Episode 01.08.2024 - Minerals for Thyroid


In this video, Dr. Ardis discusses the alarming increase in thyroid diseases globally and shares valuable information on how to reverse them using supplements like selenium and iodine. Dr. Ardis starts by explaining the location and functions of the thyroid gland and lists common signs and symptoms of an under-functioning thyroid (hypothyroidism), such as fatigue and dry skin. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing thyroid problems, as they can mimic other conditions, including heart problems. Additionally, Dr. Ardis touches upon thyroid cancer symptoms, diagnosis, and the significance of regular neck examinations, especially for older patients.

Moving on, Dr. Ardis highlights the prevalence of thyroid issues in the United States and the common practice of treating under-functioning thyroids with a single drug, thyroxin (TSH). He questions why TSH levels are primarily used for diagnosis when the thyroid doesn't produce TSH and suggests considering mineral deficiencies as potential causes of hypothyroidism. Dr. Ardis discusses the role of iodine and selenium deficiencies in increasing TSH levels and thyroid volume, citing relevant studies. He also points out that TSH levels above 4.5 indicate an underactive thyroid, while levels below 0.4 indicate an overactive thyroid.

Next, he discusses the importance of selenium in thyroid health, highlighting a study linking low selenium levels to a higher risk of thyroid nodules and goiters. He suggests that selenium and zinc intake can help prevent thyroid nodules due to their anti-cancer properties and mentions how selenium supplementation can improve thyroid disease symptoms and overall quality of life.

Furthermore, Dr. Ardis explains how using thyroid extract can help reverse autoimmune diseases of the thyroid, like Graves' disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis, by reducing antibodies attacking the thyroid through the gut. He also mentions the spleen's role in detoxifying the body and how the Thyroid Complete supplement includes ingredients to support this process.

Dr. Ardis raises concerns about iodine deficiency in early life affecting brain development and its impact on thyroid disorders in adults. He warns viewers about the risk of thyroid cancers associated with GLP-1 receptor agonist drugs like Ozempic and references a nationwide study linking these drugs to an increased risk of all forms of thyroid cancer.

Towards the end, Dr. Ardis discusses potential side effects of the weight loss drug Ozempic, including thyroid cancer and kidney failure, based on an FDA black box warning. He advises viewers to consult their doctors and consider whether the benefits of the drug outweigh these risks.


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