Episode 09.25.2023 - Everything You Need To Know About Prostate Health


In this Episode, Dr. Ardis talks on everything you need to know about prostate health. He began by sharing about the "Healing for Ages" conference and urged people to reach out to him for healing help. He also gave a shout-out to some websites for affordable food and medical advocacy services.

Dr. Ardis then talked about a supplement formula he created in 2017 for urinary issues. It worked wonders for him and many others, helping alleviate symptoms like dribbling and frequent urination. He stressed the importance of understanding the prostate gland and early detection and prevention of issues, including cancer.

He explained the structure and function of the prostate gland, highlighting how an enlarged prostate can cause bladder emptying issues. He shared about benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement, and how he reversed symptoms through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Moving forward, Dr. Ardis touched on PSA levels, noting the risk of misdiagnosis in black men due to established levels based on white populations. He discussed different stages of prostate cancer and highlighted that a low PSA level doesn’t necessarily rule out prostate cancer.

He emphasized trusting symptoms over PSA levels for diagnosis and moved on to discuss natural remedies for prostate health. He listed various beneficial foods and suggested using warm and cold water alternately for improved bladder health. He mentioned a paper from NIH that talked about the benefits of pumpkin seed extract for people with enlarged prostates.

He also discussed the benefits of various herbs and supplements for managing chronic prostatitis and enlarged prostates, and cited studies that suggest these can even help reverse prostate cancer. Dr. Ardis wrapped up by recommending Prostate Pro capsules to alleviate symptoms and improve bladder health and shared some upcoming events in various cities.


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Hello, Dr. Ardis Show fans. I'm your host, Dr. Brian Ardis. I hope you're having a great week are excited to be joining you this week. Please share this broadcast far and wide. It's been a very busy time. I don't know if you guys, hopefully many of you were able to attend the healing for the ages conference streamed online or in person. We had an incredible attendance 10s of 1000s of people online that registered for it. And every single person who attended actually reported back to us that this is the greatest conference I've ever attended ever been a part of, and the whole world needs to hear it. So we are making the postproduction edits right now compiling each of the video presentations, all of the PowerPoint presentations. Those will be available to be able to register for pay for and download on September 25, which is a Monday. Please share that information far and wide go to healing for ages.com. If you subscribe there, you'll get our newsletter which will be notifying everybody when they're ready. But Monday the 25th they will be ready. Alright, we'll be back with more of The Dr. Ardis Show after these commercial messages.

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And that Priscilla Romans and her team of advocates, who were also sponsors of the healing for they just conference, let them start assisting you on a pathway to healing. And also navigating the ethics committee meetings in hospitals. If you have a loved one in the hospital or you yourself are in a hospital. And you know your family needs help to navigate and articulate on your behalf to the medical staff. That's what they're there for go to great care.com If you want my personal video consults, there's a AAA option. That is an option there at great care.com. If you're searching for it, just go online, on any search engine and type in graithcare.com Dr. Ardis and they will pull up the link on that page on the website. All right. Now, we've got a about 40 minutes here that I can share time with you today. And I'm very excited for this presentation. I am actually 46 years old, a lot of people think I'm older only because of all the knowledge I have. And the experiences that I have worldwide How will tell you feels like I've lived multiple lives actually in this one life, as much stuff as I've studied, learned and then applied either in work, education or clinical practice in the last four years have been a whirlwind, obviously. But I am 46 years old when I turned 40. So six years ago, I actually started developing symptoms I never thought I would ever have. I sold my practice in 2018. So this would have been in 2017. When I started having these symptoms in my 40s I started to develop symptoms of waking up in the middle of the night having to urinate and it would happen sometimes three times a night, four times a night five times a night. It got to be ridiculous. Then I also noticed when I was 46 years ago, that in between patients if I went to the bathroom, I would have dribbling in my urine like my flow would stop and then it would just dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble dribble. And that was annoying and weird just took longer to finish up the the task than it did before. So In 2017, I contacted a supplement manufacturer and I asked them to formulate a supplement just for me privately. This is before I ever owned a supplement company before I ever started speaking out about COVID. Before I retired from practice, I gave them a list of several ingredients. And I said, Can you please compile this product with this much ingredients of each put it into a