Episode 08.28.2023 - Venom Industrial Complex: Weaponizing Venoms


Dr. Ardis of the Dr. Ardis show discusses his theory regarding the COVID-19 vaccines and their alleged connection to various animal venoms. He suggests that the vaccines are weaponizing venoms, and this is leading to the various symptoms experienced by individuals post-vaccination. He claims that a significant percentage of the global population who have had COVID-19 experience these symptoms, which he attributes to the alleged use of venoms in the vaccines.

Dr. Ardis references multiple studies, including one from China and another from Italy, to support his assertions. The studies reportedly find similarities between the genetic sequence of the COVID-19 virus and toxins found in snake venoms, particularly the crate snake and king cobra, and also marine snails in the CONUS genre. Dr. Ardis details findings of various venom proteins in COVID-19 positive patients, alleging that each of these proteins explains every symptom of COVID-19 and long-hauler COVID-19. He also cites another study by the University of Arizona that explored the link between these venoms and COVID-19 deaths.

Additionally, Dr. Ardis suggests potential treatments, such as nicotine and ivermectin, by blocking specific receptors targeted by the virus toxins. He also connects the findings to concerns raised about the weaponization of conotoxins and the World Economic Forum’s interest in cone snail venom. Highlighting similarities between snake bites and COVID-19 symptoms, Dr. Ardis mentions a company, Ophirex, that is working on a drug to counteract venom and its funding by major organizations.


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Hello Brighteon.tv fans. I'm Dr. Ardis, this is the Dr. Ardis show. I'm just going to spend a little bit time here. This entire show is going to be a review of the entire presentation I gave on stage and to audiences live. Last weekend in Des Moines, Iowa at G Edward Griffin's Red Pill Expo. And this presentation is all new. At least there's new stuff in it towards the end that helped confirm conclusively more in my mind and in the medical doctors attending that conference, that oh my god, the weaponizing of Venom's really is what they're doing with the COVID-19 vaccines. So I'm excited to do this with our audiences here and with Brighteon and remember Brighteon.tv is going to help stream live worldwide my new healing for the ages conference coming up, September 7, eighth and ninth go to healing for the ages.com to learn more. There is also a free q&a masterclass. On September 7, you can register for right they're at the homepage, go to healing for the ages.com that's where you set up this where you subscribe, and just say no, if you go there, put in the discount code Mike “MIKE” that will take 10% off of the $99 virtual attendees fees that Brighteon TV is streaming live for us worldwide, and also helps us provide commission and revenue to Brighteon.tv. And Mike Adams’ platforms. We'll be right back.

All right, we're back. I'm Dr. Ardis. This is the Doctor Ardis show. And we're excited to spend this entire time with you sharing with you my red pill Expo presentation I just did in Des Moines, Iowa, with Jed G. Edward Griffin team there at the red pill Expo, showing you more evidence of how they're actually using Venom's inside the COVID-19 vaccines to cause all of the reported terrible injuries. Alright, so we're gonna go through that this is gonna be very exciting the sponsors for this show. And I'm going to be showing the entire presentation in PowerPoint presentation here in this actual live podcast. The sponsors for this program are healingforthe ages.com go there to learn about our actual conference coming up September 7, 8, and 9th. And if this is after September 7, 8, and 9th of 2023, you can go back to healingfortheages.com, re-purchase the virtual tickets and still download the entire presentations and get in your email. 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Type that in, it'll give you another 10% off of the membership there for advocacy work. Also, if you go to Video consults on their page, there's an option for an additional fee to have me or Dr. Henry Ely actually review all of your medical documents and do a video consult for you to set the stage for the next three to six months of how we would help you reclaim your health. So graithcare.com is where you go, and they're going to be a vendor for the healing for ages show also in conference, which is going to be exciting. Alright, so I want to make sure I don't run out of time here. I've got about 19 minutes left in this segment. And you guys should be excited about what I'm gonna show you. I love doing research and presenting stuff in a way that lay people can understand it, medical professionals can apply it scientists and go to review and study and be educated on their own. It's what uh, what I love doing, I'm dunno why God wired me that way. It's just what he did. Alright, so I'm gonna share my screen, and you're gonna see on the screen, my actual presentation. And as we go along, I'm going to actually take you through the entire presentation, one slide at a time. Alright, so we call this presentation at the red pill Expo please share this far and wide with your loved ones. We titled it COVID-19 weaponizing of venoms. Do you or anyone you know still suffer with any of these symptoms after having COVID Even if it was a mild case in any of the last three and a half years. Look at the list because this actual presentation is going to teach you how to beat all of these symptoms in six days or less. Alright, so let's take you through it. Do any of you at home watching this or listening to this or anyone you love? Do they suffer with chronic fatigue since having COVID dizziness can't take deep breaths, low grade fever, loss of taste and smell, memory lapses, muscle pain and weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, concentration difficulties, sleep difficulties, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, you name it headache, chest tightness and pain, heart palpitations, cognitive impairment, motor deficits, picture Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, exercise intolerance, or new onset of diabetes, or new onset of hypertension, high blood pressure since having COVID. Now just you know if any of you are saying to yourself, now, this isn't true, I don't know anybody that has these symptoms. Still, you must be lying to yourself, or you don't know anybody near recluse because this is the statistics read the highlighted blue area. The incidence of people struggling with all of these 21 symptoms I just rattled off is estimated between 35% and 87% of all people worldwide after having COVID. And of all the individuals experiencing SARS cov. Two infection and the duration of those symptoms in blue is unpredictable. After six months 14 persistent symptoms is reported by subjects suffering from long haul or COVID symptoms. That's the majority of all people. I'm going to drive this home again, my audiences have seen it Time Magazine's cover January 11 1999. Just so you know, this entire presentation is going to answer every single one of these symptoms and while you have them or when you when you love has them, which could be 87% of all people on the planet that got COVID Alright, so this is why it's important. Why does this cover on Time Magazine applied to long haul or COVID symptoms? Why the spike proteins of COVID were Venom's. And we're going to show you the core two and read along at the top highlighted part of every one of our slides here. According to geneticist in China, bats are not the origin of COVID 19 virus and this was published in January of 2020. And I put geneticists at the top of the screenshot here, PowerPoint presentation slide because it wasn't a chiropractor who said it scientists who are genetic specialist did their gin gene testing and found that in this paper, titled cross species transmission of the newly identified Coronavirus in 2019 was found in summary they said here results derived from our evolutionary analysis gene testing suggests that the 2019 novel Coronavirus has most similar genetic information with bat coronaviruses and has most similar codon usage bias with snakes. What does codon usage bias mean? I took it from the NIH is on website codon usage bias you see on the screen its definition is codon usage bias reflects the origin mutation patterns and evolution of the species or genes. So I have the summary still on the screen. overlapping the definition on the analysis website. And summary results derived from our evolutionary analysis suggest that this virus has most similar codon usage bias with snake and what this codon usage bias mean to the bottom left on the screen. Coded codon usage bias reflects the origin therefore the origin of SARS cov. Two was snakes, not bats. Per geneticists, then they published this in the paper look far left, that is the most likely origin of COVID are these two snakes on the far left. As you move to the right on this graph, you get farther and farther away from the similarity in the gene sequences for the virus. First snake on the left is Bongo ro toxin which is the venom of the crate snake in Asia. The second one most people are familiar with is an illustration you see the drawing of the king cobra at the top of the bar. They're called Nadja entre in Latin just so you know. Alright, so they said it was snakes Cytec daily. I'll remind my audiences they found snake pneumonia they published in January of 2020. I highlighted in blue. This online Medical Journal said Snake pneumonia Coronavirus outbreak in China traced to