Episode 10.16.2023 - Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS) with Dr. Larry Palevsky


In this episode, Dr. Ardis and Dr. Larry Palevsky discuss various topics related to pediatrics, vaccines, and children's health. Dr. Palevsky talks about viruses' importance in the human body and his work as a pediatrician. They discuss vaccine mandates and note that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children often have better health outcomes, referencing a 25-year study. Dr. Larry's experience with vaccine-injured patients led him to question vaccine safety and stop administering them. Dr. Ardis applauds his commitment to patient safety.

Both doctors transitioned away from insurance-based practices, finding financial success and the ability to provide unrestricted care. They emphasize the benefits of alternative medicine and setting fair prices for services. The discussion covers factors affecting children's health, including EMF exposure, diet, sleep, and environmental toxins. Dr. Ardis and Dr. Palevsky talk about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) during SIDS Awareness Month. They highlight the lack of a vaccine to prevent SIDS and discuss potential causes. They mention historical concerns about belly sleeping and flame retardants in mattresses contributing to SIDS. They also touch upon reports of adverse events after vaccination.

The doctors discuss the correlation between vaccines and injuries, emphasizing the importance of informed healthcare decisions and the dangers of gaslighting in the medical field.

The conversation ends with a focus on technology's impact on health, particularly EMFs and WiFi. Dr. Ardis promotes his newsletter and upcoming conference where he'll educate parents about EMFs and 5G technology.

Overall, the discussion covers a wide range of topics related to pediatrics, vaccines, and children's health, with a focus on alternative approaches and informed decision-making.


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Hello, everybody. I'm Dr. Ardis. This is the Dr. Ardis show. Hope you've had a great week. Great weekend prior. I hope you enjoyed and were able to tune in for the ReawakenTour in Miami, where I spoke last Friday. It's actually over the incredible healing power of EDTA was that presentation there. And then if any of you are able to tune in, I just got back from Chicago, from the Trinity freedom and health expo where I spoke Saturday and Sunday. And that was on various topics of how to stay well, in this period of biological weapons. If any of you have not tuned in for the healing for the ages conference I held here in Dallas, Texas, please go to healingfortheages.com, you can actually use the discount code "ARDIS" my last name, it'll take 50 bucks off of that. Most of what you're going to learn at each of those presentations were presented at the healing for the ages conference last month here in Dallas, Texas. And we're excited to announce we've already actually secured the hotel again for next year, September 12th, 13th, and 14th, for healing for the ages 2.0 and the guest I'm going to have today, I'd love to have him be there as a part of it. We'll be right back after these messages.

Dr. Ardis  1:20 

Welcome back from the commercial break, I'm Dr. Ardis, I'm going to be joined live by the incredible pediatrician out of New York City, Dr. Larry Palevsky is going to be here with us. And we're excited to share some time with him in reverence and awe and education of what they like to term SIDS Awareness Month. And we'll get into what that is here. pretty disgusting, awful and emotionally upsetting for families who were devastated by this issue for decades. We're going to have an open dialogue about this conversation and other things related to pediatrics today. All right, the sponsors for this show are my pillow.com. Go to mypillow.com for anything you want for Christmas, or whatever holidays are coming up birthdays, you name it, the discount code for the doctor, or the show is "DOCTOR" or if that's too much, you can actually just put in "DR". which is short for doctor and it works the same. It'll provide additional discounts to you and your loved ones. So consider shopping there mypillow.com then also Brighteonstore.com, which is Mike Adams is platform to save 5% off of anything there use the same promo code DOCTOR, and then graithcare.com fact I just got a note from them. Do you know that based on recommendations we gave to a child, actually a 14 year old teenager who was dealing with issues in their health. When I gave them recommendations and the advocates gave him recommendations for his health. The mom told his pediatrician that we'd given some natural solutions to this kid's health problems. You know what the pediatrician did the pediatrician called CPS on the parents and just so you know, the parents contacted the advocates at graithcare.com And the entire CPS investigation was dropped and dismissed within 24 hours. I just got that note 30 minutes ago. So this is the reason why advocates are very beneficial and can be beneficial. Very excited for what personal Romans in them are doing great care. If you want my personal input on your health, you can choose the AAA option. But let's get over to our actual interview. This is going to be exciting. This is a man I've loved and admired actually for the last four years when I first became aware of him when I watched an interview of his early on during the pandemic with a with a man named Jason Czerka, where they were just discussing, just just a very candid conversation is what I had seen of this doctor with one of his pediatric patients for years, named Jason Czerka. Who wanted to ask Dr. Palevsky. about viruses. And should we be worried about this new virus? And what aspect of viruses should we be afraid of confused of have anxiety over? And I just think Dr. Palevsky did an incredible job of making him educated in the rest of the world who got to watch that interview of the simplistic nature of viruses and how they make up a major part of our entire human body's existence. So that was actually a very cool interview for me when I shared with all of our audiences as we were trying to save lives around the world. But I'd like to welcome Dr. Larry Palevsky to the show, and we're going to have a candid conversation. Thank you for being here. Dr. Palevsky. How are you?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  4:21 

I'm well Doctor Ardis. Thanks for inviting me. It's good to be here again.