capsule, I want to take it all by myself, how much will it cost you to make me like 24 bottles, just you know, there's 24 bottles less than me six years. So I ordered 24 bottles, I don't have them anymore, the six years have gone by. But this year I ran out in 2017, I created my own product I called prostate Pro. Now since I ran out of that product that I made for myself. About two years ago, I decided because I just had product for my for my own self at home, I decided this product would benefit everybody, every male at home or around the world. So I decided to put it on my platform with my other supplements I launched during the supply chain issues of COVID-19. When I launched my other supplements, I decided to put that prostate pro formula in there it is there. Now the reason why I'm bringing this up is I created a formula from herbs, plants and minerals. And I put it into a capsule in 2017. And by myself every morning, I took one in the morning, one in the evening, I did that every day. And I still do every day. But within two weeks of doing that, my six months to a year of dribbling, urination, and waking up multiple times and every single night to pee. All of that disappeared. And I haven't woke up in five years to go pee in the middle of the night. So just saying and I haven't had dribbling either. So men, women who love men, or who know men, this show you need to share with them. This is actually a national prostate health awareness month. So this is September of 2023. So I'm filming this to educate you and your loved ones about the prostate. And then I'm going to take you through the structure of the prostate, how the prostate works, what its design is, why it's even there. And then I'm going to take you through what dietary things, actually what problems arise that they medically diagnosed as problems with the prostate, what the cancers of the prostate are called the different four stages of cause of cancer of the prostate, how those are defined, and how they define it. And then I'm going to teach you what I used in practice to reverse prostate cancer patients is high PSA levels, reverse their prostate cancer, reverse their prostate symptoms didn't matter what they were even if it was cancer, how we were able to do that one patient after another during our practice, from 2004 to 2018, in Tennessee and in Texas. So I'm going to teach you about those principles about the prostate and then what I do everyday to make sure I number one, never have an enlarged prostate. Number two never develop a cancer state of the prostate. And it's a very simple way to do it. All you gotta do is feed the body what it needs, and then avoid things that feed the problem. Alright, so I'm going to be sharing my screen with the audiences here taking you through this presentation. Please remember, even if you're a female, you might think this doesn't apply to you. You have sons, you have friends, you have male friends, you have male spouses, you have a male parent somewhere in your life. And even if you don't know who they are, you've got grandparents who are males. So this information applies to all of you. In fact, some of the information I'm going to give here in this presentation applies to females only because prostate cancer is caused by the exact same thing that causes cervical cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, fibroids in the uterus and breast cancer. So all of this applies. All of it is just not titled referenced to prostate for females, it would be something different, they would say this presentation is for estrogen dominance, leading to all those cancers and females. Well, it does the same thing for the prostate. So you should pay attention. The more you know, the less the less fear, concern and worry you're going to have at home. Remember, when I started waking up all night long, peeing, dribbling of urination. I knew my prostate was enlarged. I have never had a prostate check. I plan on never having a prostate check. I don't need one my symptoms tell me Is there an issue? Yeah, there's an issue. I knew exactly what it was. So all I did was actually put together a list of herbs and minerals had a company make me my own capsules. And within two weeks, it was all handled. I will continue to take this product for the rest of my life and you know what else won't happen the rest of my life. I will not develop urinary dribbling. I will not develop urinary incontinence at night having to get up a pee every night. And I definitely won't develop cancer. But if you don't know these principles, you will one day have a loved one who's a male who's not gonna be able to stay asleep all night and has to get up and pee will have dribbling will have pain upon urination will have chronic urinary infections as a result of an enlarged prostate and then possibly be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future is a big big problem affecting millions of men in this country. Millions more around the world. Alright, so let's get into it. I'm gonna share my screen. All right, so this is prostate 101 prostate at Brown. nortis Here we go facts about the prostate gland. I call this prostate health one on one why? Because you're in class with me we're going to teach you something. So the prostate gland is about the size of a walnut. It's located just below the bladder and it's surrounds the urethra. The urethra is the little bitty tube that a male piece from out of their penis. So urethra is what the females pee out of, and their privates also but the urethra is the little tube urine exit your body from. This is a tube that carries urine and semen out of the male body. The