Episode 09.04.2023 - Digestive Tract Paralysis: Ozempic & Wegovy Review


In this episode with Dr. Ardis, he brings attention to the serious issue of paralyzed digestive systems, discussing the concerns during Paralyzed Digestive System Awareness Week and an upcoming healing conference. He highlights the negative impacts of certain weight loss drugs, including Ozempic, on digestive tracts, sharing experiences of individuals who have suffered from symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, and other severe health problems due to these pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ardis sheds light on GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic, noting their mere 50% similarity to the body’s natural hormone GLP-1 and their alarming side effects such as delayed gastric emptying and nausea, often leading to a diagnosis of gastroparesis and cyclic vomiting syndrome.

He emphasizes the experience of individuals like Joanie Night and Emily who endured severe gastroparesis as a side effect of the diabetes medication, Ozempic, highlighting the struggle to identify the cause and find relief. Despite discontinuing the medication, many patients’ conditions continued to worsen, leading to extreme measures like stomach bypass surgery for some. Dr. Ardis warns against the use of these GLP-1 drugs, which are developed from the venom of a small Southwestern lizard, as they can lead to paralysis and other complications of the digestive system. He lists various side effects of these drugs, including diabetic retinopathy complications and renal failure, and underscores the importance of considering natural remedies and dietary adjustments for weight loss and diabetes management instead of resorting to such harmful medications. Dr. Ardis concludes by urging listeners to register for the "Healing for the Ages" conference and consult their doctors about the risks associated with venom-based drugs for weight loss and diabetes management.


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I've got about 20 minutes left here I see on the clock for this video presentation. I'm going to be sharing my screen. And let me go and set that up. This is you know they have all these national health awareness months and weeks and days. Did you know that this month, August 2023. It also includes what they call paralyzed digestive tract Awareness Month. I was super excited about that one. Why because I've been talking about some drugs recently and some interviews and presentations with my own Ardis club experience members and with audiences worldwide on our interviews, but there's a drug called Ozempic and a drug called Wegovy. That even seen in reported July 25 of this year, just last month is causing people's stomachs to be paralyzed for years after using those drugs even after they stopped them. Alright, so let me share the screen because this is paralyzed digestive tract Awareness month time to make you aware of what are some of the pharmaceutical drugs they're manufacturing and promoting as weight loss Diabetes drugs that are actually paralyzing everybody's stomachs worldwide. And it's amazing that it's become a national awareness topic of any kind. They're creating this problem and I'm gonna show you how they're doing it. Alright, here we go. Let me share my screen here. This is on CNN health, and it reads. They took blockbuster drugs for weight loss and diabetes. Now their stomachs are paralyzed. July 25th of this year, and I told you, okay, now this is funny. This is actually an interview with this celebrity guest. And she is talking about the fact that so many celebrities in Hollywood are losing so much weight and they're acting like they're doing it all naturally. And this lady says, Oh, please, you're lying to us. You know that you're actually using a drug called Ozempic. Alright, well this drug on CNN, they took blockbuster drugs for weight loss and diabetes. Now their stomachs are paralyzed. This is natural national digestive tract paralyzed Awareness Month. Alright, so let's read here. Joanie Knight has a message for anyone considering drugs like Ozempic or Wegovy which have become popular for the dramatic weight loss they can help people achieve. And then read this statement. I wish I never touched it. I wish I'd never heard of it in my life said Knight age. 37 years old. Of Angie, Louisiana. This medicine made my life hell so much hell. It has cost me money. It cost me a lot of stress. It cost me days and nights and trips with my family. It's cost me a lot and it's not worth it. The price is too high. Then they showcase Brenda Allen 42 years old of Dallas, Texas where I live. She says the same thing her doctor prescribed to Wegovy for weight loss. And even now she quotes and even now being off the medication almost a year I'm still having a lot of problems Allen said. She said she was at Urgent Care recently after vomiting so much that she became dehydrated. Then we highlight Emily right 38 years old teacher in Toronto, Canada, started taking Ozempic in 2018. So five years ago, over a year she said she lost 80 pounds, which she's been able to keep off. But right said that she now vomits so frequently that she had to take a leave of absence from her job. Her quote, I've almost been off Ozempic a year but I'm almost