Episode 10.02.2023 - Polycystic Ovarie Syndrome w/ Dr. Christiane Northrup


In this episode Dr. Ardis and Dr. Christiane Northrup delve into Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). They address the value of connection in these pandemic times, sharing personal stories and their adventures in health and wellness spaces.

As they dig into PCOS, the doctors express concerns about disinformation and censorship. Dr. Ardis highlights the issues with Gardasil, an anti-HPV vaccine, and emphasizes natural solutions to treat PCOS rather than relying solely on hormonal birth control pills. Dr. Northrup joins in, sharing her experience and the success stories of alternative treatments like acupuncture and Chinese herbs in enhancing fertility.

Switching gears to obesity and diabetes, Dr. Ardis talks about holistic approaches for reducing cellular inflammation. He criticizes the promotion of obesity and diabetes drugs, citing personal stories of severe side effects, including those from venom-based weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. Both doctors discuss the potential dangers of these venom-derived medications and express concerns about the alleged venom proteins in COVID-19 vaccines.

In an insightful discussion about medical education, the doctors, alongside another speaker, examine the limitations in current medical training, describing it as cult-like. They express frustration with the constraints of conventional medicine and emphasize the benefits of alternative approaches including frequency devices and spiritual healing.

The conversation ends with a talk about the impact of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and glyphosate on reproductive health. Dr. Ardis cites studies showing potential negative impacts and stresses the need for more research into these areas. He encourages people to explore more about these topics, mentioning Dr. Christiane Northrup as a reliable source for information.


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Dr. Ardis  0:11 

Hello Brighteon.tv fans and Doctor Ardis Show fans I'm your host, Dr. Brian Ardis and I am very excited to bring to you a very special, in my opinion very special episode since we're going to be visiting with the great Dr. Christiane Northrup, who's one of my favorites in the history of smart people and intelligent people who actually have common sense and could tell women around the world how to take care of their life, their pregnancies, their fetuses, their newborns, with common sense and logic, outside of scientific jargon, or scientific coercion. And so we're gonna be spending 20 minutes, 22 minute segments with Christiane Northrup today discussing polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month. So we're going to bring some education enlightenment to you. In this segment today, you'll be able to find me all over the place. We'll be right back after this commercial breaks but just wanted you to know if you're looking for me. You can find me and Dr. Christiane Northrup in Miami, October 13 and 14th I'll be speaking on the 13th she'll be speaking on the 14th Come join us and clay and General Mike Flynn and the whole Trump family whoever is going to show up trying to voice reason, freedom and excitement for the future. You can join us there we'll be right back after these messages.

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Dr. Christiane Northrup  3:04 

I'm great. Maine is beautiful. We just had our common sense fair on Saturday, you know, we had a pig roast and being hauled beans and all the Patriots standing around, you know, sheep herding, the usual things you know, that you do learn and how to store your carrots and sand for the winter. And, you know, these are all the people who showed up a couple of years ago when we're testing the weather and we said some is off here this summer is really off. So we like you and I we have found each other through God's internet. And here we are now in 2023. And if you're still thinking about I mean, okay, there are still people testing themselves for COVID. And this astounds me, didn't you get the memo that the test is worthless?

Dr. Ardis  4:00 

Anyway, there's these people been for four years.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  4:03 

Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. But that's okay. We were out there on the front lines at the beginning. And it was it's really been, I have to say, devastating for families and friendships and exhilarating simultaneously.

Dr. Ardis  4:18 

Yeah, there's been so many people, I think that felt alone for a very long time with their ideals, their values just through personal experience and research who felt isolated from people who accepted a a more mainstream narrative and medicine and health. This last four years has opened up a huge avenue for people to connect with like minded individuals even if they weren't in their family, or in their relationships already. And so I have seen a huge monumental opportunity for people to gravitate find individuals I never would have found before if there wasn't some crisis, vomited on them and fear mongering about some invisible virus that can be protected by a cotton diaper on your mouth and over your nose. Which is crazy, but To Yeah, shocking. All right, Christiane Northrup, tell the world where you've been for the last few weeks. I want them to know where you are and then where they can follow you and where they can find you already mentioned in the opening, you'll find us at the Miami reawakening reawaken tour, but you're traveling as much as I do. I'm somewhere every week and tell them where you've been most recently, what things you produce most recently where to go find those and then where to find you in the near future.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  5:22 

So most recently, I was in Branson, Missouri, talking about something called cardio miracle on the PTL praise the Lord network with Jim Baker, and this coming weekend. Where is it? I'm going to be I am going to be at the Lake Geneva Christian Center 605 birch Avenue in Alexandria, Minnesota, with Dr. Gerard Jared oceans, Dorf, okay, at the at the global health freedom Summit. And then after that I will be in a clay Clark's reawaken America tour on the 14th. I'm speaking around noon. And then that weekend of the 20th. I will be in Orlando speaking at the galactic and spiritual informers conference where you can learn about all the stuff that they have really been trying to hide, like the unidentified flying objects that they have identified for decades. They just didn't want to know.