prostate is partly muscular and partly glandular, meaning it's a gland meaning it secretes hormones, like the thyroid is a gland. adrenal gland. Pancreas is a gland, testes, our gland ovaries, our gland. All of those glands secrete hormones. So the prostate, it has tubes or ducts that open into the prosthetic part of the urethra. It's made up of three lobes or three different sections of the prostate, a middle lobe, a left lobe, and a right lobe. If you're looking at the screen, I put up this graphic so you can easily see what the anterior lobe looks like anterior means forward facing so on the front of your body would be What's touching the front of your body or pointing in the front part of your body. So the anterior lobe then you have the median lobe, which you'll see is in pink median means in the middle or inside of the prostate, the posterior lobe is on the back. And you can see there, this is a sagittal section or dissection through there and you can see the urethra tube coming down through the prostate and then the ejaculatory tube, or duct or semen is ejected from the penis. ejaculatory duct goes down into the urethra and DGX along with the urine out of the urethra just wanted you see this is what the prostate is. It surrounds the urethra at the very bottom of your bladder. Alright, what's the prostate glands function as part of the male's reproductive system. The prostate glands main job is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid that forms part of the seminal fluid. So semen. This is the fluid that carries sperm. That's what the prostate makes. During an orgasm, the muscular glands of the prostate helped to propel the prostate fluid and sperm that was made in the testes and injected into the urethra. The semen then leaves the body out of the tip of the penis during ejaculation. And I'm going to give you just a real simple graphic here. The big pink thing is your bladder. The big round pink thing is your bladder, the thing that looks like an apple apricot that your prostate. Now the bladder looks like it has two horns, those two horns going up are actually not horns. They're two little tubes called ureters. And they attach to your kidneys. So where your kidneys are making the urine, that from the kidneys, they traveled down those little bitty horn looking tubes called ureters. And they drain into the bladder. You'll see the ureters are on top of the bladder because gravity will carry them down the ureter, the urine, and then dump it into the bladder. From the lat bladder gravity carries the urine into your urethra where you're going to pee from the prostate surrounds the urethra. So looking at the graph, you can see where the arrow on the right side is pointing to the urine, you'll see the little arrow or urine is being pointed back up in the enlarged prostate. That's because you're in can't flow down out of the bladder because in this scenario on the right, the prostate is bigger than it was on the left. So it is compressing as it shows you the the urethra and this is why these individuals can't empty the full bladder. So this is why they feel they have men have to pee all the time. They can't fully empty their bladder because the prostate is pressing the tube that the urine comes out of. So this is why these people cannot stay asleep all night. Eventually the bladder is going to be refilled because it was never fully emptied. Therefore the sensation to have to pee comes more and more often. Now we're gonna get into specific prostate health topics. What is benign prostatic hyperplasia? This is a big fancy word for benign means not cancerous. Prosthetic means the prostate hyperplasia means it's bigger than it should be hyperplasia means it's enlarged. So what is benign, non cancerous prostate enlargement is the question. So it reads here Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in large prostate is called BPH. It's a condition in which the prostate gland is enlarged and not cancerous. And there's the link down at the bottom. I want to read the actual bottom here, the prostate goes through two main growth periods as a man ages. The first occurs early in puberty, when the prostate doubles in size during puberty. The second phase of growth begins around age 25 and continues during most of the man's life. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia often occurs within the second growth phase. So in adulthood after 20 Five years old. This is the same article, same paragraph, I'm just reading the next paragraph. As the prostate enlarges the gland of presses against and pinches the urethra, the bladder wall becomes thicker. Eventually the bladder may weaken and lose the ability to empty completely, leaving some urine inside the bladder. The narrowing of the urethra that up from and urinary retention retaining your urine, the inability to empty the bladder completely cause many of the problems associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Now enlargement of the prostate is completely a nutritional problem. And I'm going to teach you here how to reverse this. This is what I was experiencing at age 40. And I reversed it all on my own in two weeks, and I keep taking the stuff to keep my prostate healthy why I don't want some man or women sticking their finger up my rear end in the future trying to check my prostate to see how big it is. And if I never have a symptom, I don't ever have to go. So I'm not going I don't want them doing that. I'm just going to continue taking my products eating healthy and make sure I'm not doing stuff to myself to create a prostate enlargement. Alright, so how common is an enlarged prostate like Dr. Ardis had when he was 40 enlargement of the prostate called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is the most common prostate problem for men older than age 50 and 2010. As many as 14 million men in the United States had lower urinary tract symptoms, suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate without cancer. 