snakes by genetic analysis, not bats, snakes. Then CNN published snakes could be the source of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. Look at the date January 14 2020. They knew very early on look at the highlighted gray area first sentence of the CNN article. Snakes the Chinese crate and the Chinese Cobra may be the original source of the newly discovered Coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly infectious respiratory illness in China this winter. Why is this important? I introduced this presentation with 21 long hauler COVID symptoms on the screen. Every single one of them can be answered with these Venom's. They found where the origins of COVID saw which want to hammer this home. Nothing else explains it like the venom aspect of COVID does. Alright and France April 2020. You can see this slide on the screen. Researchers isolate the spike protein gene of COVID-19 virus and publish that it's identical to three things and this is the paper now look at the The graphic at the top of this slide this is out of their research study I just copied and pasted it. They found that at the bottom you will see of all those bolded words with the pretty colors on the right. You'll see the bottom thing listed it says SARS dash code v dash two s that stands for SARS cov two virus S stands for spike protein. They published what they found it was identical to it was most identical to look at the top, Cobra toxin from the King cobras Venom Bongo ro toxin which is right above the SARS cov to spike protein designation lunga ro toxin comes from the crate snakes and then there's three segments they say that are very oddly similar to the rabies virus. Just going to keep hammering this home. You will see Cobra toxin right above this image you see from the research study it says the neurotoxin motifs the alignment of the amino acids it says amino acid sequence alignment of these motifs found in toxins from snakes of the Oh feel God of the Oh feel figgus Cobra and Bongo genre and then rabies virus strains and in the spike protein of SARS cov t. So I'm showing you here on the screen this is king cobra. That's where you get the Cobra toxin from. And then this bunker is genre it says in the statement below the little infographic that it says the spike protein came from I want to show you banded crate snakes by Latin scientific nomenclature what they say in the media and publish. Look to the right of the mini banded crate snake image look to the right it's calling this the mini banded crate. Dash vulgaris bunker row toxin is the venom of these buggers Latin named crate snakes, and they're very deadly they're Venom's just want to show you I am not a just tell all I'm a show until Doctor I will show you and then I'll tell you just to remind you all this was in April of 2020. It's the same study where they found the spike protein of COVID was two snakes Venom's and rabies virus Read with me April of 2020 over three years ago. In conclusion, we propose and try to justify the hypothesis that nicotine receptors abbreviated in a CHR they play a critical role in the disease of SARS cov two infection and as a consequence, we propose nicotine and nicotine agents as a possible therapy for SARS. cov two infection interestingly, they say three years ago, ivermectin has been recently shown to inhibit the replication of SARS cov two virus in cells in a lab and is a positive ivermectin is a positive allosteric modulator of alpha seven nicotine receptors. This is three years ago. They said the spike proteins of these two Venom's of these two snakes target nicotine receptors, and in this paper they state. This explains why smokers are not ending up in hospitals with COVID Because nicotine is already in their body and it binds to these receptors that the Venom's target called spike proteins of COVID. But nicotine has a 30 times higher binding ability than Venom's do. Therefore, in the presence of nicotine, the body will always grab on the nicotine and Venom can't bind to those nicotine receptors. And if Venom's already bound to them, and you introduce nicotine, nicotine releases the venom and the nicotine is then replaced at the attachment of the cell and ivermectin does the same thing, just not as strong as nicotine does. Why is this important? In April of this year 2023, the NIH published this paper remember the emergency for COVID ended in May of 2023. The very next week the NIH publishes this paper. It's titled SARS cov twos spike protein here they call it the spike echo domain targets alpha seven nicotine receptors. Now for my audiences, this isn't new to you. I've been saying for two years. This is the target it's not ace two receptors. It's these nicotine receptors. So now the NIH is going to admit that I was right and that the scientists in France were right three years ago when they've ignored this the whole time. Notice the title is SARS cov to spike proteins which are found to be Cobra toxin and Bongo toxin from Crate snakes and Cobra snakes targets alpha seven nicotinic receptors. I would like to read the highlighted part of this paper the SARS cov two glycoprotein. This spike protein contains a neurotoxin like region that has sequence similarities to the rabies virus like the French people said, and the HIV spike protein, as well as to snake venom neurotoxins, which interact with nicotine receptors via this region of the spike protein. If you haven't followed the dialogue, Joe Biden drops the emergency of COVID-19 nationally in the second week of May 2023. The very next week the NIH goes you know what, let's just go out and tell the truth, a half truth that COVID-19 SPIKE proteins actually target nicotine receptors like people have tried to say all along including the retired chiropractor, and that they target or at the spike proteins of COVID also are analogous similar to snake venom neurotoxins, okay, so I'm not as crazy as it appeared Everybody thought I was they stayed in this paper, then ah that COVID-19 viruses spike protein contains snake neurotoxins and HIV glyco protein, which is the spike protein of HIV. Did you all know at home that in 2017, they published in this paper, I highlighted the title antiviral activity of animal Venom peptides. In this paper, they disclose they disclose in this paper that in blue you see on the screen, snake venom molecules are homologous to HIV ones glyco protein that's interesting. I didn't know HIV uses spike protein at anything similar to do with snake venom components. But oh my god it does for the audience at home. And for the red pill Expo audiences I did this I put up on the screen. What does homologous mean in this sentence because I didn't know what it means to look it up. And this is what it means from the Merriam Webster dictionary. Read it the scientific or biology in blue definition for the word homologous means derived from so if you read this sentence again, the HIV ones spike protein is derived from snake venom components, no different than the spike protein of COVID. How many of you knew that? Well, the people that read pilled didn't know that either. But that's what they published in May of this year. I won't digress. But there's a point off of that information that should be very eye opening to everybody, which is how many of you heard Zeb zelinka, before he died, said, there's this condition called vaids. He called it vaccine induced aids. Remember, they say HIV leads to AIDS. I just showed you that HIV one spike protein is derived from snake venoms, or homologous to snake venom components. Did you know snake venom causes immune deficiency, this vaccine induced aids scenario that zelinka coin so brilliantly HIV spike protein is homologous to snake venom components. That means HIV and snake venom do the same thing. They create immune deficiency, although immune deficiency disorder, which is what AIDS is, all right, I don't want to digress there. But that explains why it's happening after the shots that have been in there. And I'm gonna show you how I know it. All right now this is a paper in the scientific journal called molecules. And all I just wanted to bring to the attention for you at home and everybody sitting in the audience at the red pill Expo was it's titled Venom derived neuro target neurotoxins targeting nicotine receptors. And in this article, I highlight Venom's of snakes within the elapid family, as well as those of Marines. Marine snails in the ocean, with the CONUS genre, are particularly rich in proteins and peptides that target nicotine receptors. Now what is a lappets? In this highlighted blue sentence it says Venom's of snake within the elapid family. Well look at the screen. I just put it up on the screen. There are 17 known species of elap IDs. Look at the one that is the most well known. King cobras are a elapid. And oh my god, the French researchers I just showed you a second ago said cobra venom toxin, Cobra toxin was a spike protein of COVID. And the NIH just published a paper saying snake neurotoxins target nicotine receptors and I'm pulling up this snake venom article right here on the screen. That Venom's of snakes and cone snails in the oceans target nicotine receptors. And there's the Kona kono toxins are the Venom's of cone snails on the ocean floor. Why is that important? And 2021 Italy scientist confirmed that there are 36 different animal Venom's only in COVID-19 positive patients bodies and their blood in their urine and in their feces. I'm showing you the results of the study right here. Toxin like peptides peptides is a protein almost identical to toxic components of Venom's from animals like kono toxins, and then a list of a whole bunch of venom proteins were found and identified in samples from COVID-19 patients, but not in any of the COVID-19 negative group they call the control samples. So no Venom's at all. I'm on the next slide now, and it is titled 2021 Italy scientists confirmed 36 different animal Venom's only in COVID-19 patients bodies This is in their research study. 