Dr. Ardis  6:20 

That sounds like a really cool conference in Orlando, Florida. If I wasn't somewhere already. I'd be there. I'm actually booked somewhere every weekend through into the second week in November right now. This is just straight through. So I really do applaud you. You've been doing this for decades. This isn't new for you. But I think the last four years is there has been a gravitational pool for people all around the world needing individuals who've been speaking out truths for years to show up on stages in front of audiences in front of loved ones in their churches, wherever it might be. It's obviously been a lot heavier load in the last four years. It has been for me personally, maybe for you. Or maybe this is your normal life every weekend traveling so no,

Dr. Christiane Northrup  6:59 

no, not at all. And in the past, you know, when I was one of the 100 most trusted people in America by Reader's Digest in 2013. They would send me first class tickets, they liked what I had to say I was on Oprah on NPR and all the rest of it. And that all suddenly changed, of course, with the Center for the countering of digital hate, which they made up. So I'm, you know, a proud member of the disinformation doesn't you know, the 12 people on planet earth or 70% of the disinformation on the internet, something that's been completely disproven, but it doesn't stop them from the continued censorship. In fact, if you try to follow me on Instagram, you get a warning. You get a warning? Are you sure? You want to go to this site, which I love? Because, you know, I described myself as yeah, I've done a lot of stuff, but I am you know, I'm a postmenopausal woman living with cat, you know, it's like, in Maine, how dangerous can it be?

Dr. Ardis  8:06 

You super terrorist. That's right. That's right. Absolutely say this different disinformation doesn't. It was interesting to see that list, like three and a half years ago, or three years ago, and are like on the list. And I was like, that's interesting. I've never met any of these people. But I know who they are. Now, I've actually been on stages with almost every single one of you or been in your homes, or you've been in my home. I'm not kidding. Every single one of you. I have except for one. And that's Dr. Mercola. He's definitely one. I've been in his home while he's hiding away and either.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  8:36 

No, I've never, you know, I was on his show years ago, years ago, but I've never, you know, I don't think he comes out. You know, that. I don't think so. But you're right. That's God's internet, where we've been, you know, we've met each other and it's been the most wonderful thing, everybody, it's, you know, I was at a thing called Queen Esther, about the book of Esther, Esther, in Branson, this incredible theatre, and, you know, they got the thing for such a time as this. We were born for such a time as this and it's so clear to me, it wasn't at first. I mean, when I first showed up at Clay Clark's thing in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Rhema Bible college. I didn't have a clue. I had never seen people standing, you know, praising the Lord like this. I didn't know what that was, you know, now I just got baptized.

Dr. Ardis  9:24 

That's awesome. There has been a shift. That has happened. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. All right. So let's, let's allow you Dr. Christiane Northrup, yours digest 100 most trusted individuals in America around the world. Oprah Winfrey is one of the top souls in the world. And let's get you and your disinformation to educate our audiences today on something you would be very familiar with, which is why I wanted you to come on and have this discussion every week on my show, The Dr. Oz Show actually do. I take a either Health Awareness Week, day month topic and I will basically destroy the narrative For that the medical professional will tell you about that condition. Oh, I

Dr. Christiane Northrup  10:03 

love that. Well, I love that that's great idea. You take the thing that they're telling you about. And then you just tell people the real truth.

Dr. Ardis  10:11 

Every weekend, this lined up through the end of January, every health topic that they want to make a significant national campaign, international campaign. Every week that they do that I actually present their data, their statistics, their actual research, and then the antidotes and the solutions for those that are all natural, and the problems with their recommendations. It's really quite fun. This is just what I do. I've been doing it for 20 years in private with people trying to help them uncover the root causes for their diseases and symptoms and you kind of have to take you have to unwind everything they've been indoctrinated or sold as the reasoning behind it, and then help them make sense of it. Right? Common sense. You had your common sense, fair, it's time to bring some common sense to a condition. Millions of young women and adult women are having called polycystic ovarian syndrome. Okay, so, by definition, can you just lay out for us what polycystic ovarian syndrome means, like, what's the Latin terminology was that mean to us?

