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My loved one is in the hospital, what do I do?

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What to tell the hospital administration -

If your loved one is coherent, tell them to demand verbally and record it if possible, to STOP all Remdesivir treatments immediately.

If they resist and continue or attempt to do it again tell your loved one to threaten that they will call the police and file battery charges against the doctor.

If you ask for Ivermectin treatment and they refuse treatment or said it is not an approved Covid 19 treatment.

Go to the green button below and print the document and take it to the doctor in the hospital. Per the NIH website Ivermectin is listed as a treatment for adults with COVID 19. Throw this document in front of them. They don't know it exists.

You can also reference the hopital protocol. Demand that they follow this protocol.

For anyone whose loved ones are vented you need to watch and share the third video linked above on how to get them off of a ventilator with Budesonide in a Nebulizer treatment.

The third video is my interview with Dr Richard Bartlett who shares how to successfully help loved ones get off the deadly vent and stop the deadly Remdesivir treatments.

Print the documents linked in the green button below and show them to hospital staff and admins. Tell them you are aware that federal agencies like are bribing the hospitals with a 20% bonus to treat COVID patients with the deadly drug Remdesivir.

Tell them that your life, and your loved ones lives are "NOT FOR SALE!". Give them the printed document and show them that Ivermectin IS an approved treatment for COVID 19 per the NIH chart. It is just as approved as Remdesivir. Demand that they use Ivermectin.

Forms & Documents

Medical & Religious Exemption Form

Vaccination Notice of Liability Form

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Medical Power of Attorney

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