36 different Venom's my audiences have already seen this but if you haven't seen it on the far right, you will see the animal the venom was Venom came from that's in the blood, urine and feces of every COVID-19 positive patient. That column is important. You'll see the very first one was the Malayan crate snake. Oh my god. Do you think it'll be researchers in June of 2020 when they did this study three years ago? Do you think they were shocked? To find out that crate snakes showed up? No. They already heard from Chinese researchers. Per the CNN article, remember? And the French researchers that the crate snake was the most likely origin of COVID. So no, they weren't shocked here. In fact, the first two Venom's they found here on the list was the Malayan crate snake out of Malaysia. And then the mini banded crate snake I showed you a picture of a minute ago. Then it goes even further and you'll see the list Chinese cobras next Malayan spinning co burrs next you'll see Taipans Eastern brown snakes you see all kinds of the other column that is so important is the fourth one from the left titled the protein name. I've spent a year dissecting this table of 36 different Venom's the first 20 Venom's are snake venom. And you'll see the names of the snakes on the right, the venom protein is underneath protein name. And you'll see them highlighted in colors, green, red, orange, on the screen, or yellow. Each of those proteins explain every single symptom of COVID and long haul or COVID, every single one of them and they're all different from different animals. So I'm just gonna show these real quickly. Here's the second part of the tables is four pages. By the way of all the Venom's. They found in COVID-19 patients on the right you'll see the first of the snake on this list is the Eastern brown snake out of India. Then you'll see McLay is watersnake than Draka This is the Viper out of Brazil. They make ace inhibitor drugs from that arise swallowing in the world that causes cancer. Isolated saw scaled Viper Korean slo mo snake so all these people got Korean snake venom in their bodies.

Is the king cobra again down at the bottom, then you get to the other snakes at the top are all in green. Then you get to this pink one. This is Venom found in every COVID-19 patient's blood and feces from the crown of thorns starfish on the ocean floor. How did that get in every COVID-19 patients bodies on land people all right, and then the next 15 blue ones on the screen are all cone snails in the Kono toxins in their venom found in COVID-19 patients bodies I also include here underneath this table, the actual URL web address to this research paper if you want to read it. Alright, now when we return here from this short break, I'm going to continue with what is so important about these Venom's in the bodies of these COVID-19 positive patients not confirmed once in Italy in June of 2020, then published online on this paper I just showed you in 2021. But also it was just reconfirmed by the same Italian scientists again with all new COVID Lawler patients in January of this year, who were being treated by Dr. Chetty m g. In South Africa, who I did a whole two and a half hour interview with just a few months ago, and that should be on our Soho show her show site very soon. All right. We'll be right back after these messages.

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Thank you to all of you there. Alright, let's continue our narrative here. I'm going to share the screen again, I just showed the 36 Venom's in every single patient's bodies, blood and feces of every COVID-19 positive patient and remember this presentation started. Go back and watch the beginning if you missed it with 21 symptoms you or your loved ones at home. 87% of people worldwide still struggle with since having COVID The first time even in mild cases. And this information I'm going through right now will save your loved one's life and improve their symptoms just with this information. But you better know why it's going to work and that's why I did these presentations. Okay. To the left you will see the green highlighted protein as screenshotted out of the Italy study. They're called phospho lipase aytu. I then screenshot the second table out of this 36 Venom's total. And I put up there, the other listed phospho lipase, a two Venom's from other animals found in the Italy study. Why is this important? Look, there's 1234567 phospho lipase, a two Venom's out of the 36 Venom's. We're done? If I had to be phospho ibsat from snakes, why is this important? This was found in every COVID-19 patients blood and feces. Before the vaccines ever rolled out. They just had to test positive for COVID. Why is this important? This is why summer of 2021 the University of Arizona evaluates 300 patients blood samples from two different hospital systems, who all died in a hospital from supposedly having COVID-19 and look at the title of the article they published, like Venom coursing through the body, researchers identified the mechanism driving COVID-19 deaths. And then it states in the subtitle researchers have identified what may be the key MOLLE molecular mechanism responsible for COVID 19 deaths. An enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom date August 2021. Two years ago, what was this rattlesnake enzyme they found? This is the third paragraph in the article, researchers from the University of Arizona in collaboration with Stony Brook University and Wake Forest School of Medicine analyzed blood samples from two COVID-19 patient patient groups and found that circulation of the enzyme secreted phospho lipase, a two group may be the most important factor in predicting which patients with severe COVID-19 eventual succumb to death due to the virus. And there was so much of this phospho lipase a to that it's killing people. I just showed you the phosphor lipase he found in Italy study. They found it Arizona proved it a year later. Now follow along read the gray highlighted Venom's the proteins per the Italy study, they're called cono toxins, you'll see them there left and right on the screen. 2012 I've showed this to my audiences before the United States Department of Justice has this article up 2012 You can see it on the screen. Go look it up right now. Still there. They listed the United States Department of Justice 2012 They're concerned that kono toxins are potential weapons from the sea. Why are we all swimming in the ocean to the ocean floor getting stung by cone snails? No. What do they say here? The most lethal effect of cono toxins to humans as muscle paralysis of the diaphragm causing respiratory arrest concerns in the homeland security field they continue to exist that certain cono toxins could be weaponized and used as an aerosol kono toxins at risk of terrorist use include Alpha ko no toxins kappa co no toxins and oh dash co no toxins. Do you know what oh dash co no toxins what the O in Greek alphabet actually stands for? This is what it stands for. Look at the Greek alphabet list on the screen. I took this off the internet. O stands for Omicron Oh my god. We've heard about Omicron variant of COVID for the last two years. This is why they're using Omicron kono toxins there are 15 of them are found in every COVID patient. Speaking of kono toxin cone snails y'all have probably seen this because I shared this with my audiences and worldwide the World Economic Forum, their tagline is committed to improving the state of the world. And a lot of people in circles that I run with believe that the World Economic Forum has an agenda to depopulate the planet which means they have to kill you or in fertilize you to reduce the population of the earth. So if that's their commitment to improving the state of the world, Don't you find it ironic that in 2015, they published this paper three years after the Department of Justice publishes their concerns about kono toxins being used as a aerosol or aerosolized weapon. Look at the date of the article, the World Economic Forum logo at the top of the page. This is right off their website, September 11 2015. How can killer snails improve the state of the world? Read that again? How can killer snails improve the state of the world? Well, if they're killers, I'm not really sure how killing anything is going to improve the state of the world unless you're trying to actually kill people and have a twisted reality that's going to improve the state of the world. Well, what are they talking about what killer snails they talked about in the second paragraph highlighted venomous potent, fast acting extremely efficient. In short, it has all the makings of a successful drug. The venom of cone snails or killer snails, as I lovingly refer to them, allows the slow moving predators to feed on an agile prey by shutting down and fishes normal functions preventing them from escaping. This is the British Medical Journal in 2021. They publish that snake bites and COVID-19 are to global climate crisis is that have the same singular research and development opportunity for drug manufacturing? Alright, how many of you knew that snake bites and your symptoms of COVID 19 were identical in the summary box on the right, it says despite inherent differences, snake bite Venom getting in the patient's body, snakebite. envenoming and COVID-19 have much in common in terms of research and development challenges and opportunities.