Dr. Christiane Northrup  11:08 

What it means is if you look at the ovary on ultrasound, or if you cut into it on someone who's died, or if you're there in the operating room, what you find is that the cortex of the ovary, the outer surface of the ovary, is thickened. And there are all these little cysts in it. So it's bigger than it should be. And they're all these little cysts. And what the cysts represent is eggs that never made it to ovulation. So it's almost like you know, there were all of these creations that wanted to be born, but they got blocked and the reason that they got blocked is it is a rather profound hormonal imbalance. And they tell you that the cure if your gynecologist This is the cure for everything. Okay, birth control pills, I swear to you, and everyone should know that OB GYN training is basically brought to you by all the manufacturers of synthetic hormones that are not native to the female

Dr. Ardis  12:13 

body. So if your name's Sam that will be familiar with Female Okay,

Dr. Christiane Northrup  12:17 

so Johnson and Johnson, ortho in the past there was wioth, but wioth was bought by I think Merck, Merck brought you Gardasil, and that's a very good way to name women is Gardasil, sorry. But I came out with against that in 2006. on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she happened to give me the microphone and said, people could ask me questions and Gardasil had just come out. That's the anti HPV vaccine where people had the t shirt, I won't be one more. And I gave all the statistics in my book, women's bodies, women's wisdom, and I said, you aren't going to be the next one. Anyway, I won't be the next one. You never would have been okay. It really wouldn't have been. So that was. Mary Holland describes that because she heard a marketing executive from Merck describe their Gardasil campaign as lightning in a bottle. They had lost so much money on Vioxx, which had been killing people with cardiovascular disease. So So remember, everybody, Pfizer, and all the rest of them are just serial felons. They're just serial felons. Part of doing business is to pay out these massive fines, and then just keep doing it. Because the fine is a line item. Oh, that's the price of doing business, just the price of killing people. And then we'll bring out the new thing. So that was Gardasil. Well, anyhow. So what polycystic ovarian syndrome is, is the inability of the ovary to be in this wonderfully orchestrated cycle of creation, which is you get your period, and then an egg starts to grow in your ovary and estrogen increases during that time. And then right at mid cycle, there is a pulse of FSH follicle stimulating hormone luteinizing hormone in the pituitary feeds down to the ovary and an egg comes out of the follicle. And then if you do not get pregnant, then you get a little body called the corpus luteum, which is yellow, and that produces progesterone. And then for the next two weeks, proximately. Here's how I say it. The first half of the cycle, is you're preparing to give birth to something outside of yourself, which would be a baby or whatever. And then the second half of the cycle. If you're not pregnant, you're preparing to give birth from something deep within yourself. That does not happen in polycystic ovary syndrome. They're just sort of stable, and the testosterone levels are higher than they should be. These women tend to get excess hair on their face, because it's an androgenic Big deal. So the the way it's approached in modern medicine is just put her on birth control pills. No, I want you there's a place for birth control pills. But I want to tell you, they're completely overused. And what is your menstrual cycle? It is a beautiful, vital sign. So we have blood pressure, we have pulse, we have respiratory rate. And then if you're a woman, we've got the menstrual cycle. It is a vital sign. Well, if that's messed up, something else is messed up. But what do birth control control pills? Do? They put duct tape over the indicator lights on the dashboard of your body. So you can't read them and you think oh, everything's okay. It's like, no, it masks what's going on. All right. Now, what works for PCO? First of all, it's always worse in an atmosphere of hyper insulin EMIA, when you have too much insulin, and too much insulin, raises blood sugar, and it for glycemic stress. Okay, so you're eating donuts all day or meeting simple carbs, all of the stuff like that. It actually increases the problem with the hormones. I have heard now that there's some rock star called Lizzo. And she's a beast. And she shames her BACKUP SINGERS if they're not obese enough. So what we've moved into is this sort of curvy, fat exempt acceptance, this is insane. Plus, I also heard there's this new thing ozempic, right, that's $15,000 a year and whoever promotes that now has a bottom line. That's more than the gross national product of the country where that drug company is I don't I think it's Denmark or something. You cannot have better limit living through pharmacy, you got to get your diet straight. But mostly, you need to tune in to the cyclic wisdom of nature. Where do you see that? Well, you see it with the phases of the moon, and the phases of the moon, determine the cyclic flow of fluids in the body. So on the new moon, if women are living together on the land without artificial light, and artificial light messes things up, then they tend to cycle at the same time. And the reason they do is that the pheromones from the armpits and the pubic area, actually get everybody to be cycling at the same time kind of ovarian sisters. So you want to do everything you can to tune into the cycles of nature. So we have spring, summer, fall, winter, and in your body. That's one month, it's the beginning. And then the egg pops out at mid cycle. You also get increased testosterone right at mid cycle if you're not on birth control pills. So we always joked about the ovulation movies, you know, because you feel maximally ready for cross pollination at that mid cycle. The birth control pill, by the way, blunts the testosterone level by increasing testosterone binding globulin and we don't know how long that lasts after a woman is off the pill. And it also does another thing, the pill, it changes the way you perceive this the scent of a potential partner. Now you know how they've done those studies. And women. If they smell the guys t shirt, they choose the partner who's best for them genetically, but if you're on the pill, you can't tell. It's really interesting. And I had a good friend and OBGYN from Texas. And she said, I think if I had met my husband when I wasn't on the pill, the marriage wouldn't have happened. And then it wouldn't have ended the way it did. Okay, so, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, reflexology, that helps get you back on track. castor oil packs to the lower abdomen that helps but what what will not help is going on birth control pills that just mask the whole thing. So I've seen woman after woman after woman, get over PCO. Here's the other thing they tell you. Oh, well, you've got it. And you know that's it for you. You'll never get over it.

