ArdisLabs Thyroid Complete (30 Count)
ArdisLabs Thyroid Complete (30 Count)

ArdisLabs Thyroid Complete (30 Count)

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Thyroid Complete is a comprehensive supplement designed to support optimal thyroid function and overall endocrine health. With a potent blend of iodine from kelp, raw glandular concentrates, and supporting nutrients, Thyroid Complete aims to enhance energy levels, mood, cognitive function, metabolism, digestion, and skin and hair health.

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  • Safety sealed, 30 Count.



For best results we recommend taking one (1) capsule daily.

Pregnant or Nursing: Please consult your healthcare practitioner before use.


Iodine (from Kelp) 900mcg, Kelp 300mg, Raw Thyroid Concentrate (thyroxin free) 60mg, Raw Adrenal 30mg, Raw Pituitary 10mg, Raw Spleen 10mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetable capsule), vegetable stearate.

What is vegetable stearate?
Great question! This is used in the manufacturing process to make sure that the ingredients do not clump or stick to the machines. We use a vegetable product which is natural and has no adverse side effects!

That's it! We don't hide ingredients. Everything that goes into every ArdisLabs supplement is listed on the label.


Raw thyroid supplementation involves taking thyroid glandular supplements derived from animal sources such as cows. These supplements contain thyroid hormones, including thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which are naturally produced by the human thyroid gland. Here are some potential benefits of raw thyroid supplementation:

1. Improved energy levels: Thyroid hormones play a crucial role in regulating metabolism and energy production in the body. Raw thyroid supplements may help boost energy levels in people with low thyroid function.

2. Better mood: Thyroid hormones have been linked to mood regulation, and some people report feeling less depressed or anxious after taking raw thyroid supplements.

3. Enhanced cognitive function: Thyroid hormones are important for brain function, including memory and concentration. Some people may experience improved mental clarity and focus after taking raw thyroid supplements.

4. Weight loss: Hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid gland) is associated with weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Raw thyroid supplements may help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss efforts.

5. Improved digestion: Thyroid hormones can affect digestive function, and some people report improved digestion and fewer gastrointestinal symptoms after taking raw thyroid supplements.

6. Better skin and hair: Thyroid hormones are important for healthy skin and hair. Some people report improvements in these areas after taking raw thyroid supplements.



  • 5
    Thyroid complete

    Posted by Lori McRae on Jan 31st 2024

    I love this product, I would like to get off the eltroxin I am on . Thank you for your products God bless

  • 5

    Posted by Patricia Marshall on Jan 8th 2024

    I haven’t been back to my Dr yet but praying this has helped. I get a biopsy for my thyroid this month n I’ve been taking for 2 months now n will be 3 months by the time I see dr.

  • 5
    Thyroid Complete

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 3rd 2024

    I've been taking this for less than a month, and I will wait to see how I feel over the next quarter. So far, though, I'm feeling well and free of hypothyroid symptoms.

  • 5
    Thyroid Complete

    Posted by Kathy Aull on Nov 29th 2023

    I waited for this for years , finally I am at my normal weight and staying there and my anxiety from thyroid meds and other supplements is gone . Thank you so much for this product , it changed my life!

  • 5

    Posted by Grace on Nov 25th 2023

    Been taking this product for over a month, and I do see a change in my well being.  I do not know if this product will help grow back the lateral part of my eyebrows (due to hypothyroidism).   Regardless,  I am pleased with the results.

  • 5
    Ardislabs Thyroid Complete

    Posted by Anne Murray on Oct 26th 2023

    This product is amazing. I was using a natural pharma product but it never made me feel as good as this does; clearer thinking, more energy. It's only my first month but I'm looking forward to using Thyroid Complete from now on.

  • 5

    Posted by Jerome Nicholson on Oct 15th 2023

    This supplement outshines any pharmaceutical on the market. This product gets results and puts your body back in balance.

  • 5
    thyroid complete

    Posted by Nick Cate on Oct 11th 2023

    Just had my 2 month blood draw checkup. After taking this product for 2 months my thyroid is back in the normal range.

  • 5
    Thyroid complete

    Posted by Rita Stone on Sep 25th 2023

    Love the change in general overall well-being. Hair and nails increased growth and strength.