14 million people. If you have a loved one, that is a man who has urinary tract infection symptoms reoccurring over and over. He has an enlarged prostate. How do we know that your body's urine helps to eliminate infections, toxins and poisons out of the kidneys? Well, if you're backing up your urine, guess what happens? The infections persist, you're going to get urinary tract infections. And it's going to continue to be a problem because you're not fully emptying the bladder every day. What are the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate for all of you who don't know I gave you some my symptoms, but let's go through them all the lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of an enlarged prostate include urinary frequency, urinating eight or more times a day is a sign of an enlarged prostate. What's another sign another sign is then the inability to delay urination, you know trying to hold it in before you get to the the baseball stadiums bathroom and you can't hold it you start peeing all over yourself. That's the inability to delay urination. And then number three, another example of a symptom related to enlarged prostate is trouble starting a urine stream and yes, this is a big problem. You feel the urge to pee you go to pee and you're just standing there and nothing's happening. That's because the prostate is so enlarged it is choking off the tube you need to pee from the bladder is telling you it's full, the urine just can't escape. So this is a big problem. And I've watched many men at urinals just stand there waiting frustratingly for their urine to start flowing. So trouble starting a urine stream number for a week or an interrupted urine stream. So if your pee and then it stops while you're standing there pee and then it starts peeing again and stops. That's indicative of prostate hyperplasia. enlarged prostate, it also could be a kidney stone, but it's most likely a enlarged prostate dribbling at the end of urination that was Dr. Ardis a symptom nocturia frequent urination during periods of sleep oh my god, that was me too. I love how everybody around the world to get to know Dr. Ardis. Very personally, by the way, urinary retention not been able to hold it in and dribbling out, peed on yourself. That's a sign the urinary incontinence the accidental loss of urine not being able to keep it in pain after ejaculation or during urination. That can be a sign of an enlarged prostate. And then urine that has an unusual color or smell is indicative of an enlarged prostate. Now when it comes to just an enlarged prostate, you typically won't see an elevated what's called PSA test all men and women out there, mothers, wives, daughters, you name it. Pay attention. PSA is what all the medical professionals are looking at in any male older than 40 years old, checking to see is their prostate getting bigger and are they developing cancer and they have a specific level they're checking in their bloodwork to see does this marker they call PSA prostate antigen here you'll see it here. They're looking to see what level is their PSA at if their PSA for a 40 to 49 year old as you see on the screen is higher than 2.5. They consider that a risk for cancer, an elevated PSA and they actually will start testing you for cancer. If your PSA is all this higher than 3.5 and you're older than 59 years old, then they consider if you're between 50 and 59 Sorry and it's above 3.5. They consider you to be a Person of Interest in determining Do you have cancer and out of the prostate 60 to 69 year old, your PSA should never be higher than 4.5. If it is they think you have cancer. If you're 70 to 79 years old or older and it's older or higher than 6.5, they absolutely believe you have cancer. All right now this is very important. I want you all to pay attention because I found this very interesting look at the bottom of the screen. This is healthline.com a very reputable medical journal for medical doctors and professionals and patients it reads. It is also important to note that the experts generally agree upon these values for white people. Research suggests that healthy black people have higher PSA levels than white or Hispanic people do. Alright, so everybody out there, I want you to just recognize something. When you're looking at the values on bloodwork for prostate antigens for males just know the numbers you see on the screen that they're looking at on a blood report coming from a lab, your medical doctor is only looking at values that are representative of white people's PSA numbers, if you have a black loved one black son, black husband, black grandpa gret, but black dad doesn't matter or black friend, they need to know that that PSA levels for them is actually higher than for white people. So if this comes back positive, and they're reading off numbers, for example, if your loved ones black in between the ages of 40 and 49, and their PSA comes back at 3.5, they would say you have cancer. But the truth is for black people, it's much higher than it is for white people. I just thought this is important for everybody know, this is one of the lie they're going to tell you and never openly discussed with you in their practices. So I just wanted to bring that to your attention. We'll be right back after these messages.