Oh really? How many of you knew that your symptoms were identical to snake bites? Victims symptoms? You didn't until I told you all right now they state here I just screenshot the top title of this British Medical Journal Global Health article what one research and development opportunity are they talking about? Would you like to know who's funding this one research opportunity and want to know the company and product or developing The company is called Oh FIREX this is off their website. Oh, fierce look at it. It's got a snake logo in the O FIREX. Go to Ophir x.com to learn more. And their funding tab. These are the three organizations funding $100 million. And a portion of its going to F O FIREX. To develop whatever this product is Department of Defense of America, the Wellcome Trust Fund in the United Nations. And it says here at the top, though, whose 2019 roadmap for reducing the burden of venom from snake bites and Kurt's development of new technologies and Oh, FIREX is verace blooded drug answers the call. Well, what is verace blood four? I'm not going to read this one. Look, this is on their website for FIREX read it in blue verace pollutive fits into this universal groove a wedge, disabling the venom s p l a to phospho ly base a to this drug is only an oral pill to stop phospholipid say to that need I remind you, the University of Arizona said COVID nineteen's cause of death was phospho lipase at from snake venom in the bodies of everyone who died. Got it. You follow me here. So, in this perspective, the Department of Defense of America world, the world that up at World Economic Forum's funding company called the Wellcome Trust Fund and the United Nations are investing $100 million over the next seven years to make these drugs to defeat snake venom poisoning around the world. That is their only mission. Madonna's co founder, Derek Rossi, was quoted in this article in 2021, Maderna, co founder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snake bites. Oh, really? Of course they were. Dr. Charles Hoff, MD and in Calgary in Canada sorry. He issued this dire warning about mRNA vaccines and points to D dimer, blood test and negative impacts of the clots. How are elevated D dimer levels interpreted? I'm going to remind all of you at home like I did the red pill Expo medscape.com Has this article still on their website published 2019 Right before the pandemic November 2019. Right before the pandemic in January 2020. How are medical doctors supposed to look for the answer of what's causing elevated D dimers? Oh my God, look at the article I just highlighted on the screen snake venom poisoning and they say every medical doctor should go looking for for the blood clotting effects that you will see as D dimers. On your blood test. The only other cause of these five things listed is blood clot dissolving drugs like heparin and warfarin. So if your patients aren't on that, and you just got the COVID-19 vaccines, you should be looking for snake venom poisoning medical doctors, that would be very helpful. That's what they say to your test, not mine. What did the NIH NIH say in May of this year, the spike protein of COVID is identical to snake venom neurotoxins, you might want to go look for it just remember, this is the spike protein of COVID I'm gonna hammer this home this is all new info you're about to see right now. Remember when I said the watch the water documentary? I'm concerned they've got snake venom in the shot. Now there's real reasons why there's snake venom in the shots. This is on the NHS website and none of the medical doctors at the red pill Expo no 1am on it's seen this yet. I just found this the week before I went to the red pill Expo. And I'm going to show you how I know there's venom in the shots from the NIH is on paper ready. This is an article you can go look it up right now on their website, I just screenshotted the actual articles. This is an underneath the National Human Genome Research Institute of the NIH. By the way, that title of this department at the NIH is called the National Human Genome Research Institute used to be called the NIH is national eugenics Institute. They only changed that about 20 years ago to read the national human genomic research institute. This is a eugenics program, just with a different title, human genome, human genetics. What is eugenics? We believe some human genetics are weaker than others, so we need to wipe them out. The Human Genome Project is no different at the night. All right. So this is how they made the COVID-19 vaccines. I don't want to digress because I gotta show you this. Alright, follow along. This is verbatim in order what the NIH paper shows on how they created the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. I read only the blue parts early in the COVID-19 pandemic early in the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm gonna read it again early in the COVID-19 pandemic. I mean, how much earlier can you get than January of 2020, researchers used state of the art gene sequencers to quickly sequence SARS cov two virus. This sequence was quickly shared with other researchers. Do y'all remember what they found in January of 2020? I'll show you right out of the China Study geneticist figured out that the origin of COVID was to snakes. So early in COVID-19 pandemic, researchers figured out what the gene sequence of the virus was, and it was from two snakes. And then they quickly share that with the rest of the world. And then they totally fact checked away that narrative Tibet viruses read the top sentence. This is important each of these slides have a sentence at the top to relate to the information that is next on this document on the NIH website of how they made the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. So I'm going to read it. The COVID-19 virus was not what they vaccinated the entire world with. Can I read that again, the COVID-19 virus was not what they vaccinated the entire world with. They instead injected the whole world with what I highlighted in blue right off the NIH website. They selected the spike protein gene as their vaccine candidate, not the virus. They selected the spike protein gene as their vaccine candidate. You remember what the spike protein gene was? It's on the bottom of the screen. I'm going to remind you, geneticists said it's cobra venom and create Venom called Cobra toxin and bug neurotoxin. So let's read this blue part again. They selected the spike protein gene which was Cobra toxin and bunker row toxin venom and some similarities to rabies virus as their vaccine candidate for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Follow me when I said there's venom in the shots. I wasn't kidding. They didn't put a virus in the shots. This is the very next part of this document. Look, on the left you'll see this circular thing called a DNA plasmid that geneticist and labs around the world create. This is called gene drive technology. So this is what they show on the NHS paper. This is how they made the COVID-19 vaccines notice the spike protein gene is about a third of the makeup of this DNA plasmid. Let's read to the right. The target spike protein is then synthetically manufactured and inserted into a plasmid or a small circular piece of DNA. Let's remind you what's the spike protein gene confirmed by geneticists to be that they are inserting plasmids to put inside your vaccines, Cobra toxin, Bongo toxins and rabies virus so they're inserting plasmids with the venom protein genes called spy proteins in the plasmid, remember, they said they didn't put the virus in there. And I'm gonna show you another document about that. And now this is important. Plasmids are used in mRNA vaccine production because they are easy to replicate and reliably contain the target gene sequence the spike protein gene. Once a sequence is selected, a new plasmid can be produced within a couple of weeks allowing new mRNA vaccines to be tested and distributed