Dr. Ardis  4:24 

It's always exciting to see you. Every time I see an interview of yours. You're always standing up against a wall. I guess you never get tired. I think you're like one of those 100 100 mile marathon runners always upright, but your stamina is phenomenal.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  4:36 

Thank you. Well, you know there is a disease about sitting all the time so I prefer to stand.

Dr. Ardis  4:44 

That is very, very true. Americans have become very sedentary and if you haven't seen what the outlook of that's going to be as we become more and more sedentary over time. Watch the Disney film Wally and you'll see what happened to all the human beings over time they're all overweight. In chairs that move for them and take them everywhere because they can't even walk. They're so overweight, and you know, no stamina. So, Dr. Palevsky,

Dr. Larry Palevsky  5:08 

I'll invoke the song, I'm still standing,

Dr. Ardis  5:11 

still standing. I love it. Dr. Palevsky. How's New York City? How's your practice?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  5:16 

Well, thankfully, I'm not in New York City. But I'm on Long Island, which is about 40 miles east of New York City. And I have a very active practice where I see families who choose to combine the best of Western medicine, and Eastern medicine, and who are looking for root causes for their children's illnesses, who are looking for ways to help their children stay well, in prevention, and nutrition, in parenting, in conscious parenting. And I work with predominantly parents who have made the educated decision and I use the word educated. Because parents are often smarter than scientists and doctors, when I say they have used their educated decisions to refrain from injecting their children with state and federal state mandated injections. And these are by far the healthiest children that I've seen. I have not offered these injections in my office for over 21 years, these children are unbelievably healthier. All the studies that have come out, confirm it, my experience in 25 years of looking at kids who have not gotten these injections, is that these kids are healthier. And even parents who've had kids who are fully partially or not injected, have seen unbelievable differences in the health of their children, when they choose to go to the place of not injecting their children with the state mandated injections.

Dr. Ardis  6:57 

Is there something that turns you around to stop offering injections 21 years ago, and something happened, that you witnessed or learned or read what happened there shifted your view.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  7:07 

In 1998, a mother came up to me and said, Hey, Dr. Larry, did you know there was mercury in vaccines? And I said, No, what else is in there? And so little by little, I started investigating. But I also invoked the concept of first do no harm, the precautionary principle, which said, you know, question first act later. And I realized that there was a bevy of information in these injections that we had never been taught in medical school residency. And then I saw a kid who got his boosters, I think they were about the 15 or 18 month old boosters. And he came in within 24 hours of swelling of lymph glands in the neck, in the axilla. And in the groin. And I had never seen that this is 15 years after starting medical school. And I just said, Wait a second, I've never seen this, I have to understand this. And with my understanding with my critical thinking, which I always had as a kid, which my medical school encouraged. I then pursued an a massive, massive research on these injections, and found that I had to make the decision, that the risks of injecting these materials into the body far outweighed any benefit. And so by October of 2020, of 2002, when I left the practice where I was working, I said I will never offer these injections again. And I haven't,

Dr. Ardis  8:42 

that's awesome. And your testimony, sharing your experience of witnessing your children in your practice who appear to be very healthy and not have issues. It actually mimics what Paul Thomas, Dr. Paul Thomas is actually found in his own practice in Oregon. And so he actually decided to do a study to see to his children in his practice that he oversees who he does not vaccinate, how do the their health outcomes compared to those in the state of Oregon and other pediatric practices who are vaccinated. And then he simply published those findings. And then as a result, the Oregon Medical Board came down and took his stripped him of his license, and then he went in practice. Have you ever had any issues like that in New York, and I do want to apologize. I'm not from New York. So I just assumed Long Island is a part of New York City. If it's not, and it's 40 miles away. I need to apologize to everyone in New York who took that personal, Larry, you're one of them? I just don't know the geography that way. But every time I've ever heard Long Island always thought that was a part of New York City, but if it's not let it go, I'm done. I don't know. I'm from Georgia and South Carolina and now in Texas, that is not my wheelhouse.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  9:46 

So when I when I chose to leave the practice in 2002, I made a number of decisions. One, I was never going to offer shots again. If parents wanted them, they were welcomed to go get them, but it wasn't going to happen in my office to I was never going to use electronic medical records again, three, I was never going to have hospital privileges again, four I was never going to take insurance again. And five, I'm not going to write many, if any prescriptions, because I started to see even 21 years ago that Western medicine could be successfully practiced without the use of pharmaceuticals or injections. And so I think

Dr. Ardis  10:32 

you're a you are an anomaly. Dr. Palevsky.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  10:36 

I don't I don't know. Is that on my forehead? Does it say that?