but I'm still not back to normal right said the next next sentence is the diabetes drug Ozempic. And its sister drug for weight loss Wegovy utilize the same medication semaglutide. These and other drugs in this family which include medications like trizipapeptide, and liraglutide work by mimicking a hormone that's naturally made by the body called GLP-1 of the roles of GLP-1 is to slow the passage of food through the stomach, which helps people feel fuller, longer. Now I want to focus on one thing here. It says here, these and other drugs in this family which include these medications work by mimicking a hormone that we naturally make an our body called GLP-1 Well, I want you to know something that is a total lie GLP-1 targeting drugs, they might mimic the action of a hormone found in the body, but the body does not make this drug. In fact, we can go into Wikipedia, we can go into drugs or x.com. And you'll learn that GLP-1 drugs like these, they're close to what the body's hormone is but only by about 50% similarity, which it means it's 50% not even close to being the same. All right, this is how it works. It says these drugs Ozempic And Wegovy GLP-1 drugs. It says if the stomach slows down too much, however, that can cause problems. knight and right had been diagnosed with severe what is called gastro paralysis. These individuals who took these drugs have been diagnosed with gastroparesis. gastroparesis is a fancy term for you see right here, stomach paralysis, paralyzing your stomach, which their doctors think may have resulted from a from or been exaggerated, exaggerated or exacerbated by the medication they were taking called Ozempic. Right continues she has also been diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome, which causes her to throw up multiple times a day. Now Allen doesn't have a diagnosis for her stomach problems but has said she started only after she was encouraged by a doctor to take Wegovy to lose weight. She's managing her ongoing nausea and vomiting with a medication called Zofran and prescription probiotics while she wants to while she waits for more tests in October. The first available appointments you could get with specialist medicine is in July, she can't go see a GI specialist until October. That means August September, two whole months are gonna go by where she has to be on a drug called Zofran to stop her from throwing up in case you guys don't understand this. Nurses will know about what this isn't medical doctors will know what it is. Zofran is the drug they give every patient before they give you morphine because morphine is gonna make you vomit want to throw up so they give you this drug to offset the vomiting side effects of morphine Zofran and ICU they pump you full of it before they give you morphine. Gastrointestinal events are well known side effects of the GLP-1 class of drugs for the magnitude tide the majority of gi side effects are mild to moderate in severity and have short duration. GLP-1 are known to cause a delay in gastric emptying, so this drug paralyzes your stomach's ability to empty the food in your stomach gastric emptying, gastric means stomach. Stomach is the Oregon where your stomach acid is made. And your it says it delays cast strict empty, empty. That means the food can't go that you swallow it into your stomach. It can't go from your stomach into your intestines, as noted in the label of each of our GLP-1 ra medications, symptoms of delayed gastric emptying, nausea and vomiting are listed as side effects the statement says all right now they state here that paralyze stomachs called gastroparesis can have many causes including diabetes. Now just see I know there's a reason why this happened to diabetics is not it's not because you're diabetic. It's because of the drugs they give you for diabetes caused this but they're gonna blame it on diabetes. gastro for Asus I'm going to reread it can have many causes, including diabetes, or the treatment of diabetes, which is reason many people are on these drugs in the first place. So now they're going to blame your vomiting and nausea as a result of diabetes, when in fact, the cause of diabetes and the treatment for diabetes are actually what are causing this nausea and vomiting. Women are known to be at higher risk for the condition too, and more than half of the cases of gastroparesis. Doctors are unable to find a cause. Well, I'm about to show you what the causes. It's the drugs they're taking for diabetes. And then look at this. Look at what the great doctors reporting on behalf of CNN say they may just be really unlucky, said Dr. Michael Camilleri, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic said of the people who store who shared these cases with CNN. On the other hand, he continues this is how the drugs work, although not many doctors or patients understand this are the problems that may follow. He said that it says here Camilla re received a grant from the NIH to study how one of the first GLP-1 agonist a drug called Irag you tide effects stomach function. This is what they keep reporting. Joanie night remembers exactly what she ate on her birthday in 2021. She ordered chicken Vedas at one of her favorite restaurants. She ate three skinny french fries and two or three pieces of chicken and then felt