rapidly. Remember operation warp speed people it was because of these plasmids, this is what you have never seen. Please share this with everyone you know and love. If plasmids are used to make COVID vaccines and the spike protein gene is in the plasmids. Do they manufacture Cobra toxin containing plasmids? And do the plasmids actually produce Cobra toxin spike protein venom in the human body? That's my question. Remember, they told you the mRNA vaccines are to inject you with the instructions for your body to make the spike proteins which are found to be Cobra toxin and Bongo toxin venom. So my question is, have they ever really done this? Have they ever figured out how to make a human cell make Cobra toxin? Venom from a king cobra? In the cells of a person or a mammal? Have you ever been able to do that successfully with plasmids? I wanted to know. And oh my god, I found this paper from the year 2003. Better tell everybody worldwide. I'm telling you if you don't, if you don't, it makes me sad. Tell everybody. All right. So let's review this. In vivo trans splicing of five prime and three prime segments of pre mRNA directed by corresponding DNA sequences are delivered by gene transfer. Now just say no, I know everybody listening to this and watching this just totally checked out. We're going to take this slowly. The very first two words of the study in 2003 20 years ago reads NVivo. What does invivo mean? In vivo means in the living body. So this research study was done inside a living animal, a mammal to see. Can they Tran splice if you don't know what splicing means, if an electrician has a cut wire, and they have to put the two ends back together, when you connect them both that's called splicing. So taking two things and reconnecting them is called splicing. So this is in the living body splicing or reconnecting of two segments of mRNA through what's called gene transfer. So you need to remember what did they do in this paper? Oh, my goodness. Well, let's just show you. We have developed a new paradigm of in the body gene transfer termed segmental trans splicing. Now I'm going to switch the next screen to demonstrate this segmental transplanting they abbreviate S T. S. We used Alpha Cobra toxin, oh my god, the spike protein of COVID, a neurotoxin that binds irreversibly to nicotine receptors in an animal's body, the cells or animals receiving both donor and acceptor plasmids. They interjected them with two different plasmids with pieces of cobra venom in it, but not the whole Cobra, just pieces of the cobra venom inside these plasmids. It says here, cells are animals receiving both the donor and acceptor plasmids, so two different plasmids, but neither plasmid alone, so not just one of them. Each of these animals got both of them injected into them separately. yielded by PCR testing yielded or produced the correct sequence of mature Alpha Cobra toxin M RNA, suggesting that trans splicing in the cells of these mammals had occurred. Now let's read the next sentence. Mice receiving intravenous vaccine shot administration of both the donor and acceptor plasmids. Two different plasmids with two pieces of cobra venom in it died within six hours. So they injected them with these two plasmids is what they did. They took two plasmids with two pieces of cobra venom, and they selected animals, they injected each animal with one of the plasmids. And nothing happened to the animals. When they injected all the animals with both individual plasmids. They got absorbed into the cells of the mammals and the mammals then spit out of the cell, mature full length, Cobra toxin venom that ended up killing the animal within six hours. When I did this presentation, you want to every every doctor in the entire room at the red pill Expo said, Oh my god, Dr. Ours does this explain why they had to do two mRNA shots. And I said, Well, that's up for debate, but it sure does sound like it. They gave you one shot. No other vaccine the entire world ever was administered this way. They have never said you gotta get a shot now and then two weeks later, get another one. But when they did this with each of the mRNA shots 90% of everyone who died after the second shot, died within 48 hours of getting the second shot. And what if they had the first plasmid and the first shot the second plasma needed for the second shot to create their Kill Shot within 48 hours, like they demonstrated 20 years ago in animal models. And don't ever forget, every drug and vaccine they've ever given to a human was first tested in animals to see what it does. And oh my god, they figured this out 20 years ago. Alright, so I just want to remind you this is what they did. When they did this. This Cobra on the right is the Venom's Cobra they created in the mammal and the mice died. This reminder these are plasmids in vivo Jen supplies venomous by protein containing plasmids for COVID-19 vaccines is what they look like. I remind you what is the SARS cov to spike protein you see in black is half of this plasmid. What did they publish? It was Cobra toxin and create Venom called Bongo Rotak. Then I wanted to know Have they ever taken bug neurotoxin you see here as the spike protein of COVID. And have they ever made plasmids out of those? Oh my god. Here's a paper from 1999 Cloning Alpha Bongo toxin gene with plasmids, they they actually expose plasmids into bacteria, E. coli, and the E. coli made the full mature bunker row toxin venom that is lethal. And how much have I been teaching you and warning you that they're using E. coli bacteria worldwide to create the venom spike proteins. This is what it is. Remember, it's called genetic engineering or biological engineering. They don't want it to know are they doing this with kono toxin Venom's that they found in every COVID patient? Oh my god. Here's a paper titled folding of kono toxins in the radiation of venomous cone snails. In the paper. Cloning of the actual Venom was done with full length CONUS textile Venom were isolated by PCR test of the venom duct RNA and look at read it says they were cloned into a plasmid vector. They've been doing this for decades people now watch this. On the NIH website, the same one they have another little flyer it's titled Understanding COVID-19 mRNA vaccines for those of you that still don't get that the Venom's in the shots. I want you to read this statement in the article under our FDA approved mRNA vaccine safe and effective in this article read the statement mRNA vaccines do not contain the SARS cov two virus so you cannot get COVID-19 from an mRNA vaccine. Why? They didn't put the virus in there. They put spike protein genes that were cobra venom and crate venom of two steaks for the NIH is paper. And they're putting that in plasmids to make your COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Can you guess what Venom spike protein gene laced plasmid company produced the COVID-19 shots. Look at its name on the screen. The company that made the plasmids to go into the COVID-19 vaccines is called Cobra biologics plasmids. What more do I need to show you the name of the company is Cobra biologics? What was the spike protein of COVID found to be Cobra toxin, all the neurological damage, paralysis, miscarriages myocarditis. These are all published side effects of king cobra venom and Bongo toxin venom. This is what they're doing. Look at that Cobra toxin, Cobra biologics. Alright, I'm gonna have to wrap this up. This is the Doctor Ardis show. Just want to show you this the CDC published in December of 2020. This precautionary pamphlet for all people about to give kids and adults the COVID-19 vaccines look at what they listed is not a contraindication in the history of the patient. They said even if the patient complains of these allergies, you still give them the COVID-19 shot. Look at the third bullet point, they're telling all doctors around the world even if your patient says they have an allergy to venom, you give them the shot anyway.