Dr. Ardis  19:32 

To this. You inherited it on your sister.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  19:35 

Yeah, yeah. No, why don't you be the black sheep in terms of inheriting things? Oh, well, but you know, breast cancer runs in my family. Then I go Yeah, well, what else runs in your family because breast cancer is pining for the back lock walking away. It's like you're giving you're giving you're giving you're not receiving and these organs called breasts are symbolic of giving and receiving. So So I want you to see everything at your power, your power as a woman lies in understanding that everything that happens in your body is bio symbolic. And you are relating to it in a certain way, it's not happening to you, it's happening for you, for your soul, and Dr. Ardis and I had a little conversation before we began about The Body Code. And The Body Code is a very, very well studied well documented approach that clears belief patterns in the body, for some of them 20 generations back that you don't even know you have, you know, the sins of the father are, move forward with the children low onto seven generations. And you can, you can clear those. So I want you to know, you have some power over this the other thing, grounding, get your feet on bare ground, Mother Earth will bring negative ions in through your feet to decrease cellular inflammation. So it 20 minutes on the barefoot on a beach on the ground, decreases cellular inflammation, the root cause of almost all chronic degenerative diseases, it decreases that by 20%. And Sun, the Sun getting out in the sun, it actually we're moving into seasonal affective disorder, time. And if you just get natural light in the corner of your eye, there's a good company called light for health. And if you just buy one of those bulbs, I'm not kidding. It's natural light just to have it illuminated. Sometime when you're working at your desk or whatever, that will change the hormones just natural light can change PCO. However, you will not be able to continue eating all the doughnuts and all the cookies and all the chocolate cake I'm really sorry. But you won't, because you've got to get your insulin levels down to normal, which will bring your blood sugar down to normal. And then you won't have to worry about heart disease, either or diabetes.

Dr. Ardis  22:11 

And I want to say one thing as we go to commercial break here in about 50 seconds and brought up ozempic And Lizzo saying that her backup dancers need to be a little more obese or That's so ridiculous. Okay. Those who are at most risk for dying, being hospitalized, being diseased are going to be the obese. So you might as well get that under control and don't listen to your pop stars who tell you you should be more obese. That is not even common sense. Don't do it. It's dumb. All right, so what they have right now, I'm not sure if Liz oh, maybe she's being paid by ozempic and we'll go V but these are two drugs that are being promoted right now worldwide for obesity and diabetes. Did you know Dr. Christiane Northrup that ozempic. And we'll go v have a published blackbox warning that states if you use this $15,000 drug that you inject yourself once a week, if you do this every week for a year, your risk for every single thyroid cancer goes up after just 52 weeks. Did you know that?

Dr. Christiane Northrup  23:06 

I did not I knew there was something bad I knew it.