Dr. Ardis  10:40 

Yes, you are an anomaly. Not very many MD's I've ever met in my 25 years of being an adult and being in practice, have walked away from insurance, walked away from those kinds of or stood ground on those values of do no harm first, and actually made the attempt to try to do as much as possible without a prescription pad for their young patients. So I applaud you.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  11:01 

Thank you, Doctor Ardis. So what I what I, what I realized is that and I don't monetize myself. So those factors made me I think, somewhat less vulnerable to public attack. Because I wasn't, I couldn't be tracked. And yes, I do speak out. I have podcasts. I have been in documentaries, I do do interviews. But I'm I really am careful with what I say and what I do. Because everything I say and do is backed by their science, not mine. I'm just reciting their science. So when we talk about SIDS today, I'm just going to recite their science. And so I just say that, because I've been so protected. I've been so protected.

Dr. Ardis  11:56 

So I want to talk about this for a second because I think it'd be monumental for hopefully some practitioners in the world who watch this. There's tons of people that do watch it, please share it with all of your medical professionals. But I would like to ask Dr. Dr. Palevsky a question. Financially, what did you experience walking away from insurance and walking away from the prescription pad and transitioning to like an all cash no electronic records practice? How did your life financially and stress wise in practice, improve? Or go down? Was this a threat? Because before I even asked you this, I don't even know your history. But I'm just gonna say this. I transitioned away from insurance in my practice in 2007. And I transitioned to an entirely cash only practice, so that people had to pay cash, I was not a part of any electronic records, either. Everything was handwritten and and files. I got out of Medicare, Medicaid, all of it. I got all that. And my practice boomed as a result of that. And at first, some patients were like, You know what, I don't think I can come here, if you're not gonna take insurance. And that's fine. I'll help you find some other practice. It doesn't matter. This is that important to me. But I had medical doctors since 2007. Dr. Palevsky walk up to me in different parts of this world as they are introduced to me, but particularly in Texas, they would walk up to me all the time and go, are you the doctor Ardis that has a cash practice in Frisco, Texas? And I go, I am that guy. And they'd go, Oh, my God, you know how many MD's talk about you? And oh, my God, there's a chiropractor with an all cash practice who doesn't have any insurance? And how jealous we all are that you're able to do this? And I was like, Well, you could do it too. And I would tell them, I have thought many, many times that medical doctors as frustrated as I was with insurance and writing appeals and trying to get paid. I knew I talked about all the time, MDS must be just as frustrated if not more so than I am with insurance companies in many ways. And it would benefit them to step away from the over reach of insurance companies who would try to dictate to me how I could take care of my patients. For MDS it was if they write a prescription based on their patient's history that they know better than anybody else. Even the insurance company, always, I couldn't believe it, that when a medical doctor would write a prescription the insurance company would go, we're not filling that prescription. Oh my god, seriously, the insurance company can now dictate the care of a patient over the practicing doctor. This is ridiculous. Just let it go. I would like you to talk about the success or transition going away from insurance for medical professionals, because I think this would be massively beneficial to hear. What was your worries, your concerns, emotions? Was it scary for you? And then did it all work out? Or are you homeless right now? Palevsky. And you've and you just look,

Dr. Larry Palevsky  14:36 

this is really a screen in the street. That's

Dr. Ardis  14:39 

Are you just over an underpass and Long Island?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  14:44 

Well, let me give you a little backstory in the mid to late 90s. That's 1990s. I ran a pediatric acute care unit. And I would have kids in the intensive care unit for whatever reason, and insurance companies would call the ICU and say, I'm sorry, Dr. Palevsky. But we cannot support another day of care for this child with this disease with this diagnosis. And I would say, Well, I'm sorry. But based on the patient's current medical progress, this child is not safe enough to be on the regular floor, because the child needs more intensive nursing care and monitoring. And they said, Well, I'm sorry, Dr. Palevsky, but the insurance won't cover it. And I said, Okay, what is your name, they would tell me their name. And I would say, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to write your name in the charts. And I'm going to explain that you decided, having not examined or seen the patient with no medical degree to decide on this child's medical care, over and above beyond what the medical doctor who is licensed and can take care of this child has decided is best for the child. Oh, okay. Dr. Palevsky? Yeah, I understand, you know, but, you know, please, please let us know, tomorrow how he's doing and, and so I had realized well, into the mid 90s, and mid to late 90s, that the insurance companies had already started to take over medical care. I mean, we know what it's like, during the last three, four years, where insurance companies dictate all protocols and algorithms, and doctors have no testicles at all. And I don't mean that chauvinisticly, I mean, you know, figuratively, allowed to make any decisions anymore. So I knew. And I saw the writing on the wall for years, that I was given a medical license to practice medicine, I was not given a medical license to be obedient to a non medical provider. And so I