Okay, no other vaccine in the world has ever listed this as a not a contradiction, or contraindication to get the shots. And let me just ask you at home. Do you really think venom is an allergen? Or do you think it's a deadly poison? Who calls Venom's and allergen? Oh my god. venoms are designed to kill you. Alright, just remember, you ever had any of these symptoms just want you to remember, there's what's coming up the healing for the ages conference, go to healing for the ages.com We love you. So excited to be a part of your life and to help educate you warn and inspire you every answer to the COVID-19 pandemic including plasmids, Venom's, bacteria, yeast, 5g, water filtration, all of its going to be presented at the healing for the ages conference. Use the discount code mi ke for Mike Adams, or AR D is for Ardis, and save 10% off of signing up their police tell your family and loved ones worldwide. Did you hear what Joe Biden just said in the middle of September. They're planning on locking down this country again for COVID. My conference healing for these conferences a week before that statement is supposed to happen. There's a reason why I feel like I was led by God to create this actual sexual conference. Please attend and share worldwide you do not need to be need to be afraid of their lies or the deceit. Dr. Ardis. God bless you and I hope you have a great day.

Okay, now we're going to continue I just reviewed the pamphlet from the CDC that listed Venom as an allergy not to be something to be concerned with if someone reports that still give them the shots anyway. Well, I've asked pediatricians around the country. Why do you think they actually put Venom on this? Not a contraindication or precaution to the COVID-19 vaccines? And then I asked these pediatricians around the country. Have you ever seen this listed on any advertisement or marketing pamphlet for any vaccines, even the childhood vaccines? None of them have ever even seen this ever? Why would they list Venom as not a contraindication in someone's medical history to get into COVID-19 shots? Last minute. Okay, so I'm going to continue this for our audiences. Alright, here we go. Let me share the screen. We're going to continue this. This is actually the very next slide I'll just show you that this was the COVID-19 vaccine document they sent out to all of the COVID-19 people administering these COVID-19 vaccines worldwide December 30 2020. You see the date, and they list venom is not a contraindication to getting the vaccine and allergy to venom. Alright, Shauna remind you of the 21 different symptoms I introduced now in this order for the red pill Expo. Why need to hammer this home? Do you or anyone you know, still suffer with any of these symptoms post COVID 87%? Possibly worldwide still do.

So who do you know we just showed you that the spike proteins of COVID work over and over and over actually confirmed to be snake venom, proteins or neurotoxins? All right, does snake venom cause long term symptoms similar to long haul or COVID 19 symptoms? I have never done this with audiences worldwide. Here's some of the long hauler COVID-19 symptoms published in the media Healthline published loss of smell and weakness most common neurological symptoms of lung all are COVID Here's 14, news station long haul or long term effects when will taste and smell return are the symptoms published symptoms of snake venom after snake bites here's a paper on the NHS website titled long term effects of snake in Venom ng envenoming is the fancy word for Venom was injected inside of a human after a snake bite so this is titled long term effects of snake bite poisoning in Section 4.6 A nose meow and changes in taste sensation is listed what's a nose meow loss of smell. So let's read the blue article blue highlighted sentence changes in smell including loss of smell a nose meow, as well as taste loss of taste have been reported following a Australian elapid bites. You guys remember what a lap IDs are? Mainly for black snakes. In most cases, cases patients report a a horrible taste sensation or change in taste and smell that persists for months to even years. Oh my god, does that sound like COVID? Yeah, my own wife had two years of no taste or smell and had a horrible taste sensation and odor when she would smell certain smells that were just horrific. So let me remind you they say that this is a common side effect for snakebite victims, particularly those who get bit by an Australian elapid. You see that in the blue highlighted part and age paper. What's an elapid look on the right of the screen. There are 17 species of elap IDs. Look at the one they show you. The king cobra Cobra toxin you see it on the screen was listed to be the spike protein of COVID So can Venom proteins cause long term side effects in humans? Oh my God hears loss of taste and smell that could that actually answers for the first time ever. Why? COVID-19 long hauler patients are struggling with loss of taste and smell. Let's continue in this document from the NIH. Are there others symptoms that are long term for years even after getting bitten by snakes under Section 4.5 reduced parasympathetic activity, and let's read the blue highlighted part parasympathetic activity, by the way is there's two parts of your nervous system the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. Sympathetic is your fight or flight mode wakes you up in the morning, when your alarm clock goes off, or if it doesn't, at some point, you're going to wake up your sympathetic nervous system is going to wake you up increases cortisol increases adrenaline, parasympathetic is controlling your healing, rest and digestion part of your immune system. Alright, so reduced activity that part of the body Alright, let's read the blue highlighted here following Malayan crate snakes. Bunga risk can lead us Bongo toxin. envenoming has been reported previously in three patients not treated with anti venom and Giselle no COVID-19 patients were not treated with anti venom. These patients developed high blood pressure, hypertension mydriasis, which is when your pupils have your eyes dilate and they can't constrict. And tachycardia. How many times do you have to hear people are having heart issues after COVID? tachycardia is changes in the rhythm acutely in conjunction with severe neuromuscular paralysis? Oh my god, how many people have you seen paralyzed with Bell's Palsy? Gyan brace syndrome, paralyzed from the neck down after the shots while the hypertension the high blood pressure resolved mydriasis dilated pupils of the eyes and tech a cardio persisted for up to two years. Well is that reported in long haul or COVID patients stay looking at the screen. Remember what is the Malayan crate snake there it is on the right remember they called Bongo toxin one of the spike proteins of COVID which comes from the bunker a snake which is the crate snake. Just wanted to remind you I want to show you this dilated pupils by definition is what mydriasis is that in this paper from the NIH says can happen for two years after getting bitten by one of these snakes. And look at this published paper tonic pupils dilated pupils after COVID 19 infection this answers the question about this symptom to with lung other COVID symptoms. And then how about tech a cardio look at the article on the screen from 2020 to long haul or COVID-19 and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. So just you know this is being published in the mainstream media but no one's talking about this. Isn't it weird that the retired chiropractors to keep bringing this to the medical professionals attention? I don't mind doing it. But I'm really speaking to lay people at home to help you know that we know what's causing your symptoms. And in this presentation before I get done, I'm going to show you how to beat the symptoms all of them because they published that to this year. Okay, I digress. Alright, so in the same vein, do snake venom is cause long term symptoms similar to long haul or COVID symptoms. Let's continue to read in this NIH paper. The clinical presentation after a snake bite includes fatigue, loss of sex drive, secondary amenorrhea and fertility. Did y'all know infertility as a side effect of venom bites from a snake weight loss, hypoglycemia, low blood sugar and features of hypo thyroidism such as facial puffiness, dry skin and cold intolerance in a large proportions of patients. Nick necrosis or death of the pituitary is seen as an empty cell a terse because the part of the skull that holds the pituitary you'll see it's empty on a CT scan or MRI scan because the pituitary gland died from Venom on MRI imaging and may rarely present a psychosis going crazy. The time to diagnosis of hypo pituitary the pituitary gland dying varies from two weeks to 10 years after the snake bite. In most studies hypo pituitary aneurysm diagnosed in a patient was linked to a snake bite that occurred several years prior of which no reliable data existed of the acute episode being bitten by the snake by people's pituitary gland or being destroyed by venom in the in the human body after a snake bite. Did you know that? Okay, we're gonna see can this be a possible also already termed long haul or COVID side effect? All right, look at this. Look at this published article last year, post COVID-19 menstrual abnormalities and infertility repercussions of the pandemic. Oh my god, this is not a repercussion of the pandemic. It's a reproduction, a repercussion of venom being spread around the world and plasmids that got into your body and made your body make venom. That's