panic set in when she couldn't swallow the food. It felt like it was stuck in my throat said night who had been taking Ozempic for two years at that point and was already eating very little every day. As a result. Her birthday dinner triggered a bout of violent vomiting, quote, I thought I hadn't eaten. How am I throwing up this month she said she went on to see a gastroenterologist doctor who specialized in stomach problems. They put a tube with a camera down her throat and into her stomach to see what the issue might be. They said your stomach is full of food. Normally less than 10% of the food will be left in the stomach for hours after a meal when that climbs to between 10 and 15% it's considered mild gastroparesis mild stomach paralyzation moderate gastroparesis is when 15 to 35% of food is left in the stomach after four hours. Severe gastroparesis is anything over 35% of all the food after four hours. All right. Then it goes on to state that a gastric emptying study a test that measures how food moves through the stomach put night in this severe category. She said she stayed nauseated all the time, no matter how little she ate, and took a prescription to prescription anti nausea medication like it was candy. For example Zofran to stop you from being nauseous. Still doctors don't didn't connect her stomach problems to the Ozempic drug she was taking. Although the prescription information for the drug warns of nausea and vomiting. How amazing is that? This woman's going to her doctor is going I can't swallow anything. There's 35% or more of the food she ate four hours ago still in your stomach. In fact, they said her stomach was still full of food four hours later. But none of the doctors that we're seeing in this patient had a clue that Ozempic They were prescribing had a published side effect of nausea and vomiting. It mentions only that the drug causes a delay in stomach emptying as a warning that it may affect the absorption of other medications. It was almost four more months until a specialist took her off the medicine. This is one of the most ridiculous aspects of medicine in my opinion. You've heard my stories before were doctors are sorry patients of mine in the last 20 years, had actually been to the Mayo Clinic five times in two years. Never did they ever solve these patient's problems or what the cause was, then they didn't rip him off as years later, then we'd find out that a drug they're put on six months before their two years of mayo clinic visits. They found that the actual side effect we found the side effect of a drug like a cholesterol lowering drug was the cause of the entire problem the whole time and not a single a medical doctor or nurse even looked at the drugs that patients were being prescribed and they missed it the whole time. There are no side effects to medications only effects. Alright, so I'm going to continue reading here because this is important for all of you. I guarantee you all of you know somebody on Ozempic Or will go V for weight loss or diabetes. Seriously, that's how popular is on social media right now. Now popular it is on mainstream meeting. These are the problems being published about these drugs that are lasting for a year or two years after stopping the drug paralyzed stomach's causing cyclic vomiting, which is a published side effect of these drugs for weight loss and diabetes. Emily right the teacher from Toronto said Ozempic helped her shed about 80 pounds in one year, and she continued to take it to help manage your blood sugar but she always felt sick. She said she vomited every day but kind of got used to it. She would wake up and throw up and then her day would get better and clinical trials. Nearly half of the people 44% Who took will go be reported nausea and almost one in four reported vomiting. Both are common symptoms of gastroparesis or stomach paralyzation in the clinical trials for Ozempic to see I know these are weekly injection drugs you inject yourself once a week with these drugs and the clinical trials for Ozempic which is the same medication as will go V but given at a lower dose. One in five people reported nausea and one in 10 reported vomiting and September of 2020 right had been hospitalized for dehydration for dehydration related to the vomiting and that prompted her to push her doctors for more answers. A gastric emptying study showed that she had gastroparesis paralyzed stomachs. Her doctors put her on to more medication to try to help her manage her symptoms but didn't take her off the Ozempic because they didn't suspect it was contributing to it. So they left her on the damn drug that was causing the actual paralyzed stomach while they gave her two other drugs to try to manage the nausea and vomiting symptoms. And then they go further diabetes can also cause gastroparesis, but that typically happens only in people who have had the disease for at least a decade and have chronically high blood sugars that have damaged the nerves and control the stomach. That is not the cause these people on Metformin Glucophage insulin, and insulin just Selena is made from the same thing they make these drugs from will go V and Ozempic You're going to be disgusted at what I show you here. Both night and right say their doctors dismissed that possibility in their