Dr. Ardis  23:09 

And did you know that this drug also is published? There's a CNN article that came out on July 25 of this year. It's titled blockbuster weight loss and diabetes drugs are now causing people's stomachs to be paralyzed. And it's shifting it actually shares Hollywood celebrities and lay people around the United States and their personal stories that they used to will go V or ozempic to inject themselves once a week to help them lose weight or control blood sugar. And this is not a joke. They are now after stopping the drug still sick literally vomiting every day multiple times a day everything they eat or drink because their stomachs are paralyzed and can't empty the food into their intestines and this drug will go viewers Olympic is creating this life changing terrible side effect for everybody who is taking that drug. So paralyzed stomachs not being able to empty into the intestines is making these people lose their jobs ruin their whole life by them throwing up all day long, a year and a half to two years after stopping the drug. That's what's in that CNN article. Alright, so did you know Dr. Christiane Northrup Did you know that drug ozempic And we'll go V are actually made from a lizard in the desert called the healer monster Did you know it's made from the healer monsters venom, so ozempic and we'll go V are called GLP one drugs and they are made from the venom of the healer monster lizard in the deserts of Southwest America. Now my question for you is Dr. Northrup Do you think people that are overweight and have diabetes? Do you believe they have a heal a monster lizard Venom deficiency? Do you think that's why they're overweight and diabetic?

Dr. Christiane Northrup  24:51 

Absolutely not. But leave it to you. Okay guys, you got to listen to this guy, Dr. Ardis. He's on it often. yours before other people are I mean, this is this was worth getting up in the morning for hearing about this. Wow this is

Dr. Ardis  25:08 

worth it. Alright, we're gonna be right back after the commercial break with more with Dr. crushers, Gianna Northrup

Dr. Ardis  25:17 

Welcome back to the duct Ardis Show I'm your host Dr. Brian Ardis with the incredible Dr. Christiana Northrup educating the world on Polycystic Ovarian disease and the fact that ozempic And we'll go V are two obese and diabetes drugs made from Hilo monster venom, a lizard in the ocean. And she she concluded the same conclusion as I had that being overweight and diabetic is not simply caused by a healer monster Venom deficiency. We both agreed on that. So don't inject yourself with venom. It has side effects of cancer, and paralyzing stomachs worldwide. Oh, and it's also published cause acute and chronic liver failure, acute and chronic kidney failure if you want that on top of that, and for diabetics, it is proven that this venom based drug increases the speed at which you as a diabetic develop diabetic retinopathy, your retina will actually detach from your eyeball and you will go blind even faster if you have diabetes with that drug. Don't trust venom. Unless you want to ask your doctor first. If venom is right for you, ask your doctor if venom is right for you. That's what I would do. All right, this this actual segments been brought to you by Kirk Elliot phd.com You know, they're trying to steal all your money. Eventually there won't be any money. Why? Because they just made it up anyway. It's like Monopoly money they can what they create, they can destroy, they're going to destroy it. Take it away from me, Kirk Elliot ph d.com. And then also we have h2 bev.com. By hydro shot subscribe to that drink one every morning every single day I have for over a year now. And Kurt rapid, and their group has done a great job of producing a nitric oxide infused drink with hydrogen. To increase how much nitric oxide and oxygen your body produces over a eight hour period and then grow water Max hydro.com Go there. You can learn more about their products for filtering out fluoride, glyphosate and all those poisons in your water. Maybe even Venom's get them out of there for you pour your own garden hose water on your organic farm. Let's give a shout out to Dr. Stella Manuel go to Dr. Stella md.com If you need anything merchandise wise of hers, nutritional supplements of hers that she creates. Alright, let's get back to Dr. Christiane Northrup. All right. Christiane Northrup, I'm going to share my screen real quick because I want to show you this just because I hate when people say stuff but they don't actually show you. So I'm going to show you then I'm going to go to this article right here. Can you see the screen Dr. Northrup we wouldn't have ozempic Without healer monsters, their hunger regulating Venom inspired weight loss drugs. Look at that. March 22 2023. Isn't a cute?