Dr. Ardis  17:09 

the man's got a backbone, thank God,

Dr. Larry Palevsky  17:11 

I said, I can't do this. My job is to take care of patients. I'm not a slave to this institution. And what I realized was that I did not price myself out of the market by not taking insurance. So I did give the opportunity for patients to still be able to afford it. And I did offer them and I still do offer them receipts, so they can submit for their insurance, because a lot of times they will get reimbursement for out of network care. And what I have found was that my practice can be as successful as I want it to be, if I want to be in the office 60 hours a week, I could see patients 60 hours a week, I don't choose that, because I want a balance in my life. But what I noticed was that, because I kept the price point at a certain level. And patients understood that they were getting the care that would help them stay out of my office and stay out of the emergency room, they were willing and still are willing to pay for it. And most of the time after the first year or two, I only see the patients once a year, or once every other year, because they're doing what they need to do to stay well. They'll just come in for a checkup for some kind of, you know, let's refresh. They'll come for I want to keep a paper trail to make sure that I'm doing my due diligence as a parent, and it's successful. It's been very successful.

Dr. Ardis  18:47 

And how much more rewarding? Has it been operating your practice in this way? Compared to before?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  18:53 

I don't have a big administrative overhead? Like I'm not I don't have to worry about approvals and non approvals. I mean, I had a I had a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist parents in my office yesterday. And I said to them, help me understand something. How is it that a patient comes to either one of you, and you say the kid the kid needs OT or PT. And it's clear that the kid needs OT and PT. And I, as a medical doctor, have to approve it with a prescription? How does that make any sense? Why do I have to get involved at all with any paperwork? But in New York State, for whatever reason, if a patient is in need of PT or OT, even though the PT and OT know it and make the diagnosis, the medical doctor must write the prescription for the therapy like why do I have to get involved?

Dr. Ardis  19:50 

So weird. Anyway, I do love that you've had that experience and seeing the benefits in your own life personally, as a professional in practice. It took so much stress off of me not dealing with insurance anymore, and what I did for anybody watching, if you're curious, in order to make this to where it wasn't going to be a big deal to patients, I just told all my chiropractor, acupuncture and nutrition patients, this is what I said, I'm just going to charge you what I would be charging you if I was in network with your insurance as your copay. So for a specialist, which a chiropractor was for most of these plans, it was like $45, to $55 for a copay that you were going to pay anyway. So all I did was make my fee to come see me $45. So you're just gonna pay 45 bucks, you're gonna do it anyway. And yes, we would provide receipts to them. If they asked, and we just call those, they have a term for it, they call it super bills, just give them the receipts, and then they'll turn that into their insurance. And often they were covered. And this actually took a lot of stress off of me having to pay overhead for a team of people I did have, who oversaw just insurance claims. And what is it contest, we have to contest what that is they were denying or whatever. And it was just a pain in the rear. So it made it a whole lot better.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  21:00 

How many practices? How many practices have two, three or four employees just devoted to the insurance issues?

Dr. Ardis  21:09 

Mine was. Most of them are that way. We have about two minutes left. So I would like not in this segment, we'll wait for the next segment where we're getting to SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, maybe we'll highlight a little bit of touch up touching point on sudden adult Death Syndrome, which is now some real diagnosis, which is weird. But in the next hour and a half or next not next hour, next hour and one minute and a half. I'm watching my timer one minute and a half. Dr. Palevsky, Is there anything you're seeing in New York, and your patients and your patients? That is new, alarming, upsetting concerning that you need to warn people about anything new that you're seeing that or concerns for pediatric age individuals?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  21:53 

You know, I think that besides the fear that's around us, you know, I'm seeing weird rashes, weird respiratory illnesses, you know, weird symptoms in kids. And it's not clear to me, you know, when I look at parents, and I say, you know, remember, I'm looking at root cause I'm talking about electromagnetic fields, that could be a problem. I'm talking about being around others who've been boosted and boosted again and boosted again, I'm talking about kids who are playing on the turfs that are artificial, that have all the PFA's and other chemicals on them. I'm talking about diets where you know, when kids go back to school, they're getting all the snacks and all this garbage in, in, in schools that have no idea what nutrition is. And I'm talking about sleep, and sleep environments, and feng shui of the bedrooms, and, you know, cell phones and computers at home. And so, and then whatever toxins are coming from the geoengineering, and then the genetically modified foods and, you know, the non organic foods. So, you know, it's a lot, you know, it's a lot for families to have to deal with, especially when you're trying to look at root cause, you know, mold, Candida, all these things that, that are around that are that we need to deal with, and that are tough to deal with. Because it's, it's some of us, we can't even control some of it, we can't even control. So your goal is to minimize exposure to toxicity, improve diet, improve sleep, improve schedules, lower the EMF exposure. And let's see what we get when when we can modify that,