Hello, Dr. Ardis Show fans, I'm your host, Dr. Brian Ardis, thanks for hanging in there through the commercial break. We're excited that you're here. Alright, so I hope you're enjoying learning about prostate so I found that very interesting. I hope you did too read for it went to commercial break that the PSA levels that they test for males prostate levels on every blood test in America, those numbers that they're showing you are only for white people, and that black people's numbers could be way higher and be indicative of a healthy prostate. So don't let your African American loved ones be diagnosed with white people numbers being telling you it's cancer that they have when in fact that is not what it means. So if you are a healthy African American male, they publish your PSA levels can be higher and still be normal than a white persons. So don't let them fool you with their diagnosis is to then buy into their narrative you need drugs, radiation or surgery to solve your problem you don't. In fact, I'm going to teach you how to reverse all that anyway, so not to worry about anymore. All right, for sponsors for this show, you have Kirk Elliot phd.com thank you to him and all of those trying to save Americans finances while the global cabals are trying to destroy all of our reservoir reserves and savings that we've had for our entire life. Go to Kirk Elliot PhD, this is not a joke. I've had many, many people whispered to me all over the world, that today's coming very soon, that the petro dollar, which are American dollars based on oil and gas, that no longer is 70% of the world's population is going to be backed by the oil based dollar like the United States, it will be converted to a gold back standard. And that is primarily through the BRICS companies. It's Britain and Russia, India, China, and South Africa. And others have joined them Saudi Arabia,

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And there was a whole lot of effort put in to make sure you got the information there to keep you and your loved ones safe. Alright, so let's get back into the meat of this presentation. I'm gonna go back to my prostate presentation. All right, now we're gonna get into prostate cancer 101. We've talked about the symptoms of having an enlarged prostate now there's something called prostate cancer. You will see on the image on the left of the screen, you'll see the old man standing there holding his prostate, you will see at the top is a healthy bladder, they show the kidneys with the ureters tubes coming down, bringing the urine to your bladder case y'all are wondering when people have kidney stones, the kidney stones get stuck in those little tubes between the kidneys and your bladder called the ureter. They're really really small tubes. And when those stones get in there, they cut on those tubes of muscle, it creates massive amounts of pain and spasm in your back. And in your pelvis. It's a horrible feeling, but the urine and stones traveled down the ureters into your bladder, your bladder then pees out through your urethra which your prostate surrounds, as you can see there on the screen, prostate cancer they show you on the same graphic below the healthy prostate, they show you that the prostate is enlarged and you will have abnormal growth. That's prostate cancer on the right. There are four stages of cancer, there's a graphic and then I put on the right hand side of the screen, what stage 123 and four have prostate cancer actually mean so you're not to be scared ever again. If they tell you this. Stage one means you have cancer cells are found only on one side of your prostate, either the left or the right side or in one of those lobes we showed you earlier stage one is you have cancer in your prostate but it's only on one side of your prostate right or left stage two cancer cells have spread throughout your prostate but not beyond your prostate so now they're in both the right and left sides are in all three lobes of your prostate is stage two members stage one is just one side of your prostate stage two is cancer cells are found all throughout the prostate, but haven't been found outside your prostate stage three cancers cancer cells are found in your prostate in some surrounding areas such as your bladder, or your rectum, which is the part of your intestine you poop from cancer cells and stage three have left the prostate in an hour in the bladder and also in the rectum. stage four cancer cells have spread beyond your prostate to surrounding organs and lymph nodes, which could be intestines. It could be your uterus, it could be sorry, not in a male. It could be in your testes. It could be in your penis, it could be in your kidneys, it could be in your liver. If it spread outside of the area of your prostate you have stage four prostate cancer, they're gonna call it can a person have prostate cancer if your PSA levels are low. Remember the PSA above those numbers I showed you a few screens ago tells the doctors they're worried you have prostate cancer. Let's keep reading here. Having high PSA levels isn't the only sign of prostate cancer, your PSA levels can still be low, even below 0.5 nanograms per milliliter. If you have prostate cancer. Now this should be very telling for all of you at home. I wouldn't give a crap if a medical doctor diagnosed you with elevated PSA or low PSA. If you have symptoms, you