Dr. Christiane Northrup  27:49 

Oh my god. Oh my god, you know,

Dr. Ardis  27:52 

venomous idea so ridiculous. Whoa, whoa. And this is what they explained that he'll a monster venom has a compound in it that can regulate hunger. Do you know what it actually does, it actually paralyzes the vagal nerve. So your stomach can't relax to dump the food you just swallowed into your intestine, so it just sits in your stomach. And then when you have breakfast after injecting yourself with this drug that paralyzes your vagal nerve that now your stomach can empty from when you inject the venom inside of you. It binds to the vagal nerve, you swallow breakfast, breakfast sits in your stomach until lunchtime. You get to lunch, you know you're supposed to eat something so you decide to go to eat with your co workers. You don't want to be the oddball out not eating anything and looking like a weirdo doing intermittent fasting. So you decide to eat your food and drink your water. And then it sits right on top of that and then guess what you experience cyclic vomiting that will not end. And if you haven't learned anything for me for the last year and a half audiences worldwide, Venom is published to stay inside of a mammal for up to 10 years, bound to the cells after it's bound to them. No different than the venom that we found that's not in find it but published to be the actual spy proteins of COVID. The venom being used inside of COVID-19 shots called snake venom phospho de esterase all of these Venom's bind to cells and create number one, long term side effects, and Christiane Northrup, have you heard of these long term side effects of COVID called Long Haller COVID symptoms. This is a published side effect of Venom's every single one, and I can tell I can show the whole world every single doctor every single layperson, I can show you every symptom being caused by COVID. And the actual Venom that's causing it. And I'm not joking, I can tell you that exact protein that's causing it, no one outside of probably Venom experts could be able to articulate this to you as well as I can. But this is one of the reasons why this is actually creating a problem like this. Now watch this. I'm gonna show you. I'll show you this actual article, and then we'll continue so all of you out there who have loved ones taking this drug ozempic Just know. It was published on July 25 of this year they took blockbuster drugs for weight loss and diabetes. Now their stomachs are paralyzed, and this actress is talking about it in Hollywood. And then they get into all of these people now look at this, this 42 year old lady. Even now being off the medicine for almost a year, I'm still having a lot of problems. And she reports what those problems are. She says up here, I wish I never touched it wish I'd never heard of it in my life. This medicine made my life hell so much. Hell, it does cost me money. It costs me a lot of stress. It costs me days and nights and trips with my family. It costs me a lot and it is not worth it. And they go into what happened to them. They all start vomiting and cannot stop vomiting for over a year. Some of these people have lost their jobs. It's just just a horrific side effect of these drugs do not trust Venom laced drugs, you do not have a disease or symptom because you ever been I'm deficient. Let's get back to Dr. Christianity. All right, Christianity. Let's talk about some more of these solutions. I just want to talk about this because I find this interesting. I went to Cleveland Clinic and I went to John Hopkins clinic. And I wanted to know, on their websites, what do they publish are causes of polycystic ovarian syndrome? Right? Do you know that every single one of them says the cause for polycystic ovarian syndrome is still unknown? Yeah. So so if they don't know, I mean, it's a serious if the medical profession doesn't know what causes polycystic ovarian syndrome? Why do people in America go see medical doctors for polycystic ovarian syndrome? If they don't actually know what even causes it?

Dr. Christiane Northrup  31:16 

Well, because the brainwashing from the time of John D. Rockefeller and the American Medical Association and the Flexner Report has been so effective, that people are afraid not to go and then the person in the white coat with the MD medical deity after their name comes in and does this and and then they feel as though they have done the right thing. And then the prescription comes across the desk, which is like the you know, the communion wafer and and there you go. And they go, Well, you know, and then here's what we do. Okay. We say things like, Well, my doctor who was chief of whatever at wherever, Heart Clinic, Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, whatever, you know, and I use that when I can, like my nail salon finally got rid of facemasks this past June I kid you not were hauled out. And so I said to them, I love this place. And I would you know, I think it's time that your your texts could be breathing freely. The Mayo Clinic finally got rid of masks. Oh, okay. The Vatican said, I can do this. So you have to understand that the medical profession as you know it as comes down from on high in the ivory tower is no different from a fundamentalist religion. And you and I have talked about this, about cults. It's a cult. I mean, it really is, there's so much we don't know, the cause of. And so what you do is, the cause doesn't matter. What matters is a drug to mask the symptoms. That's what matters.

