lung a guide for respiratory physicians, Doctors that work with lungs. Here's an education on parasites. So I'm going to share the abstract with you because I find this awesome parasitic infections of the lung occur worldwide among both immuno competent and immunocompromised patients and may affect the respiratory system in many ways. This review provides an update on the presidenting symptoms signs investigation, management of diseases affecting the loan caused by protozoa, microscopic parasites that are the most prevalent in America by the way, nematodes, which are roundworms found in every dog and cat and animal on the earth. You know, those heartworms they call them in dogs and cats. Those are nematodes, and trematodes parasites in the lungs. The clinical presentations in radiology findings, X rays, CT scans, MRIs, they're going to discuss in this actual thing and the diseases that mimic tuberculosis and cancer malignancy. Did you catch that? Parasite infections look just like TB and just like malignant cancers? How many oncologists in America do you think are looking at lung masses, or doing biopsies and looking to see is the tissue actually parasites? Zero, I can tell you, zero of them are doing it. And then they state this, it is important to consider parasitic infections in the differential diagnosis of such lung diseases like lung cancer and TB. If identified early, most parasitic diseases that affect the lung are curable with medical or surgical treatments. Isn't that awesome? All right. So for those of you who believe parasites don't exist in America, that's kind of silly. You must not be a real audience member of mine, or this is your first show ever. You've seen parasites are extremely prevalent throughout America. I've done multiple shows on this, but I have never done a show about lung diseases being created by parasites. So I want to go through this and just so you know, do not think that nematodes which are heartworms trematodes, that are other worms. Do not think because you live in America, you're not going to get this or any of these, do you know that we are a global traveling species, we go to every country in the world and come back, our friends, our loved ones, they travel around the world, they come back, and they're pooping in our water in our sewer systems. They're showering in our water, we're all exposed to the same stuff you're not gonna get away from we all have. We're all just one big human family. We're all sharing the same things. All right, and they actually state from the beginning that within with increasing travel and migration rates of parasitic lung and pleural diseases are increasing in the immunocompetent population. And the immunocompromised respiratory physician should consider parasitic diseases as a differential diagnosis of lung conditions such as TB and malignancy, with which parasite lung diseases may be confused. I guarantee you no one knows this. Alright, so let's get into some of these conditions that present with focal lung lesions. So if a medical Doctor takes an x ray MRI and you see some black.or you see something inside there doesn't look normal. Alright, they call these cystic lung lesions. If you are a loved one, they have said you have cysts in your lungs are a focal point we're focusing on there's a mass or blab black dot here. They state in the case of those presenting with local focal lung lesions hitted H YDAT. Id HIDTA tijd disease is caused by the larva of Ekena. caucus tapeworm species. Yes, worms, the definite host of which are members of the Candida, Candida not can not Candida, Canada family, which includes dogs and foxes. So tapeworms, the host are dogs, and they transferred to humans. Most cases are caused by economic caucus granulosus, which has a worldwide distribution worldwide, not just China, not just South America worldwide. And although most cysts form in the liver 20 to 30% of this tapeworms, lit cyst will actually show up in the lungs of humans. So how many medical Doctors do you think are looking for that? When they see a spot on your lung and say we need to do a biopsy. Dogs are they state the definitive host for E granulosus and harbor the adult worms in their gut and a dog. The eggs are shed in the dog's feces and remained viable for many weeks and are able to contaminate food sources of intermediate hosts such as sheep, cattle and horses. When humans become accidental intermediate host after eating food contaminated with eggs of the parasites. The ingested eggs hatch, releasing larvae which migrate from the gastrointestinal tract from your intestines to your bloodstream. The eggs traveled to the liver or lungs and slowly developing to hit a dead cysts over a period of several months or even years. Occasionally, lung cysts form after trans diaphragmatic spread across your diaphragm of parasites following the rupture of liver, cysts, the livers right below your diaphragm. If the liver cysts come out of the system, these parasites, they often will punch holes in your diaphragm, crossing the diaphragm to get inside of your lungs. At presentation, I think this is a phenomenal show. By the way already, I'm super excited. Ask your Doctor if your lung symptoms are caused by parasites. I guarantee every Doctor is gonna alias parasites don't exist in America, then you need to run from those people because they're uneducated or tell them to sign up and learn from the Doctor or to show and then show him this actual article. All right, so presentation the patient will present their parasites in their lungs. They often will be asymptomatic and patients may remain symptomatic asymptomatic for years meaning no symptoms during which time lung lesions may be discovered incidentally on a chest X ray. In Europe, for example, the average patient is in their 30s. At diagnosis cysts may