cases, quote, everybody said there's no way it's diabetes. Said right, who had been diagnosed with diabetes for only five years when she developed gastroparesis. In September 2022. Her vomiting got much worse standing in front of her classroom right said she began heaving, having burps that smelled so strongly of sulphur and rotten eggs that the kids began to comment on it quote what is that? Where is it coming from? They ask then instead of just vomiting the food she'd recently eaten right knows that she was throwing up food she'd eaten three or four days prior three or four days prior food is still sitting in her stomach that's not getting into her intestines. How disgusting is a another gastric emptying test showed her condition had deteriorated. Quote then the GI doctor said quote well I have been seeing a lot of clients coming in with full stomachs on endo scopey who are on Ozempic the drug so let's try taking you off the drug right said both night and right so they got some relief after coming off the medication but their problems continued. Now right said instead of throwing up a meal she ate several days ago she mostly vomits food she has eaten recently for people with gastroparesis for many cause these stories are the norm it takes a slight steep mental and physical toll on people who live with night eventually had stomach bypass surgery. It's similar to the technique used for weight loss, but it can also be a treatment for severe cases of paralyzed stomachs. She said as allowed her to eat some of her favorite foods again like a few bites of Pizza Chicken Previously she quote her saying I wasn't I was on an extreme amount of vitamins because I wasn't eating now I can eat enough that I'm not malnourished. Nice said Wright said that she's just hoping her condition will improve with medications and time. Quote we don't know when we're going to get better. I think that's the hardest part. She said like if you could give up like a year or two years, like like quote, like if you could give me like a year or two years I would have something to hope for now. I just want to throw this out here these drugs are creating paralyzed stomachs. This is national paralyzed digestive tracts. I'm going to show you here this is on drugrx.com it uh drugs.com and type in the word Ozempic I'm going to show you here if you go to side effects, it will show you a side effects and then this at the very top actually tells you the serious side effects that can occur. And I'm going to read some of these to you. These are the serious side effects vision changes. Oh my god, you might want to lose your vision or have reduced vision I'm not sure unusual mood changes thoughts about hurting yourself while on this drug. Okay, that doesn't sound good pounding. heartbeats are fluttering in your chest a lightheaded Feeling like you might pass out. That's not a good idea, signs of a thyroid tumor, swelling or lump in your throat. Okay, now we're going to actually do something here. If you go to Ozempic to the top, they actually give you a warning. Warnings call your doctor at once, if you have signs of a thyroid tumor, just you know, this is a blackbox warning for the drug that it can cause all types of thyroid cancers. So watch this warnings. Warning, call your doctor and once if you have signs of a thyroid tumor, you should not use this medicine. If you have more have multiple endocrine neoplasms type one tumors in your glands. Ozempic is proven that within one year of taking this drug, it increases your risk of developing multiple types of thyroid cancers. So I just want to bring that to your attention. Do not take it. I'm gonna go back to side effects because I like reading the side effects. pancreatitis you'll see here on the list pancreatitis as a side effect gallbladder problems, low blood sugar, kidney problems, stomach flu symptoms, stomach flu symptoms nausea and vomiting are common side effects. Stomach pain, loss of appetite. So as you know, they already published that these are side effects of the drugs. Now, on the opposite side of the break, I'm going to actually take you guys through some of the will go V. Side effects and symptoms of that drug will go v that is also published to paralyze the stomachs and digestive tracts of people. There's the Dr. Ardis show my goal is to try to create doubt in Big Pharma and restore faith in nature. Just Say No, there's not a single mineral or vitamin on earth that actually has side effects to paralyze your stomachs or your digestive tracts. However, these blockbuster drugs to lose weight, and reverse diabetes or blood sugar are actually made from very toxic substances known to cause cancers and paralyze your stomach and digestive tract for years, even after stopping him. We'll be right back after these messages