Dr. Ardis  23:42 

man, it's an awesome review right before the break. That is an incredible review that I don't even know any other pediatrician openly talking about all of those different vectors that can be the root cause for any of their children's or their own personal lives, symptoms. So that is a great review. I love your perspective, we're always focused on what's the underlying root cause, and for the audiences abroad, and I was standing in Oregon. Last week, Dr. Palevsky, I started my presentation with this. Raise your hand anybody out there in the audience who can name one single symptom that they've ever heard of, or experienced in their whole life and this is what I said, fevers, coughs, diarrhea, bloating, pain, Anal leakage. I even said that one. Any symptom you can think of, I want you to think of every symptom on earth that human beings can experience or that you've ever had in your life. And I want you to tell me, first person that raises their hand gets $100 Raise your hand and tell me one symptom that is caused by a prescription drug deficiency. Most of my excitement, nobody can think of one and I said great, then why do we all chug or inject prescription drugs into us as if we are deficient in these drugs and that's the cause of our symptoms. And that's how I kicked off this presentation. And it was really cool. It drew everybody in and they were just Like, on pins and needles waiting to hear what what is the root cause of symptoms? And, yeah, there's always a cause. And that's what I appreciate about Dr. Palevsky. And we're gonna be right back after these messages and we're going to talk about SIDS. What we know about SIDS. Well, we can talk about SIDS. All right, we'll be right back after these messages.

Dr. Ardis  25:20 

Welcome back to Dr. Ardis Show fans. I'm Dr. Ardis I'm with Dr. Larry Palevsky. Today, let's get into our sponsors. For this segment, we're gonna be talking about SIDS, everything. Everybody who is a grandparent will be a grandparent wants to be a parent, you need to share this actual episode with all of them, because they need to be looking for pediatricians like the great Dr. Larry Palevsky, on Long Island, New York. And we're going to get more into how he assesses his patients. And why it is he's been so successful in keeping children healthy without a single vaccine for over 21 years. All right, if that's the kind of life you want for your kids, like my kids have 22 years now they've been vaccinated for 21 years. I've got four adults, kids, and none have been vaccinated, no issues, no symptoms, no diseases, pretty miraculous, and no prescription drugs and their whole life. And how does that happen? Well, this is a man that you should all follow and learn from and share his testimonies and his experiences with his own patients as a medical professional, with all those worldwide because nobody is deficient in a drug or a vaccine. Nobody is deficient in a vaccine, not a human on Earth. was ever born on this earth with a required need for vaccines. God got it right the first time he developed he just perfectly on day six, and that includes your immune system, and he was not fallible at creation. So my admiration for Dr. Palevsky sits in the fact that he views it as miraculous as I do, as the greatest of all of God's greatest creations, I believe. All right, sponsors for this segment are going to be h2bev.com. That's actually Hydro Shot. I'm actually drinking one right now. Actually, I started off every day with why hydro shot this is nitric oxide infused with hydrogen provides eight hours of energy and vitality. start every day with that go to H2bev.com. To learn more about their hydro shot product, and then also growMaxwaterhydro.com Use the discount code "ARDIS" for both of these actual companies. h2bev.com to save 10% off, you can also save 10% at growmaxWaterhydro.com If you've got a garden, you've got flowers, you've got potted anything, you want to be able to filter out chlorine, fluoride and Venom's or anything glyphosate out of your water, you don't want that in your organic plants. Give them the vitality they need by giving them clean water, go to growMaxwaterhydro.com to learn more. And then also KirkElliottphd.com I just did an update with him last week. Nothing is more important, financially than you having an advisor to you to help maintain and preserve your wealth. You've worked so hard for your life to preserve and maintain for your your life. You're generations behind you. And there's a great attempt globally right now to destroy everything you've tried to save and work so hard to preserve financially, and you need somebody to help navigate those waters. I trust Kirk Elliot PhD, he's who I consult on behalf of my family and you can't do all right. Let's bring back on Dr. Larry Palevsky. Come join us again there young man. Let's talk about SIDS. I want you to define what SIDS means by abbreviation. It's an acronym, what's the stand for?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  28:15 

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Dr. Ardis  28:18 

Right now? Is there is there a vaccine for that, to prevent that from happening?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  28:22 

There's a vaccine to cause it. I don't know if there's a vaccine to prevent it.