cause symptoms by compression of adjacent structures. Lung cysts may be present with a chest pain, cough, or pneumothorax meaning your lung collapsed. Symptoms may also occur if antigenic materials released from the cyst, causing a hypersensitivity reaction with a fever, wheeze and urticaria. And rarely anaphylaxis. urticaria are these big red like splotches all over your skin. rashes. Cysts may become secondarily infected causing NPM or lung abscess formation. Alright, so anybody with a localized cyst in the lungs, please make sure you tell your Doctors to consider parasite testing, you're going to do a stool test, before we even go any further into this actual review. And I will post this here along with this actual show. So you can download it and share it with your loved ones. We have to educate and uneducated medical professionals all over the world, they just have no idea what they've been withheld for information, and they're learning. So we're going to help educate them. So please share this but before we go any further, I'm gonna go into other stuff. We got like 10 minutes left in this podcast. So what I want to make sure you know is that if you go to if anybody you know has a lung condition and you believe their symptoms might be related to parasites, you need to do a parasite stool test. And it's actually at the Dr. Ardis show. Hover with your cursor over shop all go down to parasite test, click it and then purchase that test kit. All of our audience members you get a 10% discount off of all parasites stool test. It's my last name, ARD is all capital AR D is the number 10 Exclamation point. Go there purchase that stool test. Within one week you'll have the stool kit at home, you're going to supply the stool sample, send it back. Within one week you'll have in your email all the parasites that are being shed in your feces. If you have any of these worms in your lungs, you will have the eggs or the cyst in your bowels and they will show up on the test. Once you know what form of sister eggs this type of parasites coming from then you'll Have a plan of action in that report of how to address them. So, this is how you determine Do you have parasites, you do a stool test to find out and then take this report if it comes back positive for parasites, take the report research study that I'm going to share with you and take your report you get back from the parasite testing lab in Arizona, you're going to give it to your oncologist or lung specialist, you're gonna go hey, you pulmonologist read these two things. I have parasites in my lungs, did you know that parasites can cause every lung symptom I have? Here's the research study I got from Dr. Ardis. And here is the report I got back from the parasite test from the parasitology just in Scottsdale, Arizona, named Dr. Omar Aman. By the way, that guy's a 50 year parasitology. Just five PhDs. How many people do you know that five PhDs? I don't have one? I'm considered smart by many people. Imagine having five of those I don't have. All right. So for medical Doctors looking at these lesions in the lungs, the most common presentation they will see is a coin lesion on the chest radiography on a chest X ray. They're usually about one to three centimeters in diameter and sharply defined, perfectly defined and established lesions a central necrotic area surrounded by a granulomatous reaction and fibrous wall dead worms may calcify they say, So, position, emission tomographic scanning may show an increased uptake of fluoro deoxy, glucose around necrotic nodules. Do not take note that this is stuff for them. You're going to take this and hand it to them so they know what to look for. Alright, so let's keep continuing. What about conditions that present with diffuse lung disease? For example, transient pulmonary infiltrates now just say no, if you look at an x ray of the lungs, and they're not all black, but they look hazy, black and white haze, like you're looking through a fog. They have this diffuse lung disease, every part of their lung is affected. Did you know that ask a scary Asus is caused by a scarce lumber co lumbricoides or roundworms. It is the most common worldwide in areas with poor sanitation, where there's fecal contamination of soil or food transmission of the disease is fecal oral. After eggs are ingested, they hatch and larvae migrate via the portal circulation to the liver, then via the heart to reach the lungs two weeks after you swallow them. Now just you know fecal oral route is not weird E. coli bacteria, for example. That's how you get it. You get poop on your hands or poop from someone else in your mouth, or from an animal and you swallowed it. And lots of people have Ecoli infections including every diabetic on the planet just about they swallowed someone else's poop or their own that had the bacteria. This isn't weird. The larvae then ascend to the trachea are swallowed and eventually developed into adults in the small intestine producing eggs 10 to 12 weeks after ingestion. So not only do these go into your lungs, you also call them up and swallow them down. They come up your trachea, you swallow them down your esophagus, and they get into your intestines and develop into adults and your small intestine, producing eggs 10 to 12 weeks after you swallow them. Just so you know. How will you present as a patient. During the second week of the infection, the larvae invade the lung tissue. A small portion of patients become symptomatic probably with a cough. Loeffler syndrome is caused by larval migration into the alveoli, which are the little sacs that bring in oxygen which triggers an allergic response leading to respiratory symptoms that include these you will have a cough a wheeze, shallow breathing, chest pain, fever as your symptoms and the illness usually resolves spontaneously