Welcome back Dr. Ardis Show fans I'm Dr. Ardis. Hope you enjoyed the first part of this 22 minute show in this next 22 minutes should be just as exciting. This is the best part actually coming up. Alright, so it is national digestive tract paralyzation Awareness Month, paralyzed digestive tract Awareness Month. So I figured might as well expose some of the drugs that they are actually publishing are causing massive paralyzed stomach issues around the world. And those drugs I introduced you to Ozempic which is a diabetes drug you inject weekly into your side. We'll go V as the other one and I'm gonna take you through that here. But just before we get to that, let's go through our sponsors for this segment. So h2 bev.com They create hydro shot the nitric oxide infused with hydrogen drink I start every day with for energy vitality, you name it. Eight hours of energy actually go to h2 beb.com Use the promo code Ardis ARD is to save off 10% of any of their products, like I do every month and every day. And then we have Kirk Elliot phd.com If you didn't see the most recent interview I did with him, it's pretty alarming and pretty shocking. So if you have financial concerns, financial worries, please go to Kirk Elliot phd.com forward slash Ardis and ask for a free consult or call them today and tell them we sent you and then grow Max water hydro.com for filtering water poisons out of your garden water you're going to be feeding your plants you're trying to grow organically while the globalist try to destroy your food supply chain and then also healing for the ages.com Go there now. Putting the discount code ARD is save you 10% off. Alright, so let's get back into it. Time to continue introducing you to the facts here about this awful drug. This is Ozempic We talked about the fact that it causes thyroid cancers is one of his published side effects. paralyzes your stomach and causes nausea. Now we're gonna go to Wegovi Wait, well this is okay. Well, let me just continue here Ozempic And from the CNN article we went over in the last episode is a called G L p one drug so I looked it up here so I can easily reference this on drugs.com What type of drug is Ozempic brand name is some mag low tide. So Ozempic is a class of drugs called glucagon like peptide but peptide one so GLP dash one analogue. Then it says here that Ozempic is used as an add on to diet and exercise and adults with type two diabetes to help improve control their blood sugar levels. It is also used in people with type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease to reduce the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events like a heart attack. And it states here what is GLP? One GLP-1 is an in cretin hormone, which is inactivated by dipeptidyl peptidase four glucose dependent insulinotropic. polypeptide is another such hormone. And it states here that GLP-1 and gi P stimulate the secretion of insulin after glucose is consumed, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. They work via a process known as the increasing effect and people with type two diabetes This process may not work so well or may no longer work at all. Right? We're gonna continue on. What does Ozempic What's it made from looking at the screen from insider magazine online this is published March of this year 2023. You see the date down here look at that pretty creature. It reads we wouldn't have Ozempic Without healer monsters, their hunger, regulating Venom inspired weight loss drugs. With the check this up. You'll a monster venom has a compound in it that can regulate hunger. It is similar to a hormone people produce in our intestines, but the lizard version is longer acting. The fine that led to the development of new class of obesity and diabetes drugs including Ozempic How many of you knew that this drug called Ozempic and Wegovi GLP-1 drugs are made from the the venom of a healer monster. So it reads here it turns out that the venom of a small Southwestern lizard, the only venomous lizard in America played a critical role in developing a whole new class of blockbuster drugs, anti obesity drugs called GLP-1 drugs Alright, so I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you that the healer monster venom which lasts much longer than the hormones we make in our own body, I just want to share with you this number one, if you think you're overweight and your your your loved ones are overweight and are diabetics because they are venom from this lizard deficient. You must be insane. And you aren't the people we're trying to educate here. People are not overweight, and have diabetes because they lack helo monster venom in their bodies. This Venom paralyzes the nerve that goes from your skull down to your stomach called the vagal nerve. The vagal nerve controls the relaxation of your stomach to let food go from your stomach into your intestines. This drug made from the venom of this healer monster binds to the vagal nerve, and it doesn't come off for years. Which is why when these people are complaining about stopping this drug, they still have cyclic vomiting. So just to explain this a little bit further. Maybe I should stop sharing this we stopped looking at the ugly lizard when you swallow food and it goes down into your stomach through your esophagus. If you're taking this healer monster Venom drug called Ozempic, and we'll go V all GLP-1 drugs are made from Hilo monster venom. When you inject that into your body, once a week, it actually binds to this nerve that goes from your brain all the way down into your stomach. And when you swallow food that goes into your stomach, the venom paralyzes this nerve and it doesn't let the stomach open to let the food contents leave the stomach to go into your intestines to be further broken down, and then turned into poop and poop it up.