Dr. Ardis  28:27 

Rockin. Okay, well, let's get into this we need to make sure parents are aware of SIDS is a big deal. This is SIDS Awareness Month, per these national health campaigns. What would you think was most important from a pediatric standpoint that parents understand grandparents know about SIDS?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  28:40 

So sudden infant death syndrome is a modern day phenomenon. We started to see it exponentially rise in the late 60s all the way up to the early 90s. And pediatricians abound. were very concerned, because all these percentages of babies dying in cribs had gone up. And what they found was that after babies were put down from feeding or put down for a nap, the caretaker would go in and the babies would not be breathing. And of course, after a while, the story was the same. They'd come into the ER, they'd go to the EMT, the paramedic, I put my baby down for a nap, she was not breathing. I put my baby down on her belly, his belly, and he was not breathing. And so the story was on my belly, not breathing. And so instead of modern medicine, looking at this phenomenon as Wait a second, babies have been sleeping on their bellies for centuries. SIDS is new, not centuries old. We don't have occurrences of babies dying on their bellies in the percentages that we are seeing exponential Willie rising in the last 25 to 30 years, what is it about babies now on their bellies, that's different than babies before on their bellies. So they didn't look at that. All they did was decide in 1992, to create the back to sleep program. In other words, they decided that it must be the belly that's causing babies to stop breathing. And so the back to sleep program came about where parents were told you must put your babies on their backs to sleep. And so I remember in the last 2025 years, pediatricians giving talks, where they would show that the incidence of SIDS went down nicely after 1992. But they left out a lot of information, Dr. Ardis, one piece of information that they left out was that infant mortality rates did not go down. And let me say that a little louder for the people in the back. They showed on the graph, that the incidence rates of sudden infant death syndrome went down. But they never spoke about the fact that the infant mortality rates did not go down.

Dr. Ardis  31:24 

Alright, so let's define what an infant mortality rate because I believe it has a one year window, right? Infant mortality rate?

Dr. Larry Palevsky  31:30 

Yeah. infant is up to a year. Right.

Dr. Ardis  31:32 

So does the baby live past one year old? Okay.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  31:36 

Right. And so what, what we were seeing was that in reality, the babies who were coming in on their backs, dying, of sudden infant death syndrome, were now diagnosed as something else. So they were given a different label. And so yes, the number of cases of sudden infant death syndrome went down, because the number of labels put on these babies dying, went down.

Dr. Ardis  32:14 

This sounds very similar to like, how it is that pneumonia deaths and like viral and bacterial pneumonia and flu deaths suddenly disappeared in the last four years. Right. And they all became COVID 19 deaths in America.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  32:27 

Right. And so that nobody talks about that. But what's really concerning to me, Doctor Ardis, is that when people in the 90s started to raise concern, that hey, wait a second, babies have been dying. Babies have not been dying for centuries on their bellies. What caused a sudden rise in the last 25 to 30 years of babies dying in their bellies? Well, one group of pediatricians in the mid 90s. And they wrote about this in the Townsend letter, which was very popular in the 1990s. They wrote about the fact that because babies were now sleeping on mattresses that contain flame retardants, the babies would sweat, they would drool and the heat of their breath would combine with the gases in the mattresses. The chemicals would off gas, these chemicals would affect the respiratory centers, and the babies would stop breathing. And when these pediatricians figured this out, that it was the flame retardants in the mattresses. They put vinyl coverings over the mattresses for the babies in their communities. And they witnessed a complete drop in sudden infant death syndrome in their communities. And when these pediatricians ran into the conferences, of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics shut the door on them. They did not want to hear these results. And so that information was hidden. And I'll tell you that, you know, that was almost 30 years ago, right 25 to 30 years ago. And there are very few pediatricians today who are alive. Who would remember this happening in the 1990s.

Dr. Ardis  34:35 

Yeah, this is phenomena to say No, I've never even heard this. I've heard of other reasons for the SIDs. I have not heard about these towns and letters. And this report that they found covering with vinyl. These flame retardant soaked saturated mattresses for babies was creating the suppression in their respiration. That's a phenomenal, great piece of information. Oh, what's concern

Dr. Larry Palevsky  34:59 

thing to me, obviously, is the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics wasn't interested in cars. Yeah. Because if they were interested in cars, they wouldn't have said, Put the babies on their backs, they would have said, Wait a second, babies have been sleeping on their bellies for centuries. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a modern phenomenon. What could this be from? We've not seen Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for hundreds and 1000s of years. But then, another conversation started in the 90s, which was do injections, do childhood injections contribute to the onset of sudden infant death syndrome. And what came about was this observation that at least 50%. And the numbers continue up to this day, that that 50% of patients, actually, the babies had Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, within 24 hours of having received their childhood shots. And then 70%, actually, within one week of getting their shots,

