Episode 03.27.2024 - National Poison Prevention Awareness Month with Dr Alphonzo Monzo


In this podcast episode, Dr. Brian Ardis and Dr. Alfonso Monzo discuss various topics related to poison prevention, natural remedies, and emerging technologies. They touch upon the dangers of poisoning, including the prevalence of prescription drugs and medical errors. The conversation also delves into the potential weaponization of pathogens and the implications of nanotechnology. Additionally, they explore subjects like CRISPR technology, EMF protection, and detoxification methods. Throughout the episode, they emphasize the importance of education, critical thinking, and natural immunity in safeguarding against potential health risks. Dr. Monzo provides his clinic contact information for those seeking further consultations or appointments.


body, nanotech, people, pathogens, poison, poisoning, work, venom, technology, parasites, weaponized, ulcerative colitis, nicotine, allopathic medicine, nanotechnology


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