So every time these people who are taking this epic swallow food, it just sits inside their stomach because the vagal nerve is paralyzed one day after another and the more you use it, the more Venom's in your body. And some of these people as we showed you in the CNN report, they're paralyzed. Their stomachs are for a year and a half to two years after stopping the drug. And then I just told you that it reads in that insider article that this is similar to a hormone that we make as humans, but it's much longer lasting. We don't make venomous mammals, venomous creatures make man make Venom. Venom binds to nerves and paralyzes the function of muscles. So after you inject yourself with those Olympic or will go V, you're the food you eat. I'm just gonna go sit in your stomach and you're gonna feel full for a much longer time period. Remember the CNN reports were stating that some of these individuals were having severe gastroparesis stomach paralyzed were their entire food from three or four days before was being thrown up. Okay, remember, being overweight and being diabetic is not a sign of Hilo monster Venom deficiency. Stop injecting yourself with Deadly Venoms the only people lying to you and telling you that venom is therapeutic are the pharmaceutical drug companies and medical doctors who in the CNN article, every one of those stories I read to you. Their medical doctors had no idea it was causing them to be paralyzed with their stomachs couldn't empty their stomach or thrown up nonstop for a year. and a half after stopping the drug, they didn't even know it was the drug. That's because they weren't told that's what the drug was. They just had pharmaceutical reps walk into their clinics and go hey, this is a great new weight loss drug new diabetes drug seven and astounding effects. Oh yeah, he paralyzed someone's stomach to be able to digest food. All their food sits in their stomach and doesn't leave. And then the next meal when you swallow the next feels meal even though you feel totally stuff. When that food lands on top of the other food Yes, what's your body has to do to get it out of your esophagus because it can't go down. If the food can't go down. Guess what happens? Your body vomits it back up. And it wouldn't matter if you drink water would matter if you ate an ice cream sandwich it would matter if you ate a salad it doesn't matter. Whatever you swallowing going down, it's going to come back up. So these are why people are stuck in this cyclic vomiting. They call gastroparesis a fancy word for we paralyzed your digestive tract with venom drugs now will help you lose weight of course it will the food you're eating for nourishment isn't even get into your intestines, you're gonna throw up and be nauseous. Therefore you have zero nutrition in your body, your body's not going to break down fat. It this is what you desire as the solution to your weight loss diabetes problems injecting yourself with venom. You know where to get it was epic and we'll go V for those of you who don't want acute pancreatitis thyroid cancers, you don't want paralyzed digestive tracts for years. Avoid the venom based drugs and then make adjustments to your diet. Okay. All right, we're I digress. Here we go. Alright, so GLP-1 drugs will go V and Ozempic is made from healer monster venom. Alright, tell all your friends to get off healer, monster venom. Nobody's deficient in healer monster venom. Alright, so now I'm gonna take you over to the side effects of will go V will go V listed here on drugs.com. If you click on serious side effects, it'll bring it down here. They're gonna list off all of these more common serious side effects. So these are the serious side effects that are the most common to be reported. What's taking this drug anxiety, bloating, chills, cold sweats. Can you imagine why they're bloating? All their foods still sit in their stomach? cold sweats, confusion, constipation, why they paralyzed your digestive tract. You can't even poop now you need movement of your stomach intestinal lining your intestines have to be moving called peristalsis they cramp to move poop throughout your 13 meters of intestines to poop. If you paralyze them, the food just sits there the fecal matter just sits there so you're gonna be constipated. Of course. Difficulty swallowing. Why your stomachs full of food. fast heart rate headache, increased hunger indigestion large, large hive like swelling on the face eyelid lip tongues throw tans, legs, feet or sex organs. Why? Did you know all Venom's introducing the human body create every single anaphylactic allergy reaction? All of