Dr. Ardis  36:10 

and actually seen all these studies. Yeah, so

Dr. Larry Palevsky  36:12 

these are replicated throughout, and the American Academy of Pediatrics and all of industry, denied, denied, denied, denied, even though parents knew nothing else happened, there was no suffocation and they tried to push it off as well, the baby was suffocated, because there were pillows where the babies were suffocated, because there were bumpers, or the parents were obese, and that caused the baby to stop breathing, or the parents were alcoholics or drug addicts. And that caused the baby to stop breathing. Or they were, you know, they came up with every excuse. The one excuse, which is the gaslighting of the century was we will show you studies and they did that the shots had nothing to do with sudden infant death syndrome. And I remember in the early 2000s, finding a study in the late 1990s on hepatitis B vaccine, and sudden infant death syndrome, looking at 1991 to like 1998. And what they found was that there were over 1700 reports sent to there's vaccine adverse event reporting system set up in the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, to monitor so to speak, even though we know less than 1% of all episodes are submitted to VAERS as adverse events, but they were the 1700, a little over 1700 reports of adverse events from the hepatitis B vaccine from 1991 to 1998. And there were 17 deaths. And in the article, Dr. Ardis, they list all of the autopsy findings. And I want people to know that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has no autopsy findings. There are no odd, that's the by definition, how you make the definite diagnosis of sudden infant death syndrome. There are no findings. But these 17 Some of them showed myocardial infarction, liver, blood clots, other blood clots around in areas of the body. And they attributed that to sudden infant death syndrome. And the conclusion of the article was, there is no evidence to show that there's any association between the hepatitis B vaccine and sudden infant death syndrome. And yet, it's right there in the results. Because by definition, if you have a myocardial infarction, that's not sudden infant death syndrome, because Sudden Infant Death Syndrome should have no findings on autopsy.

Dr. Ardis  39:17 

Yeah, and you found a heart attack or evidence of a heart attack. In an infant, that's disgusting. That is disgusting. Alright, so let me ask you a question. How disgusting is it to you as an individual who has Critical Thinking capabilities to hear these terms referenced correlation does not equal causation. That is like the most blatant ridiculous thing I've ever heard in relationship to vaccines, and the probability that there is a linked cause of injury of any kind to the vaccines.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  39:51 

Well, I look at it as their their slot machine, and we're just putting in a Wooden Nickel because they cannot compute the possibility that there's any relationship. And that's why I said earlier it is the biggest gaslighting scam of the century. Because absolutely are they are convinced, and with a straight face that there's no association even though the parents who are devastated, absolutely devastated and they know in the heart of hearts, that their child was fine, got the shots and was dead soon after the the system cannot allow, they cannot entertain, they can't engage, they cannot conceptualize. They cannot entertain they cannot and will not regard your experience as real. So it is truly a Wooden Nickel in a slot machine. And the fact of the matter is that are there enough people in the population who continued to allow themselves to be gaslit? That change has not happened sooner?

Dr. Ardis  41:22 

Yeah, I'll tell just quick story. I had a pediatrician Tell me, tell me at my son, my only son at the time I was a first time parent. He's 22 years old now. But he was only four months old in a pediatrician wrote a antibiotic prescription for him and I gave it to him while he was nursing. I just put it in his mouth while he was nursing. And within two minutes, he had a grand mal seizure while nursing, and I called the pediatrician I ran to the kitchen to call and find out do I go to the ER call? 911 What do I do? And because I had no idea, all I know is he was losing it. And the medical doctor screamed in the phone that this is exactly what's it. Dr. Ardis that drug prescribed would never have had that effect. It would have never caused a grand mal seizure. What did you do to cause the seizure? Did you drop your baby or shake your baby? And I was like, What? What I slammed on the phone I was pissed. It was one of the final breaks for me I just could not stand. This is an example of gaslighting, the horrific pneus. In my opinion of hearing you talk about how doctors would then surmise that it was pillows or blame it on the parent for being alcoholic or obese. You're the problem. Something you did is what led to your child's death is just beyond disgusting and evil in my opinion. Alright, so that is SIDS. We know there's a correlation most likely from chemicals in mattresses. There are obviously correlations to the timing of getting childhood vaccines and SIDS occurring. For most of them. I've seen the studies I've shown them to my audiences over the last few years. I would like to know from your perspective, in these last four minutes of this interview, do you educate your patients who have children? Is it top of mind? And is it something you often do? Where you would recommend organic mattresses for babies when they're born? Do you recommend natural things for your children whenever they get sick outside of antibiotics? Can you? I would like to hear your perspective. From what you educate your parents. What are some of the basics you recommend to try to keep the babies in your practice the infants, the newborns, as healthy and as viable as possible? What are some of those like emergency kit things you would tell the parents make sure you do this, make sure you have this in your home. These are the basics.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  43:36 

