Episode 02.05.2024 - STD Prevention and Sexual Health

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In this episode, Dr. Ardis talks about the importance of STD prevention and sexual health awareness. He discusses how the medical field primarily relies on drugs, antibiotics, antivirals, and vaccines to treat STDs, but he also mentions herbal remedies that have been proven effective in removing viruses that can lead to cancers.

Dr. Ardis emphasizes that this information applies to everyone over 12 years old, including those in various living situations like assisted living homes, nursing homes, and schools.

He talks about the rise of STDs among elderly populations and introduces products that can help address STDs and foreign proteins in the body, available through the Dr. Ardis website.

Dr. Ardis goes into detail about the signs, symptoms, and treatments for STDs, stressing the importance of awareness and education among seniors to maintain a fulfilling sex life while minimizing the risk of STD transmission.

He criticizes certain medications for HIV and AIDS due to their side effects and highlights potential kidney problems and other issues.

Dr. Ardis also discusses common myths about STDs and presents natural remedies and supplements that have shown efficacy in combating STDs, including gonorrhea and herpes.

Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of STD prevention and treatment, including conventional and alternative approaches.



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