have a prostate problem. Do you need to have it cut out or use radiation or chemotherapy? No, you don't need that. You just need what I'm gonna teach you here in a minute. But just know even people who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer still have low PSA levels. So PSA obviously is not a finite perfect test to diagnose cancer. So don't trust the levels no matter what they say. And then they continue in this article. That's why a doctor will usually recommend other tests besides a PSA test to diagnose prostate cancer. If they see a low PSA but think you have prostate cancer, they're going to do what's called a PET scan PE T, they're going to put this radioactive dye inside of you that gravitates to cancer cells, they're going to take MRIs and X rays and you're gonna see those cells light up and any cells that light up with that PE T die, they call cancer cells. A 2020 study of more than 33,000 men between 55 and 74 years old found that black men were at an especially high risk of aggressive prostate cancer, even when their PSA levels were under one nanogram. Alright, so just you know, don't trust those numbers, trust your symptoms. All right now let's get into the diet. Why it is that your diet is so influential and keeping your prostate healthy and if you're older than 40 You better be making sure you're eating this stuff. If you have prostate symptoms, make sure you start incorporating these veggies into your diet one cannot ignore the importance of veggies in the prostate. They are crucial for a healthy prostate, and every meal is incomplete without vegetables, green and leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts contain a plant compound called phyto chemicals. phyto means plants these vegetables are high in fiber, calcium and other essential nutrients that are good for a healthy prostate. Tomatoes contain a high amount Have karate annoyed and antioxidant called lycopene. cooked tomatoes help the help the absorption of something called lycopene found in the tomato and in the body and also lower the risk of prostate cancer. I added this note tomatoes also have protective nicotine content for many reasons you guys also know the prostate has nicotine receptors in it also nicotine helps release Venom's prostate cancers are on the rise. Obviously after the shots people are being introduced with venom proteins bodies now manufacturing Venom proteins we've educated on those tomatoes contain nicotine also, so make sure your green tomatoes, red tomatoes, they'll have nicotine green tomatoes. Matter of fact, green tomatoes have 10 times more nicotine than red tomatoes. Oh interesting fact by the way, there is a substance inside of tomatoes called an A Garen in e g a r i n i n mcgahren founded tomatoes and in grapefruits has been found to block Ebola virus and Marburg virus from ever getting inside the cells of a human to make them sick, diseased or die. So there's another huge benefit make sure you eat tomatoes everyday and tomato paste. Alright carrots are not only high in nutrients, but also high in beta carotene. mushrooms contain beta glucan, beta glucan, and a protein called leptin. Both mushrooms and carrots reduce the prostate cancer risk and help build the body's immune system that fights against cancer cells. These vegetables control the amount of free radicals flowing in our body lower the inflammation and digest easily I left the reference there for you fruits for a healthy prostate. This is all published in The Guardian online by the way, I took most of this info from them thank you, Guardian and then I added some own notes fruits act as a protective food for the body. They not only increase the person's immune system but also contain essential nutrients for healthy prostates. A person needs to eat fruit like berries, watermelon, papaya, pink, grapefruit and pomegranate juice. These are juicy and contain vitamin C and free from fat. Berries work is a powerful antioxidant for the body berries like blackberries, blueberries and strawberries contain plant pigment called anthracite and a sign ins and flavonoids like quercetin, which are good for prostate health pomegranate juice contains antioxidant poly phenols. It freshly made and consumed it gives many health benefits and good for prostate health. Papaya contains plant chemicals that include poly phenols, and carotenoids like vitamin A and berries, which is good for our digestive tract and full of nutrients and vitamins watermelon contains lycopene and also rich and vitamins ANC, pink grapefruit like I just mentioned also as mcgahren in it, which is proven to beat Marburg Ebola virus so not to be afraid of that either. But pink grapefruit makes it easier for a person to eat. It's like anytime eating food. It helps to get rid of the hunger feeling and helps in controlling the appetite and helps to reduce prostate stress. These fruits reduce oxidative stress which allows the number of free radicals in our body. This fruit contains water low in fact, if eaten freshly they provide many health benefits together with a healthy prostate. Alright, now here's some prostate natural cures. These are not the cures I'm about to give you but these are some things you might want to consider because some people have worse prostate problems and others this is called a sitz bath. It works by soothing and relaxing the smooth muscles of