So for for newborns, I support mothers to breastfeed. And I also encourage mothers to eat very specific diets to make nursing and the baby's health optimal. And that that means that the diets in the moms really need to be pristine, they need to be warm, they need to be cooked, they need to be colorful, they need to be tasty, and the mother needs to be reminded to eat. I also strongly recommend that babies have a lot of time on their bellies. So with the advent of the back to sleep program, we started to see babies who are at out having more neuromuscular developmental delays. Why? Because babies sleeping on their backs, actually reduces neuromuscular development, and it slows it down. So I encourage parents if they're going to sleep their babies on their belly because some parents still do and if they're going to put their kids on a mattress that they get an organic mattress that they put a some kind of healthy covering over a non organic mattress that they sit there and watch the baby during naptime. If the baby is sleeping on his or her belly, that most of the time after three months a baby will turn over on the belly anyway, because they prefer to sleep on the belly. And I do go over A lot of nutritional advice. Most families are not aware because the community is taught that diet has nothing to do with your health. So when we're working with kids, I try to get parents to eat seasonally. Make sure that in the summer you eat what's growing around you. In the fall, you heat what's growing around you. In the winter, you eat what you tried to store in the summer and fall that's no longer growing around you. And that you make sure that you eat by the temperature. So if it's cold, it's warm food. If it's hot out, you're eating cooling foods, because that's what's growing raw. And fruit, vegetable rod Fruit Vegetable around you. I do talk a lot about sleep schedules. I do. Doctor Ardis talk so much about limiting screen time for kids. I know we are in an era of tremendous addiction. And we are seeing kids, irritable, uncontrollable behavior, aggressive, unable to sit still unable to focus, emotionally labile trouble sleeping,

Dr. Ardis  46:11 


Dr. Larry Palevsky  46:12 

oh my god. Right in unable to learn unable to think, inability to socialize and relate. Because these devices are creating horrible drains on their adrenal glands, horrible drains on their critical thinking ability to reducing social skill and adaptations to their environment. It's creating addictions. And it's basically reducing spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental, physical, and all those other miracles development. It's the kids are just not developing.

Dr. Ardis  46:53 

Have you ever found us? Have you found a sweet spot for parents I'm sure. I know, patients, they usually want specific. So is there usually a recommended timeframe allowance you would tell a parent, hey, if he's awake this many hours only, I would only give a kid this much screen time.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  47:08 

Well, I recommend that after dinner it's off. And that is tough to write and get the get the get the devices out of the room and turn the Wi Fi off at night and make sure that you are not bathed in all of this electromagnetic radiation. But again, kids sleep better. I've seen it they sleep better. When the EMF is mitigated. They sleep better when they're off their devices. And Lord knows that sleep medicine has become one of the largest areas of medical practice nowadays. Because most of our most of the kids diseases that I see most of their inflammation is completely compromised, because of course sleep. Now whether that's just because of the function of the room, but because of the emf of the room because of the devices in the room. But because of the foods being eaten at night, because of late night staying up because of tonsils and adenoids being big teeth grinding, all of that and more. Sleep is the biggest problem that I'm seeing in my practice. And if we don't get kids sleeping through the night peacefully, it's really going to be hard to get rid of their inflammation during the day.

Dr. Ardis  48:30 

Dr. Palevsky, we're out of time here but I want you to tell the audiences where they can subscribe to your newsletter, which I actually get, and then tell them where they can follow you or find you on Long Island.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  48:40 

Okay, so my website is Dr. Palevsky. That's Drpalevsky.com. My Instagram is at Dr-Palevsky. My telegram is Dr. Palevsky. And my newsletter can be found on my website at DrPalevsky.com where you'll see interviews I've done documentaries I've been in articles that I post and a lot more information about your health and your children. I work at the Northport Wellness Center in Northport, New York. I've been there 18 and a half years. And I have an associate there who's also open to taking new patients. I do speaking engagements around the country. And you can find some of my work on my website as well.

Dr. Ardis  49:29 

Well, I'd like to personally invite you to come to the healing for the ages conference next September and do a presentation for parents on how to keep the children healthy. And we actually just did our healing for they just conference here a couple weeks ago and one of the hot topics for like four hours on day two was Dr. Ed group going through how EMFs how Wi Fi and how blue light technology from those devices are implicated to cause DNA damage in all of us. And we actually took audiences through how to use how to turn on your blue light filters. How To educate them on how to get Wi Fi turned off at night while you're sleeping. And then I don't know if you knew this, we actually showed the audience's how Comcast, for example is just one of them. But when they when you sign up to play with a Wi Fi router put in your home, it actually has in the fine print that 5g technology is in the Wi Fi router, and it can be turned on it turned off by them. And you have to write in physically to actually have them turn that off in your device. And so we made sure people are aware that 5g radiation is literally a directed energy weapon, and how it can be used. And we educated the whole world on this topic.

Dr. Larry Palevsky  50:33 

that art is very quickly, April 1 2020, I turned my Wi Fi off in my house, and have not had it on in my house ever since. And the day I turned it off my COVID symptoms, which was that tight cough and that in the chest, I felt my chest open up as soon as I turned my Wi Fi off.

Dr. Ardis  50:52 

That's awesome. Dr. Palevsky, I'm very proud of you. I will be honored to have you come and join us at that conference. And I encourage everybody to go to your website, sign up for your newsletters. It is so important that we keep the youngest generations on our planet and in our country as healthy as possible, not addicted to the social media platforms as possible. And so and as unvaccinated in my opinion as possible, so for the best outcomes for their futures. Alright, I'm Dr. Ardis. God bless. Thank you Dr. Palevsky. Have a great day.