The Dr. Ardis Show - 10 for 10 - Chronic Covid By Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. & Dr. Thomas Levy MD

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The Dr. Ardis Show 10 for 10

Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. and Dr. Thomas Levy MD discuss the causes of Chronic Covid and how you can overcome the symptoms.

Each purchase includes a downloadable 10+ minute video discussing the treatment protocol and steps you can take to heal your body, and a downloadable PDF with additional information and the treatment protocol discussed in the video.

Instructions for Viewing the Video & PDF

IMPORTANT!!! Please read all the instructions prior to making your purchase.

The documents you will be given after purchase are a standard PDF format. In order to open them you will need to either use Chrome as your web browser, or download and open the documents in Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here.

You are given 5 downloads of the protocol document and 5 downloads of the video. If you try to open the video or protocol and do not use chrome as your browser, it will deduct one of your downloads.

We know many of our customers prefer to use a browser such as Bitchite, or Duck Duck Go. Generally we recommend these. BUT in this case, you will need the functionality of Chrome in order to download a PDF with embeded links. Bitchute and Duck Duck Go block these links and corrupt the PDF files.

You can access the downloads on your account page after loging into your accout on this website, or through the order confirmation email that will be sent when your puchase is complete

The video and documents are copyrighted 2021 The Dr. Ardis Show and are not allowed to be shared on social media or any other platform without prior written consent.

If you have any issues with your download please contact us with your order number at


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    10 for 10 book

    Posted by vicki hatfield on Jun 7th 2022

    I ordered the book, had to download it on my phone. I was able to open it twice to read it, then it was gone. I have requested a retreval of it, with no respond as of yet. I did not know it had to be opened by Chrome it order for it to retain by ablity to read it any time I wanted tor reference it again.

  • 5
    10 for 10: Chronic Covid

    Posted by Dan Meysembourg on Mar 27th 2022

    We’ve printed out the materials to pass along to others! Thank you so much!

  • 5
    10 for 10

    Posted by Judi Roost on Jan 9th 2022

    I just wish you would address what can be done for children who are dealing with possible side effects of getting covid. Ex. Dizziness

  • 5
    10 For 10 Chronic Covid

    Posted by Lois Trompeter on Jan 6th 2022

    Fantastic as always! Well explained with information included that is priceless! Thank you!!!

  • 5
    bought to be able to reccommend to others

    Posted by Barbara Ramlow on Jan 4th 2022

    At Billings 12/13 dinner Dr. Ardis told us about the new "10 for 10" roll out. When friend wanted 'long covid' info recommendation I enjoyed previewing to recommend with enthusiasm. Great, worth way more than every penny, thanks! Enjoyed time with Dr. and Mrs. Ardis.

  • 5
    world beater

    Posted by Dave Ford on Dec 30th 2021

    Upfront - i was already a fan of Tom Levy from formula 216 efforts. Great to see him and Ardis team up on this thing !!! The mentioned peroxide nebulization pulled me out of breathing difficulties like a tow truck [88 -> 95 in a few hours and never went low again]. Get the nebulizer and materials NOW and practice using it. see David Brownstein on nebulization topic.

  • 5
    Best information todate

    Posted by Virgil Stucker on Dec 25th 2021

    I try to keep up with new information about Covid and this is the best I have seen on this subject so far. I have seen many of their recommendations elsewhere, but this is a good compilation.