after several weeks. Let's keep going what else happens alveolar or unsteady, interstitial changes. So alveoli sacs illumines, a drawn gas and oxygen. Schistosomiasis is an endemic throughout tropics and is estimated that more than 200 million people worldwide have this. There's three main species of these Schistosomiasis mansoni schistosoma haematobium, schistosoma japonicum. The adult trematode worms are found in the vesicle Plexus or in the mesenteric veins of the lungs. Their eggs are excreted in your urine, or in your feces respectively. Humans are infected by Sarkaria during contact with fresh water. You get this in freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, you name it. The organism enters the circulation and passes through the heart, lungs and then liver to finally reach the target venous plexus in your lungs. There the worms mature and mate in your lungs, releasing eggs four to six weeks after they've swam through your skin to get into your body and yes they go After your skin. The initial release of eggs may give rise to acute Schistosomiasis which occurs predominantly in non immune host. eggs that are not passed into your feces or bladder are the main cause of chronic disease causing fibrosis like pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and severe long standing schistosomiasis, the development of hepatic ro liver hepatic and spleen Omega Li, the pedo splenomegaly enlargement of liver and spleen has occurred leading to hypertension and may lead to diversion of eggs to the lungs bloodstream. And this results in obliterative arthritis which may cause pulmonary hypertension, you actually get an explosion of the arteries in your blood vessel. So these are examples of parasites in the lungs. Let's go to another one that they have on here. They have a whole chart on here which I think is awesome. I'm going to rotate this so I'm going to read it to you. So focal diseases, your symptoms are going to be what I mentioned their chest pain and cough. If you have coin legions, it'll be chest pain and cough and wheezing, fever and malaise. If you have parasites in your lungs, you might have pleuritic chest pain, cough or fever. pleuritis would be severe pain like rubbing along your ribs. If you have amoebas which are parasites in your lungs, you will have right upper quadrant shoulder tip pain, cough and bile expectorate like coughing up bile and spitting it up. That's if you have amoebas in your lungs. If you have systemic throughout all of your lung fields, you're going to have cough wheeze, shallow breathing. If there's hookworm infections, you're gonna have a cough, wheeze, shallow breathing, chest pain and fever. If you have toxo, carry asis, you have a cough, wheeze, asthma or bronchitis and hepatic megali, which is enlargement of your liver and enlargement of your spleen and then I lesions talkshoe carry asis. And this has a worldwide distribution and you get it from the gut of cats and dogs just so you know. Alright, hookworms are usually gotten by walking barefoot in soil.

If the individual has parasites that are causing pulmonary eosinophilia, they're gonna have a cough, shallow breathing, wheeze fever, very, very fatigued and weight loss. If you have parasites called strongyloidiasis. This is going to be a hyper infection syndrome leading to asthma, acute respiratory distress syndrome called ARDS or intra alveolar. hemorrhaging. So inside your lungs, they are going to rupture those little structures called alveoli. If you have just a sigh of Sisto Samaya says you have acute disease, you're going to have a fever and a cough shallow breathing a rash called urticaria, red rash all over your body, and arthralgia, which is joint pains. Pneumonia may be another symptom. Also, pulmonary hyper tension is a result. These are all caused by parasites in the lungs. Now I'm going to attach this to our actual presentation for today because we want everybody to have healthy lungs. What you don't know is there are many causes to pulmonary health problems, lung problems. This is healthy lung month. If I could teach you one thing that you've never considered that would be parasites causing almost every symptom related to asthma, COPD, and hypertension of the lungs. So anybody struggling with lung pathology, I would absolutely tell you why would you not do a parasite test get to find out do you have any of these underlying parasites that medical Doctors in America are not trained to look for? Once you do the tests, go to the Doctor Ardis show.com Get the test or do the test and then put in the discount code ARD is 10 Exclamation point. Once you do that parasite test kit shows up at your house submit the samples. When you get your reports back that you have these parasites in your body. Please immediately purchased the parasite treatment kit at the Doctor Ardis show.com. We put this together to make it super easy for you. There's what's called the Freedom cleanse, restore protocol. And it's three different sub sampled supplements created by Dr. Omarama. And you can purchase that through our website. You can also save 10% with the capital ARD is 10 Exclamation point discount code through parasite testing.com Or as the lab is called PCI. I'm Dr. Brian Ardis, God bless you and remember we have the product breathe free for killing off the parasites in any conditions of the lungs. I would recommend supplementing breathe free at the same time. It's one capsule in the morning, one in the evening. So I would recommend if you have any diseases, if you're trying to prevent those and just be one in the morning. Once you've cleared all the infections out of the body, which is usually a three month treatment period. Then I would make sure you go down to a day every three to one every day. I'm Dr. Ardis, God bless, we'll see you next week.