what they did. And here you go. Infertility is listed as a side effect years later after snake venom has been introduced into the body, we continue 88 patients 12 to 48 months after the snake bite had significantly higher rates of depression symptoms, post traumatic stress disorder, and somatic sensation symptoms compared to the matched controls who had no history of snake bites. In this study, 54% of all patients bit by snakes had depressive symptoms depression. Let's keep reading. This is important because depression is a big deal right now worldwide, and big deal with COVID-19 Venom spike proteins and everybody following this study. Remember, this is an NIH paper about the long term effects of snake bites. Following this study, a randomized controlled trial of brief psychological intervention was undertaken in Sri Lanka. The intervention include psychological first aid, psycho education and cognitive behavioral therapy, which was associated with a reduction in psychiatric symptoms and disability in snakebite victims compared to the controls. But check this out. However, the intervention was not effective in preventing depression, or PTSD after snakebite. It didn't matter what therapies they did, it didn't help them with the depression or the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Is this a long standing problem after getting COVID Look at the New York Times They published this article recently. COVID depression is real. Here's what you need to know. The risk of developing symptoms of depression remains high up to a year after you've recovered. Oh, really? Anybody want to try to figure out why me Doctor Ardis keeps telling you that this is why how about this long holler COVID symptoms often often include crushing fatigue, look at that highlighted article up above

these actual slides were backwards. Sorry. But look at this. I read this prior to the depression one. The clinical presentation after snakebite includes fatigue, you see it in blue, and look at the bottom COVID-19 symptoms often include crushing fatigue, here's how to cope then look to the article to the right of that one about fatigue. COVID-19 may trigger long term thyroid issues study finds, Oh really? Look at the blue sentence above in the long term effects of snake venom bites victims. The clinical presentation includes fatigue loss of libido, secondary amenorrhea, infertility, weight loss, low blood sugar and features of hypothyroidism. How much more can I show you? So you know what's going on for real alright and 2023 There was a study done in January, they said there's 21 COVID-19 long hauler symptoms that were cured in six days with just one thing and here we read the title. This is January 2023. The article link is down at the bottom if you'd like to share this with your medical professionals, nursing staff loved ones here's the title of the article is the post COVID-19 syndrome. A severe impairment of acetylcholine orchestrated neuro modulation that responds to nicotine administration. So let me read this in an American laypeople terms is long Haller COVID syndrome a severe impairment of acetylcholine not being able to move between nicotine receptors in every cell of the human body. Is that what's causing long haulers Oh my God, here we go. Here's the summary from January of this year following a SARS cov. Two infection many individuals suffer from Post COVID-19 syndrome. It makes them unable to proceed with common everyday activities due to weakness, memory lapses, pain dyspnea and other unspecific physical complaints. Several investigators could demonstrate that SARS cov two related spike proteins attach not only to ace two receptors, but also show DNA sections that have a high binding affinity to nicotine receptors. This is January of this year. This explains they say the cognitive impairment, neuromuscular and mood impairments, as well as the vegetative symptoms characterizing long haul or COVID syndrome, the agonist lag and the substance that turns on these nicotine receptors. Nicotine shows an up to 30 fold higher binding affinity to nicotine receptors than acetylcholine in our food and supplements. Alright, they're gonna start talking about nicotine treating several individuals suffering from post COVID-19 syndrome with a nicotine patch we witnessed improvements ranging from immediate and substantial to complete remission in just a matter of days of all long haul or COVID symptoms in this paper. For all of you at home. If you'd like to share this with your loved ones, I'll show the link here to this paper. I want to read in here though, why it is they hypothesized nicotine patches would work to cure people with COVID. Furthermore, among the severe and fake It'll cases of COVID 19. The proportion of nicotine consumers like smokers, those people were significantly lower than non consumers of nicotine, who got COVID. And then they continue since nicotine may protect nicotine receptor receptors from viral attachment, therapeutic nicotine application was proposed in the management of acute COVID infections. In 2020, you see the highlighted in blue study, this was proposed in 2020, almost four years ago, we're going to continue. This is why they're going to tell these people to wear a nicotine patch for six days. This argument is convincingly supported by the cohort study of hip hop athlete Lizzy hips, Lee, Cox II Tal, and other authors in 2020, with a total in their study of 8.2 8 million participants, that included 19,000 confirmed COVID 19 cases, showing lower odds for COVID 19 infection and COVID-19 related ICU stays in association with people who smoked. So people in hospitals with COVID the least likely group are those that were smoking. And this fits the narrative of why nicotine patches should be used. I'm gonna read this entire sentence to you out of the same study. farsalinos and his other authors in 2020, examined and identified a toxin like amino acid sequence and the receptor binding domain of the SARS cov. to spike glycoprotein, which shows significant sequence homology with the neurotoxin homologue. One of the many snake venom toxins interacting with nicotine receptors. This is in 2020. Another study I didn't even know about they published. The spike proteins at COVID are identical to snake venom, neurotoxins, and then they stayed in the paper I quote in the title on this slide. There are profound similarities between toxins found in the venom of snakes of the king cobra type and the crate snake types in the SARS cov to spike protein were found. And I quote and I'll show you the quote down there below in this research study in January 2023. These people propose proposing that long haul their COVID victims might benefit from a nicotine patch. This is what they say we investigated and one female 32 years old and three males that were 19 years old, 41 years old and 52 years old, respectively, who suffered from numerous symptoms indicating that post COVID-19 syndrome following a PCR confirmed SARS cov two infection in the past which each had a subsequent mild course of a disease so they had mild COVID Long ago, the patient's described weakness inability to take deep breaths which is called dyspnea, sleep disturbances, dizziness, complete loss of taste and smell along with a variety of other symptoms. After meticulously explaining the hypothesis described above, as well as the expected effects of nicotine and possible side effects the patients were advised to apply a standard nicotine patch. Since all included individuals were nicotine naive persons, meaning they've never used a nicotine product in their life, they were instructed to use the lowest available dose nicotine patch, which is seven milligram patches to wear over a 24 hour period and to administer a patch of this size once daily in the mornings for six days only. On the screen is the reported outcome case one male 19 years old who suffered with the symptoms for over a year and a half at the bottom of the screen dizziness, loss of taste and smell diarrhea, chest tightness and pain. And the nicotine patches the red line. They were asked to keep track of all of the severity of their symptoms for four days before starting the nicotine patch. So you see that red line is flat at the bottom then shoots up on day five when they first started taking the nicotine patch. And the line straight across horizontally is actually for six days that he took the nicotine patch. You can see that he stops the nicotine patch on day six. But notice on day 16 On the graph at the bottom 100% of all of his symptoms were gone. In fact, in this case 50% of all of his symptoms he dealt with since having COVID A year and a half earlier were all gone to zero by day three miraculous let's look at their second case. This nicotine patch wearing female was 31 years old and struggled with all of the symptoms you see listed at the bottom chronic fatigue for a year and a half since having mild COVID headaches, loss of taste, loss of smell chest tightness and pain exercise intolerance, memory lapses and then concentration difficulties. Within six days, you're this patch within three days 50% of all those symptoms disappeared. She wore the patch for six days and then stopped it. And by day you can see day 23 After starting the patch 100% of all of her symptoms were gone. Each of these researchers called each of these people six months after wearing the patch and not a single one of their lung Haller COVID symptoms ever returned. What treatment Have you seen from anybody in the whole world for long all their COVID symptoms that has that positive success, zero, and I find it lame.