Dr. Ardis  33:06 

They appear to be taught anyway, I actually said at my conference, the healing for they just conference that you were not able to attend, but you will be at the next ones and we will have you presenting which will be phenomenal. Because you're right. Okay, good. You got to make sure it's not on some UFO Galactics weekend saying are somewhere.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  33:22 

Like if I'm talking to the extraterrestrials, all bets are off, you never know probably

Dr. Ardis  33:27 

be there, you'll probably be there more than you'd be in our healing for they just kind of. But what I said is, all of us are just a product of our education, and our training. So they're just going to repeat to you what they were trained. And unfortunately, their training lackluster in my opinion, and very limited. And I just couldn't imagine actually, I was very happy to be a part of the chiropractic alternative health sphere, in leaving med school to go do that, because I actually found for the next 20 years of being in practice, how frustrating it must be for them to be handcuffed to not actually know what the underlying cause of diseases are, and being handcuffed to two things, having to only prescribe a drug to mass symptoms, like number one, and then number two, having your license threatened if you don't follow those protocols or those recommendations, like I couldn't imagine being handcuffed to a protocol being handcuffed to an electronic PDR system, physicians desk reference telling you this is this is now what this person has. This is the drugs you have to treat them with. Don't go off of that. And I'm sure that's been damning. And also, number three, having insurance companies dictate to the patients what they are approved to take or have prescribed to them or be recommended over what the medical professional is actually prescribing to the individual. I just couldn't I would I would go crazy how would want to blow up every health insurance company in the world. If I wrote one prescription and said after evaluating this individual for their conditions, I recommend this this product. couldn't imagine having a patient one after another call them back Kliniken go. Doctor Ardis, I know you recommended this prescription drug, my insurance will not cover this as you need to prescribe something else that would just drive me out out of my mind crazy

Dr. Christiane Northrup  35:11 

than ever. I mean, you know, when I was in practice, it was not nearly this bad. Of course, you could do off label drugs, everyone did it. And you could also, by the way, occasionally write a prescription for a family member who hadn't done that. But when they began to land on physicians for that, and by the way, my colleague, Bernie Siegel, back in the day, who wrote love medicine and miracles, did the hernia operation on his own son. So. So things have really changed really, really quickly. And I saw it coming. So in 2015, when my license was up for renewal, I wrote him a letter and I said, you know, I don't think I need this anymore. And that was the best thing I ever did. Because when the FOIA request came in, after I was named one of the disinformation doesn't, the board would say, oh, you know, we're sorry. We don't have any jurisdiction over her. Hahaha. And, you know, so now my colleagues locked Dr. Kerry my day I think, said you can have it. We can we can. We do healing without all of that. And what we're creating here is a parallel system. There are still good doctors like Lee Merritt says, Okay, if you break your femur, you need me. I mean, we need some good orthopedic surgeons. We need some good general surgeons, we need people who can do this stuff. We're great at trauma, a car accident, whatever, I'll tell you what we suck at. And that would be polycystic ovary syndrome, long COVID, so called Long COVID, which is just you know, snake venom, toxicity, all of that stuff. But here's thankfully, there are so many things coming on the scene, there are frequency devices, there's grounding, actually, it's simpler than you think. Good water structure the water with love, hydrated it with a little bit of Celtic sea salt, there's so much you can do right now that doesn't need to cost you a penny, get out in the sun. Stand on the ground. Pray, get in touch with God. You know, didn't Jesus raised Lazarus after four days without any needles, there were no shots involved. You know, he didn't say oh, you know, Lazarus, if you I could help you, but you're gonna need 79 different vaccines, you know, didn't didn't happen. So I just think we're at this wonderful time of a grand shift the the Great Awakening, or I just got a book from a guy whose name I forget, but it's called the Great we set the great we set and it's how you take back your government, one county at a time. I think his name is Zuniga Zun IGA but the great we set that's what this is about,

Dr. Ardis  38:05 

you know, they're working with Scott McCain and his group on these great

Dr. Christiane Northrup  38:08 

are that's the one country they're the one working with, with Scott. Yep.

Dr. Ardis  38:13 

Yeah, we just did a show with him on his audience. And on his platform on Thursday, the four docks of us that run the healing for they just conference to talk about just the grand juries, and how important this is going to be in saving this country to die. So I have a question for you. Do you know about the impacts? You just said frequencies? Do you know about the impacts of EMFs on female genital systems and reproductive systems?