the prostate thereby reducing pain of any eases the constriction of the ureter, the urethra that up from the neck of the bladder. sitz baths also increased blood circulation to the pelvic region and eventually encourages the gland to shrink in size. This method involves the use of warm and cold water alternatively for this to work the individual is required to sit in a bathtub filled with warm water, to which about half a cup of epsom salt is added the lower half of the body should stay immersed in this for approximately three to 10 minutes followed by soaking and cold water for a couple of minutes more. This should be repeated several more times throughout the day. And the final bath should always be done using cold water only apple cider vinegar This is found extremely useful for shrinking the prostate gland enlargement. This natural ingredient works well because of its astringent properties and provides the most beneficial results when used in its raw form. How do you take it one or two tablespoons of this raw vinegar mix in a glass of warm water along with one tablespoon of honey and drink it that should be done twice a day regularly for people with prostate problems are worried about ever developing them try Falah powder, an era Vedic extract had never even heard of this. Just wanted to make sure you had access to this information. About one tablespoon of this powder should be added to 250 milliliters of boiling water and continue to boil it for another 20 minutes so bring water to a boil and then add trifle a powder to it. Boil it for another 20 minutes. Allow this mixture to cool down a bit Strain and drink while still lukewarm. Positive results for improving the bladder. Indian gooseberries is another herb in the world. A handful of these berries. Shari berries should first be crushed than Add to this a pinch of turmeric powder and two teaspoons of honey mix well and consume one tablespoon of this mixture every morning for a period of one month to see the positive results with your prostate. One tablespoon of Indian gooseberries mixed with Tootsie spoonful of honey in water and drink it every day for a month all right prostate Natural Cures let's get into these. There's gonna be very cool. Alright, let's start with pumps pumpkin seed extract pumpkin seed extract to support health benefits. And I'm going to quote this in a collective suffering from people suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia related to symptoms without the need of medical treatment. This is a quote right out of this NIH paper that pumpkin seed extracts support healthy benefits in a collective suffering of people with enlarged post prostates without any need of any additional medical treatment. There's also a substance called Flower pollen extract now don't get overwhelmed. I'm not giving you a whole list of stuff I'm about to show you how easy I made this real flower pollen extract is another thing they have found studies suggest that the use of flower pollen extract for the management of chronic prostatitis chronically inflamed prostate patients is beneficial zinc quote studies by clinco vm Utah suggested that zinc may suppress prosthetic tumor progression and I gave you the article there. So zinc is important. What about Saw Palmetto and something called beta site Saito stare roll. Quote, this study demonstrates the efficacy of beta side of sterile enriched Saw Palmetto oil superior to conventional oil thus extending the scope of effective enlarged prostates in androgen deficiency. Testosterone hormone deficiency treatment with improved quality of life through the intake of functional ingredients. So Saw Palmetto mixed with beta site of sterile, effective and helping to reverse enlarged prostates and improve the quality of life of everybody suffering then stinging nettle root, this is an anti growth rate of prostate cancer cell affecting substance or herbs, stinging nettle roots observed both in an in vivo meaning in the body model and in vitro in the lab system clearly indicates a biologically relevant effective compounds present in the extract to reduce and reverse prostate cancer. Now, the reason why I'm bringing this up is I have a product that created I said in 2017, I called it prostate pro supplement. Now you can see it on the screen prostate pros on the left, the back of it is on the right. And then I put the link to the actual product on our website. And I want to go through with you what's on the back of the supplement facts panel. So you will see zinc is the first ingredient in there, which I just showed you the studies that zinc helps to reverse and large prostates and protect against prostate cancer. Then you're going to see something called phytosteryl extract which is the beta site site of sterile the next thing underneath there is the Saw Palmetto extract. I just showed you the studies where those two combined helped to reverse prostate cancer and enlargement of the prostate. Then you find stinging nettle root. Another one I just showed you research studies of and quoted from helps to reverse prostate enlargement. Then when they then we have inside of my product we put pumpkin seed extract which I just showed you also helps to reverse enlargement of the prostate, we put MCT powder which is a healthy fat for the body. We also put oversee, oversee helps to reverse and prevent kidney stone formation