Episode 04.24.2024 - Warning Images of Serpents Nanotech Living Inside Us with Clinical Research Scientist Maria Chrisler


Dr Ardis Interviews Biologist Maria Crisler, and shows and discusses what looks like snakes in our body and nanotech seen in the blood of both vaccinated and unvaccinated, and the antidotes that are working to remove them and dismantle the tech! They discuss the sponsorship of the show by Dr. Omar Aman's Freedom Cleanser and related products for parasite removal and vaccine safety. Dr. Crisler shares her enthusiasm for microscopy and the advanced equipment she uses to examine microscopic details. The conversation covers topics such as the weaponization of bacteria like E. coli and yeast, E. coli involvement in COVID patients' bodies and vaccine production, and the discovery of parasites and possible hybrid organisms in stool samples. The discussion expands to include the effects of parasites, electromagnetic frequencies, and 5G technology on human health, as well as the potential use of EDTA supplements for detoxification.


people, coli, edta, hydrogel, parasite, body, snake, microscope, eggs, venom, bacteria, hybrids, calcium, plasmids


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