them. histamines are immediately created by Venom's in the body. Loss of appetite. No kidding. Your stomachs full of food, nervousness, nightmares, their lives are a nightmare. pain in the stomach side revenue of course, seizures why it's a neurotoxin? Skin Rashes obviously slurred speech. Okay, so now you're in looks like you're a stroke victim. That's great. Why paralyzes nerves, tightness in the chest, heart attack, trouble breathing unusual tiredness or fatigue. Oh my God, look at this serious side effects. The most common lists in alphabetical order, vomiting, oh, then yellow eyes or skin. So that's indicative of liver toxicity. We call that jaundice. Then they list other side effects Okay. for healthcare professionals they list the most common reported adverse reactions include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation. Now you know why? Here we go. GLP-1 drugs for oncologist which are cancer specialist, thyroid cancers. These have been reported after taking the drugs, gastrointestinal oh my gosh, look at this vomiting and up to 24% of everybody who takes this drug. So ridiculous. Appendicitis occurs. anaphylactic reaction, ocular. This one really bothered me. We're gonna go through this is an a two year trial among patients with type two diabetes and high cardiovascular risk. patients treated with the drug experienced a great incidence, a great incidence of diabetic retinopathy complications. 3% experienced this diabetic retinopathy, the absolute risk was greater in patients with a history of diabetic retinopathy at about 8% of those who took the drug versus 6.2% that were on a placebo, not much different than those without the drug. So without the drugs for diabetes 0.7% Those with upwards of 8% of them had diabetic retinopathy. They just say no diabetic retinopathy will lead to blindness. It is what creates blindness. And I look at this, upwards of 10% of all people on that drug one in 10 will have diabetic retinopathy complications. Most people that have diabetes don't want to lose their vision. That's one of the reasons they go to medical doctors for treat. spent upwards of 10% of people have gallbladder inflammation and gallstones, very common is fatigue. 11% of all people on the drug could battle with fatigue, nervous system headaches and up to 10% of all people renal failure, acute kidney injury, worsening of chronic kidney failure. I'm not sure any of us like kidney failure, cardiovascular, they saw an increase 41% of people hyper hypotension and orthostatic hypotension. Just you know, look at this even hair loss 10% of you will lose your hair, but that as a side effect of venom. Did you know that COVID is all Venom's also and how many people are struggling with hair loss including my wife, if you're having COVID Alright, so I just wanted to share those with you. This is a website called join calibrate.com. For all of you out there watching this episode, I was shocked to find a list of all the name brand and generic name brand drugs being touted around the world for weight loss and diabetes. They're called GLP-1 agonist. So here's an overview on join calibrate.com for a list of all the brands of Hilo monster Venom drugs on the market. I haven't even heard of most of these, but I had to show you what our GLP-1 agonist prescribed for an estimated 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. According to the American Diabetes Association GLP-1 receptor agonist or increasing it mimetics are a class of prescription medications that have been proven to be effective in the treatment of type two diabetes. Like this GLP-1 medications were initially approved by the FDA in 2005. But experts soon learned that in addition to lowering blood glucose levels to help treat Type Two Diabetes GLP-1 agonists also resulted in weight loss and other metabolic health benefits. In 2014. So venda became the first GLP-1 agonist to be FDA approved for weight loss management and obese patients that did not have diabetes. And it reads here GLP-1 medications are safe and effective and have relatively few side effects, except for paralyzed stomachs, acute pancreatitis, gallbladder attacks, headaches, renal failure, that's very few side effects vomiting cyclically for a year and a half later. So GLP-1 medications that's reminding read the screen are safe, effective and have relatively few side effects. Oh my god, don't ask the celebrities in the CNN article. If that's the case. Then they go on to tell you how it works. Here's a closer look at the many ways in which it works. Alright, so what GLP-1 agonist are prescribed by calibrate this website here.