Dr. Christiane Northrup  38:35 

Yes, I do. And I'll but I'll tell you what we're doing our group my cycle story has just is just about to publish. A study that we did, we had 6000 people, 6000 women, almost none of whom were exposed to COVID in any way, shape or form. You know, negative test not that means anything but still and they hadn't been around it. And okay, within three days of being around a recently COVID vaccinated person 70% of them began having abnormal bleeding. So this was this is our group, my cycle story. And we have followed 6000 women all of whom started to have our first paper was on decidual Cast shedding. And in our group of 6000 There are 40 cases of this in the world literature right after the shot got rolled out. within about three months 250 women in our subgroup had decidual Cast shedding that's the entire inside of the uterus falling out after days of cramping usually, this is unheard of. So then our second study has been the one on what happened just being around people who'd had the shot like a husband or a mother or that kind of thing. So something something was just you know was transmitted. We don't know what it is, but I know that it's it's an EMF thing as well. So actually

Dr. Ardis  40:09 

was studying this morning just looking at some different things impacting PCOS and I wanted to know about EMFs because EMFs was a entire four hour presentation of the healing for the ages conference we wanted to discuss EMFs EMF clothing, EMF Faraday fabrics, EMF protection from showing it paints in your home to deflect 5g radiation, not a joke films you can put in your windows grounding the importance of grounding every day. And so these are some of the hot topics we talked about but actually found that two things that I did not just read yet I just hadn't looked directly at this. I wanted to know what impact is radio frequencies EMFs have published on testes and on ovaries in every case, I don't know if you know this, but they actually destroy sperm counts. They destroy follicular stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormones production and release and they actually destroy and lower testosterone levels when exposed even 30 minutes of EMFs from even a cell phone laptop 30 I think it was 300 megahertz for five minutes was proven to do that instantly within five minutes, reducing testosterone production luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone and how does that impact your ovaries ability to release eggs you just talked about that in the first segment today.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  41:29 

If you don't have the pulse of FSH LH you don't have any ovulation

Dr. Ardis  41:33 

so does it have an impact? You better believe it? I mean it's almost one in three couples in America. Christianna can't have babies in America right now. And candidates one in two couples. I was doing presentations on this in 2018 when I was actually producing and creating my own acne all natural formula to combat acne because acne is caused by excess androgen hormones. Yes, this is fits perfectly in line with PCOS. Your androgen hormones are for example like testosterone, right? This is an example of an antigen hormone. So yeah, Vitamin D is another androgen hormone. I mean, I couldn't believe it. When I was reading. I was like, oh my god, they they're screwing with everything in our body with EMFs. And the number two I just found this morning. I wanted to know, what do they know about glyphosate, its impact on polycystic ovarian syndrome, testes and ovaries health in general. I found this and I've never even known this, I just read it an hour before I came on the show with you. They have published that they will do mammal studies and human studies where they expose mammal cells, humans, mammals, they will expose the cells to immediate glyphosate poisoning. And it doesn't appear to have any toxicity on your cells. However, the second and third generations have sperm and eggs who got the original. So if I got the glyphosate, so glyphosate exposure to my sperm and testes, my third generation of procreated, grandchildren, second and third generation, every single one of them they publish will have either kidney disease, obesity, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, birth defects, I'm not kidding, in the third generation from the first. So like, there's this low level, we don't see any real toxicity up front to any humans right now. They do it in mice and rat studies over and over and over, they will study what happens if we give them glyphosate at this age, and then their offspring, what happens to them within three generations total disease outcomes for all of their offspring. And the second generation, it's like 50% of all the offspring, but in human trials, they do not do any evaluations to study. How does it affect not only this individual? What about its next progenitors? Or what about its next generation, they don't test that ever, they've never done it. They refuse to do that. Any link to generational diseases and outcomes due to the original damage of you eating foods that have glyphosate in them, and they publish 72% of all farm lands in the whole world is being sprayed with glyphosate as the primary herbicide and pesticide. Alright, in the last three seconds you got another thing to go to? What do you want to tell the audience is Christianna? Tell them where to find you. Tell them where to Subscribe, tell them what to share their stories, tell them where to spend all their money, and when they don't want their cat anymore where your address is because your cat lady, okay, tell.

Dr. Christiane Northrup  44:25 

Drnorthrup.com we got everything it tells you about my substack my telegram channel, where I'm going to be the whole thing. Just one one place Drnorthrup.com. Remember, God can heal anything. There are all kinds of cases of spontaneous remission. So despite the bad news we have given you, I have faith in the fact that we were made in the image of God, and these things and more you shall do also. It is our time to tune into that power.

Dr. Ardis  44:57 

And by their fruits, you shall know them and all of Christianity thrips fruit she's created over the last 25 years are life saving common sense and beautiful and nothing but from a place of love. And that's why I love you. Christiane Northrup, Have a blessed day. I look forward to seeing in Miami and God bless all our audiences abroad. Thank you. Thank you