ArdisLabs - N.I.H. - Natural Immune Health Cocktail

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ArdisLabs - N.I.H. - Natural Immune Health Cocktail

Cocktail Includes:

magnesium complex






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    Natural immune health

    Posted by Susan Renkes on Jul 21st 2022

    I like all Dr.Ardis products

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    Natural Immune Health Cocktail

    Posted by Capt. WalterK. on Jun 21st 2022

    I appreciate doc Artis’ team combining these popular vitamins into one fairly priced product. I was purchasing them separately and this makes it simpler. I will continue taking them to fight off whatever the globalists decide to through at us next. Keep going doc Artis and team, we definitely need y’all.

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    Immune Cocktail

    Posted by Dennis Hackworth on Apr 20th 2022

    All the products are awesome

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    Natural Immune Health Cocktail

    Posted by Kelly McNary on Apr 6th 2022

    Great product from an honest company. No strings attached. It has helped me get thru this winter with very minimal illnesses.

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    Dr Ardis Coofid Cocktail Kit

    Posted by Lindsay & Patrick Drager on Dec 21st 2021

    This Doc’s natural vitamins to beat the Coofid is absolutely fantastic! We got these vitamins JUST IN TIME! I went back and forth in my head at first as to whether or not to get these, but I am soooo glad that I did!! It has helped us tremendously! They’re natural, they’re vitamins, and you don’t have to take the poison every other will try and throw at you. Natural- for your body, so that your body has all the NATURAL ingredients it needs so it can do its job and help fight off the viruses on its own. Not have to fight off everything else bought & paid for drs wanna shove down your throat just so they can get their massive financial kick-backs. I 100% plan to subscribe and get these every month. Do yourselves a favor, and give this a try 1st. There is no harm in trying natural remedies before lab/manufactured/man-made chemicals or whatever they put in them/make them with.