Alright, so here you'll see the names there. Ozempic will go V and ryyb Elsas Those are called generically semaglutide drugs. Then you have another brand name saxenda Otherwise known as liraglutide and then Trulicity is the brand name of a drug called dilute glad do love Glu tide. And then Manjaro is turns appetite Alright, so there's your list of drugs you should find out if in your loved ones are on those drugs, either in the brand name or the generic name can't make this more easier for you. Alright, now as we continue that is not a complete list this is just what calibrate recommends. Alright, so complete GLP-1 agonist list sorted alphabetically by brand name. Alright, so here we go. Add Lixin add. Lixin is the brand name of something called lixisenatide. manufacturer is Sanofi. And then we have Bydureon becase, which is made by AstraZeneca. Which is great. I don't know if you guys caught this but I actually was meeting with a whole bunch of doctors in preparation for the healing for the ages conference coming up. Did you know that AstraZeneca when they built the COVID-19 vaccine that the first company that was supplied to AstraZeneca plasmids to make the COVID-19 vaccines, the company's name, awarded the contract to put the plasmids in AstraZeneca is COVID-19 shots is a company called Cobra biologics that was then acquired by Charles River who's in partnership with venom Tech of the UK, who makes only Venom based drugs and vaccines for the pharmaceutical industry. So AstraZeneca so AstraZeneca is no stranger to Venom based drugs and their products. Here's another one. Here's another one. Most people a lot of people probably have heard of Byetta. This has actually been a lot of commercials I've seen on TV. It's it's generic name is x and a tide. And then AstraZeneca is the owner of that drip Moon gyro, another healer monster Venom drug. Moon gyro, tears Zepa tide. This is by Eli Lilly and Company Ozempic which we've been talking about is owned and patented by Novo Nordisk and then rebellious, rebellious. This is an oral form of semaglutide, which is the same drug as Ozempic. And this is also done by Novo Nordisk Nordisk Sachs Xandra and other healer monster Venom drug. saxenda is the brand name. liraglutide is the generic name also owned and distributed by Novo Nordisk trulicity another amazing healer Monster Monster Venom drug trulicity generic name dulaglutide. Is Eli Lilly and Company now what want you to recognize something here? They actually have oral versions of these. One of these I thought they did. Maybe they don't. I thought I read that. Okay. Victoza brand name now the healer monster venom. liraglutide made by Noro Novo Nordisk will go V. Also Novo Nordisk, you would think when they had two brand names of the same product will go V and Ozempic. Maybe they would change it or just have one. Now they don't. Alright, so this is a subcutaneous once it once said, We injection just like we'll go V. Alright, so these are the names of the drugs I want all of you to be aware of, because they're made from Venom's and Venom's as I just showed you, Ozempic and Wegovy and each one of these made from helix monster venom. All of them have published side effects of causing acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, liver failure, and up to 10% of all people increased risk of diabetic retinopathy going blind. If you're already a diabetic, this is a diabetes drug, supposedly, and a weight loss drug. Do not trust healer, monster venom, drugs, any of you, you don't need to do that. And make sure you sign up for the healing for the ages conference that's coming up September 7, eighth, and ninth, go to healing for ages.com Go to the top. There's a lot of deceitful information out there. In fact, if you are reading only the cnn.com article from July 25, titled blockbuster weight loss and diabetes drug is paralyzing stomachs, it would have never made sense to you why it was doing that until someone takes the time to do the research on your behalf to explain why these people are still having years of cyclic vomiting and paralyzed stomachs. It's because the drug they're injecting into their body they were never told, and neither were their medical doctors told to sell the drug and prescribe the drug. They never even told them that it was made of healer monster venom. So in the future, anybody who offers a solution for you, if you're overweight, and you have diabetes, my very first question for you would be this ask your doctor if venom is right for you. And God, I hope they say no. All right, God bless you all. Please go to the healing for they just conference. Sign up using the code ARD is we spent a lot of time and effort to put this together on your behalf to try to save as many people as possible from around the world from having these horrible outcomes from these venomous drugs are creating and promoting worldwide. God bless. We'll see you next week.