No other medical doctors are talking about this. This is case number three. This is a male of 41 years old. And you see at the bottom, he had chronic fatigue, diarrhea, shallow breathing, vomiting for a year and a half loss of taste and smell, sleep difficulties, headaches, muscle pain and weakness for a year and a half after having mild COVID. Notice the red line only has one peak, and there's no long horizontal line for six days. This guy only wore the patch for one day. This guy thought when the scientist said we're gonna have you wear a seven milligram patch. This guy, as they report in the paper, decided he was only going to wear these he was going to wear two patches instead of one thinking if seven milligrams is good, 15 milligrams has got to be better. Why? Because he's a guy, and we're ridiculous. So this guy took two patches and put them on him. And within a couple hours, he started getting nauseous and started vomiting and having diarrhea. He did what the scientists did not ask him to. They said where the seven milligram version patch? He said, No, I'm gonna do two of those. So he does two. And he reports the next day to the scientists that he doesn't want to continue this nicotine patch wearing, because it made him sick. And they said, Well, if you did 15 milligrams, did you see any improvements overnight after day one of wearing your patches? And he said actually, this was the first night I've slept through the night for a year and a half since having COVID. And so he said and the scientists asked him, Well, will you continue to report even if you don't wear the patch? Will you tell us each day and record each of your symptoms you were complaining about before you started the patch? And he said yes, if you'll notice, he only wore the patches for one day. If you noticed by day 15 100% of all of his symptoms went to zero and and six months later, they still never returned. So this guy wore nicotine badges for one day. And for a year and a half struggled with all of his symptoms one day of wearing 15 milligrams of nicotine that nicotine stayed in his body for up to 15 days and helped to reverse 100% of his symptoms. Let's look at case number four. This guy started out with half the dose and then kicked up to two days later to continue six days of treatment with the nicotine patches. His complaints 52 year old male chronic fatigue mood disorders shallow breathing, chest tightness and pain concentration difficulties heart palpitations, sleep difficulties for a year and a half 100% of his symptoms ended on day six. Sorry, day seven of treatment. How many people do you know are struggling at home with long haul their COVID symptoms and have never found anything to get rid of their symptoms. Six months later, they call this guy zero of his symptoms returned. This is the discussion in the paper. Each of the four presented cases showed significant alleviation of their persistent symptoms improvement was reached either immediately following a nicotine patch application or in rapid succession after treatment started. There was clear differences in the patterns and the time spans for symptoms relief among the four cases. It's also worth noting that the course of symptom improvement in each of the presented cases was independent of their drastically different links and progression period to using the nicotine therapy. In each case. Signs of exhaustion such as fatigue, weakness, breathlessness, and exercise and tolerance improved rapidly and across the board following nicotine exposure. At the very latest by day six, please everybody at home recognize it how many people do you know still struggle with fatigue years after having COVID? This could be the answer for all of them. 100% of them had this all gone by day six. Their extreme fatigue and breathlessness and exercise induced lethargy. In cases where impairment of loss of the senses of taste and smell were involved in provement was observed over a longer period with complete restoration of these senses over anywhere from 13 to 16 days. Oh my god. If you told anybody struggling with loss of taste and smell for the last year and a half, two years after having COVID If you tell them you have an answer for them, that they could do something for six days. And you might just have the symptoms for a total of 13 to 16 days persisting and then will completely go away. Wouldn't you tell them nicotine patches are an over the counter product man just tell them all right, and then they explain why they believe this is working. This is for everybody at home. The release of the SARS cov. Two virus the spike proteins Venom's from the nicotine receptors can lead to a short term virus symptom with signs of acute SARS cov two infection when starting the nicotine therapy, so they're saying the moment you put on these patches, you might feel like you have a virus fever, cold chills for a little bit you might have that that's normal, and then they say this. However, this viral load should be neutralized within a short period of time by your own immune systems humoral component of the immune system due to the fact that SARS cov two antibodies were formed in your body during your acute COVID infection. So when the nicotine is releasing the venom proteins or virus in your body, your body already made antibodies to target them and destroy them and get them out of your body. So you don't have to worry about these bothered anymore. Nicotine just can assist the immune system to kill it. This is the conclusion of their 2023 January paper. Based on the results of this case study this treatment option using nicotine patches to combat long haul or COVID seems far superior to the time consuming, often underwhelming or disappointing. costly and complex rehab measures currently available to these patients are far superior. They continue and this is important for all of you at home who are about to tell your loved ones or yourselves to try the seven milligram nicotine patches which Yes, I do recommend Transcutaneous admission administration of nicotine ensures these nicotine patches ensure constant blood levels of nicotine without relevant peak levels so no more nicotine at one hour versus another. Thus, we did not see any development of nicotine dependence or addiction in the context of nicotine patch therapy. From the author's point of view. This is not to be expected. So any of you out there thinking am I going to get addicted to nicotine or my loved one if they were a nicotine patch for six days? No, it never was seen with any of these people. So I put this slide ask your doctor if seven milligram nicotine patches are right for you. For anybody struggling with those 21 symptoms of lung Allah COVID worldwide. On the screen, you will see rugby brand on the left rugby you can purchase@amazon.com it is the cleanest, toxic chemical free patches we can find online. And then NicoDerm I just put on there as another option. Just say no, you're only gonna wear these for six days. You're not going to kill yourself or create an addiction or toxic Carcinogen, or cancer episode by putting on nicotine patches for six days. If this helps alleviate all your symptoms you've been struggling with for two years. Why wouldn't you try it? Healing for the ages.com is coming up September 7 eighth and ninth this nicotine principle of how it releases the Venom's are calling COVID and the venom plasmids and your COVID-19 vaccines that are going to introduce the body to make Venom proteins. 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