and urinary tract infection symptoms that are often related to an enlarged prostate problem. And then we also put flower pollen into the mix. Now flower pollen was pretty interesting. I have felt flower pollen on the screen they published in this paper I will link it in here before I send this off. The study suggests the use of flower pollen extract for the management of enlarged for long term prostate problems. They call it chronic prostatitis or in other words, chronically inflamed prostates, they found it was beneficial to use flower pollen extract, which is one of the reasons why I included flower pollen extract in our formula. So I tried to make this super simple when I created this product. I've benefited so well from this product. Seven years ago, when I first or six years ago, when I first made it for myself, that I've extended this now to people worldwide to be able to get the same formula at home. As you can see on the screen. It's prostate pro at doctor, the doctor Ardis show.com. There's 60 count in there. Anybody who takes the product, the recommendation is as on the back of the screen here, I'll show you so on there, we recommend two capsules a day, which is what I did to reverse my symptoms six years ago and I still do one of the morning one at night and it took care of all the problems for people with severe prostate problems, please double the dose on this bottle. Do that two in the morning, two in the evening, and you're going to see an improvement in your bladder in a really quick period of time. Once your symptoms alleviate then go down to the maintenance dose that I have on the bottle of one in the morning. One in the evening. I tried to make this really simple for you if you can start making adjustments to your diet, making sure to reduce alcohol consumption reduced refined carbohydrates consumption notice when I went through the foods to help with prostate health problems, there weren't donuts on there. There were no sodas on there and there was no alcohol on there that people should be consuming. Why? Because all of these create oxidative stress and every ingredient in prostate pro reverses oxidative stress in the prostate and is required Do so I want to speak to this too just because these ingredients are in a prostate product. This is not a joke every one of these ingredients in there actually help to manage estrogen dominance and a female estrogen dominance is what is caused by lack of zinc in the body in these herbs that are in the prostate pro product. When you reduce vegetable content, fruit content and your diet and you stopped supplementing zinc and you have low zinc levels because you're not eating the veggies are supplementing. Estrogen goes up, testosterone goes up what is evidence of estrogen dominance, every cancer, you know of prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, you name it ovarian cancer, it doesn't matter testicular cancer, they're all related to estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is created by the lack of these minerals and vitamins you see in prostate Pro, could a woman use it, you better believe it. If a woman has estrogen dominance, and has post menopausal symptoms that just continue to persist. You have facial acne or body acne, you have excess estrogen, you should be on this product Saw Palmetto in this is an estrogen adaptogenic it actually balances out your estrogen to a normal level, whether it's high or low, it brings it to normal. That's the power of that herb. And it is in there. So this is just some of the things I wanted to make sure you guys knew about for the prostate health awareness month, we wanted to make sure you knew what I knew about my own prostate so we could help you worldwide, anybody 14 over should be doing one of these things, taking prostate pro at a minimum to keep their prostate healthy. This is the Ardis Club experience, you get exclusive discounts a 15% on all my products forever the life of your membership, there's a monthly fee and an annual fee. This is how you get there, you can scan this code here and actually get access to our Ardis Club experience. My next q&a With my Ardis Club members will be next Tuesday. And so we're very excited about that. It'll be actually it'll be next Tuesday. So look forward to that sign up for the newsletter to be a part of that and get all the announcements there. If you want free resources like my nicotine, PDFs, the COVID-19, PDFs, you name it, all the documents we're creating, scan this QR code on the screen sign up, you'll get free access to all of our resources and our research papers and documents. For those of you who are wondering where I'm going to be for the next however long, I just want you to know I will be in Kansas City this Saturday. The next week I will be in Oregon speaking at a event in Oregon. You can learn more about that on our follow us on social media telegram wherever we are. And the Dr. Ardis Show will actually send those out and alerts there. We've got multiple events going on each week. For the next six weeks. I'll be speaking at all around the country. October 13. I'll be speaking in Miami at the reawakened tour on October 14 and 15th. The next two days I'll be speaking at the Trinity freedom and health expo in Chicago. If you would like to come join us there that's where you will find Dr. Ardis God bless you. We'll see you next time.